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Cas Character

Guppy Sandhu

Played by Elyes Gabel


S19 E8 ‘Three’s a Crowd’ – S22 E5 ‘Sliding Doors’

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words


Gurpreet Sandhu ‘Guppy’ is straight out of med school and is very keen to make a good first impression.

He has not had much time for a relationship due to years of studying to become a doctor. He is a good looking guy who girls easily fall for but his motivation is his career. Guppy is a Sikh and was brought up in a traditional family. The job at Holby General meant moving out of the family home, his first time living alone.

Guppy is very dedicated to his profession and has an excellent text book knowledge but he struggles to put what he knows into practise and is daunted by the real thing. He is quiet by nature and prefers to listen to conversations rather than joining in.

In S19 E8, he enjoys an eventful first day in Casualty when Abs plays a joke on him – telling him lies about all the staff, including that Harry is deaf in one ear and Tess is an alcoholic. Guppy finds out that Abs is lying when he confronts Tess about her drinking. In S19 E11, Selena plans to get Guppy to realise his potential but it backfires when he learns it is a set-up. Guppy makes another mistake when he discharges a patient with a broken neck. The patient is later re-admitted and could be paralysed. Guppy is distraught but then makes a correct diagnosis and withdraws his resignation. In S19 E16, Guppy declines Harry’s offer to attend Abs and Ellen’s wedding party. Harry asks Woody to take Guppy under his wing, Woody reluctantly agrees. On his shift, Guppy is treating a man who tells him his wife abducted their daughter four years ago. The man sees a patient that he thinks is his little girl and tells Guppy. Guppy tries to tell Tess but she instructs Guppy to stay out of it. Later, Guppy finds out that the man and daughter have the same condition. Guppy tells the man, who bursts into the girls room thinking she is his missing daughter. However, he is mistaken and Tess calls Guppy into her office. She warns Guppy never to break patient confidentiality again. In S19 E22, a doctor called Jas, asks Maggie to get a bed in A&E for his private patient with crohn’s disease. She says no as they need the beds for emergency patients. Jas tries to force Guppy to give the patient a bed, Maggie sees and tells him that Guppy works for her. He says that Guppy is his son and he should do as he says. Maggie tells him to get out. In S19 E23, Guppy does not agree with his father Jas’s prognosis of a patient, who has chest pains. He stands up to him with the help of Selena and Harry. In S19 E24, Guppy’s Dad continues to belittle him. Guppy stands up for himself again and tells him that he is arrogant. In S19 E26, a neurotic man, Terry, is brought in with a dislocated shoulder. After being treated by Guppy, his pregnant girlfriend, Pam, goes into labour. As Guppy and Woody take her up to Maternity, they all get stuck in the lift – panicking Terry further. Guppy delivers a baby boy. In S19 E28, a young woman, Anita, who went to university with Guppy comes into the department and pretends to be ill so she can get treated by Guppy. She asks him why he never tried it on with her and if they can go out on a date that night. Guppy agrees but later finds out that she wants a last fling before leaving for her arranged marriage. Woody teases him. In S19 E34, Harry berates Guppy for being tired and irritable at work. Guppy says that he is finding it near impossible to get a good night’s sleep in the nurses dorm where he is staying. Harry warns him he needs to find somewhere else to live. In S19 E35, Harry tells Abs he has a new tenant and that he must move out today. Later that evening, Abs and Nina meet the new tenant – Guppy. In S19 E36, Guppy tells Harry that the shower in the flat is broken, and Woody and Harry go round to fix it. Whilst downstairs, Nina and Abs are unaware that Harry and Woody are upstairs. Harry hears a noise and suspects there may be a burglar. However, when they creep downstairs to investigate, they find a naked Nina and Abs on the couch. In S19 E38, Guppy goes out on a shout with Woody as part of his training. They go to treat an injured stake boarder who tells Guppy he does not want to be treated by him and makes racist remarks. Guppy wants to stay and tend to him but Woody tells him they should go as their safety is at risk. In S19 E40, Guppy is treating a patient involved in the drug traffic raid and gives himself a needle stick injury. Tess finds out the patient has hepatitis B – Guppy is worried he may have contracted it. Later, when he is treating another patient, his thoughts are elsewhere and Guppy gives him too much morphine. Harry is furious and warns him to be more careful. In S19 E43, Guppy is treating a patient of his father, Jas. She is taking a new medication that Guppy has not heard of which is acerbating her symptoms. When Guppy speaks to Jas he realises that the patient is unaware she is taking part in a drugs trial. Guppy suspects Jas is being paid by the drugs company and Jas confirms this. Guppy threatens to tell Harry but Jas claims that Harry is also involved. In S19 E44, Guppy turns detective to see if Harry is also involved in the drug trial and next episode requests a transfer. In S19 E46, Guppy confronts Harry and accuses him of being involved in the medical trial. Harry is outraged and denies everything but, as Guppy tries to apologise, Harry throws him out. In S19 E47, Guppy apologises to Harry about accusing him of misconduct. Harry tells him he shouldn’t have questioned his integrity but to say no more about the incident.

