Goodbye Max

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CASUALTY bid a fond farewell to porter Max Walker this week – with Zax fans delighted that him and Zoe left together for the USA.

Actor Jamie Davis joined the show in October 2013 and most of his storylines centred around his relationship with Zoe. The pair wed but fell out after he learnt she had cheated on him.

However speaking with What’s on TV, Sunetra Sarker revealed she made a promise to Jamie after she left that she would return for his exit. ‘I gave him my word that I would come back for an episode to take him out of the show whenever he decided to leave,’ she said. ‘So he was the one who gave me the call and said, ‘I’ve got two kids now, it’s time for me to be back at home with my family, so would you mind honouring that promise?’ I was like, ‘Oh yeah I forgot about that!’ but of course I did it, the episode was a real treat.’

We wish Jamie Davis all the best for the future!

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