Jan Anderson Interview

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Taken from ‘The Casualty Fan Club’ newsletter, November 2000.

Q. You’ve been in CASUALTY for two years. What have been your favourite moments so far?

A. I loved all the stuff with the love triangle with Claire and Gerald, but it did hit home a bit as I’d been in a similar situation myself! But the best part of CASUALTY has been meeting so many wonderful people and learning so much.

Q. Do you think you’re anything like Chloe?

A. I’d like to think I’m upfront and stand my ground for what I believe in – also, ofcourse I like having lots of fun. But I could never have the stomach or the patience to choose a nursing career!

Q. Do you intend staying in CASUALTY for a while – maybe make it to ‘Sister Chloe’?

A. I love my job and everything surrounding it – so I suppose when I feel I’m not being challenged anymore and I can do the job standing on my head, it’s time to bust a moove!

Q. Who are your main friends on Set and do you miss Claire Goose?

A. Ofcourse I miss Claire. I miss everyone who’s left, but all the new cast are amazing and I love every single one of them for different reasons!

Q. What acting work would you like to do that you haven’t already done?

A. 1. I’d like to play a schizophrenic tramp, 2. A period drama, 3. Shocking/politically challenging/ in yer face films! and 4. Juliet in ‘Romeo & Juliet’.

Q. You’re very proud of your Welsh culture. Is it true you’d like to see more Welsh programmes on TV?

A. Damn right! Wales is slowly becoming understood and talent is being seen, but the stereotypical sheep-shagging views still remain (a lot of prejudice). Welsh people are talented and hearty.

Q. Do you enjoy living in Bristol?

A. I love it – especially as I’ve found the love of my life down here! Life is slower and you get to spend more quality time with people than in London.

Q. You’ve been through a lot in your life. What keeps you so strong and full of life?

A. Tragedy brings out courage in people, after the pain it makes you put things into perspective and live life to the full. You just kinda realise how vulnerable life is.

Q. What are your mottos in life?

A. ‘If you want the rainbow you’ve gotta put up with the rain’ and ‘If you lie down you’ll be treated like a door mat’.

Q. What ambitions do you have left to fulfill?

A. Millions – but I’d like to keep them to myself!

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