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Cas Character

Holly Miles

Played by Sandra Huggett


S14E1 – S15E36

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words

Holly : (Two brothers bump into Holly) Wo! Watch out

Boy : Sorry

Holly : Slow down

Boy : You can check my pulse any time!


Pretty SHO Holly Miles arrives in S14 E1, just after the incident involving Sam falling off a balcony, so it’s a busy first shift. Holly is a bit scatty, but is determined and has a good sense of humour. She is also great with kids, as she has previously worked in paediatrics, and is helping to set up a paedatrics A&E room in resus.

One of her first patients is a young boy, Jamie, who is brought in by his older brothers, Bacon and Eggs. He is scared, but Holly puts him at his ease. In S14 E7, Holly starts to decorate the resus room with blue dolphins. She also treats an elderly lady who is afraid to go outside. Again Holly’s kind and gentle nature is shown to lessen her fears. Holly also arranges for a charity parachute jump and gets many staff to put their name down, it’s not till S14 E14 that she reveals she’s afraid of heights, so won’t be doing the jump herself. Holly’s friendly nature causes her to get too involved with her patients, in S14 E8 she recognises teenager, Drew, from a ‘missing’ poster in the department, she chases him but only manages to catch a car number plate. She calls his Mum, Maggie, who is annoyed with Holly for letting him go. Holly explains to her that it is not a prison and she couldn’t stop him from leaving. However he comes back in with his friend who has a burnt hand. Maggie manages to talk to him, but he says he didn’t want to be found. Holly is upset in that she only tried to help do what was best. In S14 E10 – the new Resus room is opened and Holly is very proud of it. In S14 E15, arrogant Registrar Patrick arrives in A&E, but it is revealed, him and Holly used to be an item back at medical school, when Patrick was an SHO. There is some tension between them, when she realised his attitude hasn’t changed. On Christmas day, S14 E17, it’s Holly’s birthday and she’s working. She treats an elderly lady, Annie, who has motor neurone disease, and has come in with a bout of pneumonia. Holly is touched, when her husband announces he wishes to take her home in his arms to die. Patrick asks Holly out for a drink, but she refuses saying she is going out with her friends. On Valentines Day – Patrick sends her anonymous flowers – which she throws in the bin. In S14 E24, Patrick scares a girl who has a fishing hook stuck in her hand. Holly is called to calm her down and is annoyed at his lack of sympathy. In S14 E27, a young boy is brought in after drowning. He is with his sister, Gemma Foster, and drunken mother. Holly is surprised to find they are neighbours. She notices bruises on Jake and is concerned, but is advised not to get involved. An old lady with psychic powers baffles Holly, when she asks to see her sister who has just died. Holly is unable to find her sister under the name given, but later her sister is brought in and dies in resus. Next episode, Gemma brings in her baby sister, Zoe, to see Holly, she diagnoses the baby with an ear infection. Still concerned for the safety of the children, later their mother turns up and warns Holly to keep away. In S14 E29, after a long busy shift, Holly is trying to get some sleep, but is awoken by Gemma who can’t get Zoe to stop crying. When Gemma’s mum returns home, she goes mad at seeing Holly. Holly tries to talk her into getting help. She shouts at Gemma, who runs out the house, followed by Gemma, into the path of a car. Holly regains consciousness and an ambulance is called to take her and Gemma to A&E. Their mum runs off with Jake and Zoe. Later they turn up in A&E, the mother tries to persuade Holly not to get the police involved – but the police have already been called, and she is arrested. Gemma is upset with Holly for breaking up her family.