In S20 E3, Harry tells Guppy he is going to report Jas to the GMC. Guppy begs Harry to let him talk his father into resigning quietly instead and Harry reluctantly agrees. Guppy tells Jas that he gave Harry the evidence he found on Jas’s laptop. Jas is appalled but agrees to resign rather than be sacked. In S20 E6, Jas is at work packing his belongings away. He tells Guppy never to contact his family again – they are disowning him. In S20 E7, Guppy is upset about being disowned by his family. When he tries to phone his mother, it’s clear she has been told what to say by Jas. In S20 E10, Guppy gets involved in a case where an Asian family are being targeted by racist thugs. As he treats the thugs, they are also racially abusive towards him. Guppy bravely tells them to leave, however they leave not before one, Lee, threatens him saying, ‘You’re dead!’ In S20 E11, Guppy has been trying to get hold of his father, who is still not speaking to him. Having found out he will be at the hospital for his disciplinary, Guppy waits for him and outside, but Jas still refuses to speak to him and drives off. Lee and his mates then approach Guppy in the car park and beat him up. Abs sees someone being attacked but chooses to walk by, unknowing it’s his colleague. In S20 E12, Abs is shocked to learn that the person he saw being attacked was Guppy. However, he keeps his guilty secret to himself and decides not to come clean to anyone. Meanwhile, Guppy worries that Lee and his gang will get away with it, as the police say they need a witness and have let them out on bail. As he leaves the department, he receives a menacing mobile call. In S20 E13, Guppy goes to the police line-up alone after Abs decides not to get involved. However, the gang are waiting for him outside and threaten him, telling him to drop the case. In S20 E14, Abs decides to come clean and confess to Guppy that he witnessed the attack. Guppy is horrified, but has other things on his mind when the racist gang step up their hate campaign by beating up his father, Jas, outside his house. When Jas is brought in, a distraught Guppy calls Harry, who is on leave, urging him to help tend to his ill father. In S20 E15, Guppy is still reeling from the attack on his father Jas and tells the Detective that he will not testify for fear of further attacks on his family. Guppy worries when Jas has to go for a brain scan. He realises something is wrong with his father but Jas keeps silent. Guppy decides to look at his records and is shocked at what he finds – he has a terminal brain tumour. In S20 E16, Guppy visits his father and offers to do anything he can to help and Jas thoughtfully takes note of this. The two begin to talk and settle their differences, Jas explains why he’s been so hard on Guppy but also finally gives Guppy the approbation he has always craved. Guppy goes back to work, elated by his father’s praise. Later Guppy returns to sit with Jas, who says he has something he needs to ask his son. Jas tells him he has no intention of fighting a humiliating losing battle with cancer, his affairs are all in order, so he wants Guppy to end his life now. Guppy is shocked and unable to agree, which brings the anger and nastiness out in his father. Jas claims he knew all along that Guppy was too selfish and weak to do this for him. Guppy’s world crumbles as he is left in an impossible position. In S20 E18, time is running out for Jas as his condition deteriorates and he begs Guppy to help him. Guppy confides in both Harry and Abs and later tells his father he cannot help him and they should spend what precious time he has left together. In S20 E19, Jas asks Guppy to help him get a syringe, so he can do the deed himself. Guppy reluctantly agrees but after leaving the syringe with his father, he regrets his decision and rushes back to see him. He finds Jas still alive, too weak to be able to use the syringe. Guppy apologises but says he can do no more – Jas tells him he is proud of him for following his own judgement. In S20 E20, Guppy is in a terrible state. Jas soils his bed and blames Guppy for his degradation because he wouldn’t help him to die. Guppy pleads with Harry to help. Harry is initially resistant, but finds himself agreeing to kill Jas. Later, Harry gets a call and his face darkens. He has to tell Guppy that Jas has suffocated himself with a plastic bag. Guppy is distraught and blames Harry. In S20 E37, Nathan asks Guppy for help with some policy issues he has, and invites him out for coffee. Guppy is flattered that Nathan would want his advice, and says yes. However, he is unnerved when Kelsey starts teasing him saying that Nathan fancies him. In S20 E38, Guppy and Kelsey treat a woman, Joy, who is injured when a wardrobe collapses on her. After learning Joy is finding it difficult remaining a virgin with her partner, Kelsey is shocked to discover that Guppy is also still a virgin. She offers to set him up with some of her mates but Guppy isn’t interested. In S20 E39, Kelsey and Guppy treat a bride-to-be, who has collapsed on her hen night and discover the slimming pills she has been taking have caused her to have an enlarged heart. Guppy is not impressed when he is seduced in a cubicle by one of her friends after Kelsey tells her he is a virgin. In S20 E45, on the advice of a patient to live life to the full, he decides to let his hair down at Nina’s party. Getting drunk, he ends up snogging Kelsey. Next episode in S20 E46, he wakes up naked in bed next to Kelsey but can’t remember what happened. Kelsey teases him all shift before letting him know they didn’t have sex. By the end of series, Guppy is still unaware of Alice’s crush on him.

