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Georgina Bouzova Interview

In her fourth interview with Georgina Bouzova talks about her new role, her time on CASUALTY and her clothing company…


Popular former CASUALTY actress Georgina Bouzova is currently touring the UK in a production of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ till November. In her fourth interview with she talks about her new role, her time on CASUALTY and her clothing company…

Are you excited about being on stage having recently spent three years as a regular on TV?

Yes . It has been very exciting to do something so different and to work in front of a theatre audience again. I absolutely love being in the theatre.

How does TV/ theatre compare and differ? Do you have a preference?

When you do TV, it’s all quite rushed due to filming schedules and you probably only get two or three quick rehearsals before you perform. What is great about theatre is that you do the same thing again and again so that the lines and the character become part of you and then that is where the real fun begins, because you can really give the performance your best without having to worry about forgetting the lines, etc. too much and you feel much free. There’s also the great feeling you get when the audience reacts to something, which obviously you can’t get from TV.

I don’t prefer either, I love them both, and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity as an actress to grow in both fields and become a more rounded performer.

What can you tell us about the play ‘And Then There Were None’?

It’s an Agatha Christie play, set in the 1930s, and it tells the story of 10 people who are invited to an island by a mystery person, only to find that all is not as it seems. The production is a Bill Kenwright production and the cast include some fantastic actors such as Gerald Harper, Jennifer Wilson and Alex Ferns.

What attracted you to the role?

I wanted to play someone from a different era and I also found the character to be one I could empathize with. She is a strong, independant woman with a few demons!!!

Have you read any of Agatha Cristie’s work before you started doing the play?

I saw Death on The Nile of course when Simon McCorkindale was in the film version!!

What have the other cast been like to work with?

A dream. They are very generous and experienced actors and they have helped me tremendously. I love the fact that they have all had so many experiences and they have worked with so many amazing people. The tales they can tell are legendary!!

What was your first ever stage role?

I played Debbie in Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing” and was an ASM and prompt too!! That certainly taught me alot about theatre and about how much the people behind the scenes have to do too!!

Do you enjoy going to the theatre yourself? What are your favourite plays?

I love going to the theatre. I live near the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square and it is my favourite place. The new writing there is unbelievable and it would be my dream to work there. I recently saw ‘That Face’ by Polly Stenham, who was only 19 when she wrote it. It was one of the best things I have ever seen. I also recently saw ’50 ways to leave your lover’ which was commissioned by Latitude Festival for the Bush. Ralf Little was in it and he was absolutely brilliant.

What would be your dream theatre role?

The part of Honor that Dame Diana Rigg played in ‘Honor’ at the National recently was a lovely part and one that a woman could aspire to playing later on in her career. It requires an understanding of love, relationships and men and women that perhaps one can only fully communicate when they have had a certain amount of life experience. I would love to be able to do it justice one day.

A few years ago you played Snow White in panto. Did you enjoy this and do you have plans to do further panto roles?

Doing Snow White was so much fun. It was great to go from CASUALTY, to Strictly to Panto all in one go, as it didnt give me time to think about anything, however once Christmas arrived I was mono syllabic!! Panto is often looked down upon as a lesser art form but really it is a fantastic thing for an actor to do as you really learn about timing and how to get an audience to react. I really enjoyed it.

It’s been nearly two years since you left CASUALTY. Do you miss working on the show?

I loved my time on CASUALTY and living in Bristol and I do miss being on the show and being around my CASUALTY family, however I stay in touch with most of them anyway as they are all in London!!

Do you still keep in touch with any ex-cast members?

I am in touch with Liz, Rebekah, Martina, Sarah, Luke, Elyes and Ben Price. I see all of them on a frequent basis in London.

How do you rate your experience on Strictly Come Dancing?

Great fun for me, painful for everyone else who was watching probably!!!

How is your yoga clothing company ‘Barefoot Blondie’ doing?

It’s actually doing really well!! I have now got stockists nationwide including Champneys and The Balance studio, and online sales are booming!! I keep getting texts from people saying they’ve just seen someone in a Barefoot Blondie hoodie in Clapham or carrying a Barefoot Blondie bag in Queens Park and its such a great feeling to know that people are wearing it. The website is and it is an eco-friendly yoga and fitness clothing range for women.

Finally, how would you recommend ‘And Then There Were None’ for people thinking of coming to see it?

A night of pure suspense and a brilliant show for everyone whether you love Agatha Christie or not!! Go to for tickets.

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