In S15, Max persuades Holly to go to dinner with a journalist to talk about the new face of the NHS. Patrick is jealous when he finds out she is going on a ‘date’ and she enjoys teasing him. At the restaurant, things are going well until Holly accidentally lets it slip to the journalist that a nurse has HIV. Next episode the journalist acts as a patient to try and discover the identity of the nurse – finding it to be Adam. Holly pleads with the nurse not to run the story and he eventually backs down, but a patient in the next cubicle overhears and leaks it to the press himself. It makes front page headlines, and Holly admits to Adam it was her that revealed the secret. It leads to him leaving the department. Holly later attends his wedding to Reuben at their new flat. In S15 E13, Holly arranges a ‘Well Teddy Clinic’ for some local school children. In S15 E15, we learn Manager Dan has a crush on Holly, when he lets it slip to Patrick over a game of squash – not realising their past history. Meanwhile, Holly goes to a nightclub with Chloe, Barney and anesthetist Tom, where Barney gets into a fight. In S15 E17, Holly and a miserable Patrick go for a Christmas lunch with some friends. On their return to work, Patrick’s car breaks down, and then sprains his ankle. The couple seek shelter in a barn, and they huddle together to keep warm in the icy conditions. They reach a new understanding of closeness, when Patrick reveals he hates this time of year as his mother died. In S15 E18, Holly receives a mystery card from a secret admirer, thinking it’s Patrick, she’s surprised to learn it wasn’t him. Over the next few episodes, she also gets a bunch of flowers and a book of Shakespeare sonnets – still no idea as to who they are from. In S15 E21, Holly is moving house, and enlists in Patrick’s help. But Patrick, along with Spencer are involved in a hostage situation. Holly calls him, where he tries and gives her a coded message to find them, they finally manage to escape. In S15 E24, Holly is annoyed with Patrick’s flirting with a medical student. Dan asks her out for a drink which brightens her mood. Later Holly receives a teddy bear from her mystery admirer, and puts it in the bin. At the end of shift, she then goes to her car and finds the bear attached to her windscreen, and finds herself disturbed to know she is being watched. In S15 E26, Holly finds a rose on her doorstep, along with a card and later find another attached to her work locker. Next episode, she starts to get nuisance calls, and finds another rose, this time inside her car. She ends up walking to work, making her late for her shift. In S15 E28, Holly has to deal with a lecherous patient, and is spooked when he calls her by her first name – he says he saw it from the picture board in reception. Patrick gives her a lift home, and they discover the stalker has been in her house and tidied up. In S15 E29, Holly is shocked to find that her photo is missing from the picture board in A&E, and then receives a call from a man claiming to be watching her. Her strain starts to show, when she accuses people around her of being the stalker. Holly’s nerves are completely shattered and Dan doesn’t help when he admits he has feelings for her. Patrick offers her a lift home, but finds his tyres slashed – Dan asks Tom to give her a lift home instead, he agrees, but we see he has the photo of Holly in his car. Next episode, Tom persuades Holly to come to his place for dinner to relax. She believes Dan may be the stalker, but Dan has decided to find the identity of the stalker himself and his investigations lead to Tom. Arriving at Tom’s flat, Holly gives him a frosty reception, and won’t listen to his hints. Tom spikes his drinks, and Dan collapses on the bed. Holly meanwhile stumbles across a room in his house filled with pictures of her, and realises the truth. She is unable to escape, and tries to phone the police – Tom becomes ever threatening. Dan manages to revive himself, but Tom pushes him down the stairs, Holly picks up the closest weapon to hand and knocks Tom unconscious. Holly is relieved her ordeal is over, although the next episode her ordeal still affects her and she leaves work early. In S15 E34, Holly sees Dan for the first time since her ordeal, who tells her in time she will gain her confidence back. She also sees Patrick, who apologises and asks her for a drink. She merely accepts his apology, says goodbye and walks away – Patrick watches her, hoping she’ll turn round, but as it looks like she won’t he goes – as he is walking away, Holly turns round. In S15 E35, Holly turns down a date with a man she used to go to college with – although Patrick acts jealously. She then goes to her car in the hospital grounds, and finds her windows are smashed – as she goes towards the car, she hears a familiar voice – it’s Tom. He grabs her and as she tries to escape, she falls and knocks her head, and falls unconscious. In S15 E36, she wakes to find Tom has taken her to a disused part of the hospital and tied her up. The staff find out she is missing with Tom and try to find her. Tom puts Holly into a dress, and leads her to the dance floor. She pretends to slip and knees him between the legs. She runs and smashes a chair through the window – Patrick, Dan and Spencer see her calling for help and rush to get her. Tom grabs Holly and injects her with anesthetic, and she passes out. Dan chases after Tom, who heads to the top of a building, threatening to jump – he slips and falls to his death. Patrick, meanwhile, resuscitates Holly, and she wakes up in his arms.

Next series, Holly has left – Patrick receives a postcard from her on her exotic travels.

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