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Cas Previous Appearance

Gillian Kearney : Previous Appearance


PREVIOUS APPEARANCE : S6 E7 ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’



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Former CASUALTY actress Gillian Kearney is set to appear in theatre later this month. Gillian, who played nurse Jessica in the medical drama, will...

Cas Character

Played by Gillian Kearney Appearance S22 E21 ‘Adrenaline Rush’ – S24 E24 ‘An Ugly Truth’; S24 E35 ‘New Beginnings’ – S24 E36 ‘A Better...

Cas Actor

Plays Jessica Harrison DATE OF BIRTH : 9th May 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH : Aigburth, Liverpool. PARTNER : Eddie CHILDREN : son John Gerard...


One of last series' hot couples saw the affair between Adam and Jessica. The relationship crashed when Jessica's son was involved in a car...

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