In S21 E1, Guppy along with Charlie, Abs and Comfort head to Cambodia to assist in the opening of Duffy’s new clinic. A young boy, Chan, tries to befriend Guppy and Abs but falls from a tree as he collects coconuts for them. Guppy’s surgical skills are put to the test, without the aid of hi-tech medical equipment he is used to using back home. Guppy calls Harry to help assist him through the bur hole operation on Chan. Next episode Guppy confides in Duffy’s boyfriend Mike about his father’s death and his burden is somewhat lifted when Mike says he regretted the decision he made assisting in his own ill mother’s death. In S21 E8, Guppy attempts to impress Cyd but ends up pretending that it is his birthday as an excuse to ask her to the pub, and Kelsey suggests that Alice should try to make Guppy jealous to get his attention – next episode she pretends that porter Ben is her boyfriend. In S21 E18, Guppy provide back-up at the scene of a fire at a brothel. However becomes trapped inside with a patient. He follows Maggie’s instructions over the phone on how to treat the man, until the arsonist, Jordi, tries to hinder his treatment. Guppy fights with him over being able to help the man. Jordi is later crushed when Guppy and his patient are rescued. After his ordeal, Guppy speaks to Alice and asks her to go for a drink. In S21 E19, following recent tragedy, Guppy along with some of his colleagues head to the coast for a break however Guppy is poisoned by a fish bite and him and Alice don’t quite hit it off as planned. And when he later learns in S21 E22 that she has made a complaint against Harry for sexual harrassment, any potential in a relationship is hindered further.

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