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Cas Character

Jeff Collier


Played by Matt Bardock


S21 E25 ‘The Miracle on Harry’s Last Shift’ – S29 E5 ‘Born Lucky’

NB. Jeff’s voice is heard in the previous episode S21 E24.

Job Title


First Words

[in S21 E25] (to Dixie) Shall we take that one princess?


Divorced from Lucy with whom he had two children, John & Sophia. During the series, he married Dixie.


Jeff Collier is a typical ‘geezer’ bloke. He’s a heavy drinker and loves his football. Married to wife, Lucy, Jeff was an excellent paramedic and showed great authority on the streets of Holby.

We first hear of Jeff the episode before he is shown, when Dixie calls him up and questions why he is not at work – she got the rota wrong and he is infact due the following episode. On his first shift in S21 E25, Jeff shows up after catching a lift into work with his builder friend. Working with Dixie, the pair get off on the wrong foot when Jeff tries to hand out his friend’s business cards on a call out. Dixie doesn’t relate to Jeff’s humour at first and becomes aggrevated when he constantly calls her ‘princess’. However during the shift, he proves his prowess as a paramedic and the pair learn how to work with eachother. In S21 E30, Jeff is given a horse racing tip from a psychic. So convinced the horse is going to win, he organises a party for all the staff but later cancels when he loses. In S21 E35, Jeff realises that Dixie has feelings for colleague Cyd. He also confides in her that his wife is having an affair with his best friend which is why he sleeps around to make himself feel better. In S21 E39, Jeff puts himself up for a transfer so that Dixie doesn’t move Greg away from Cyd.

In S22 E3, Dixie is recovering in hospital following an asthma attack and is happy to get a visit from Jeff, who reveals he is back working on the paramedic team. In S22 E42, Jeff suspects that Snezana is using drugs and confides in Curtis, who says he can call in a favour to get a test done on her blood. Jeff is unsure, but when he discovers some morphine is missing, he agrees to Curtis’s plan. But he feels guilty when the tests come back clean. In S22 E45, Snezana is revealed to be the mystery medicine thief when Jeff catches her red-handed. He can’t bring himself to report her when she tells him he will be hurting people who need her help but he insists there must be no more thefts. In S22 E46, suspicious of Snezana’s recent behaviour, Jeff decides to follow her and ends up at a settler’s camp full of illegal Serbian immigrants. A shocked Jeff discovers that Snezana has been treating the entire community, and decides he can’t stand by and watch her put herself and the immigrants in danger. When one of the settlers is injured, Jeff manages to save them by improvising with Snezana’s illegal supplies. Jeff and Snezana argue and she reveals that she has a 12-year-old daughter back in Serbia. Jeff makes a pact with Snezana to keep her secret – if she destroys all of the medicine. In S22 E47, Jeff and Snezana are called to a quarry and Snezana is distraught when she finds one of her settlers trapped in a truck, amid falling rubble. As the story continues in S22 E48, they are also caught in the landslide and struggle to save themselves and the workers.

In S23 E1, a film crew are making a documentary on the ED. Whilst Jeff is called to a shout with Dixie when a resident has been injured by a firework at that has gone off in a flat in the Farmead Estate. The site soon becomes unstable as the repercussions continue. Unbeknown to any of them, the rocket has caused a fire, which in turn causes an explosion. Soon the fire is out of control. The paramedics and Adam battle to escape the inferno with their patients. Later, Dixie and Jeff start to head back to ED with an injured woman. As they turn on their sirens and drive out of the Estate, a teenager, Sammy, runs into the road and, hit by the ambulance, is flung into the air. Dixie, who is driving, is in shock when she sees what she has done. In S23 E3, Dixie and Jeff turn up unenthusiastically for their first appointment with the counsellor, Ben Harding, whom they have been ordered to see following the Farmead incident. Hungover and bleary-eyed, Ben turns up late and seems to have no idea why they’re there. In S23 E5, Dixie is back at work and trying to act normal, but Jeff isn’t at all convinced. When a car explodes on the Farmead Estate, Dixie and Jeff attend the shout, even though they’re not authorised to go there. When a group of lads recognise Dixie as the ambulance driver who hit Sammy, violence erupts but Jeff manages to remove her from the situation. In S23 E6, still struggling with her own emotions, Dixie suspects that Jeff is refusing to accept any of the blame for what happened. When the pair attend a shout where a teacher has been beaten by a man who suspects him of abusing his brother, Dixie takes charge of the situation despite being confronted by a crowd of people. In S23 E7, Jeff tries to protect Dixie when he suspects she’s being targeted by residents of the Farmead Estate. In S23 E8, someone throws a brick through Dixie’s window, Jeff surprises her with a Labrador puppy ‘Little Abs’. Later, while Dixie and Jeff are at a cage fight, someone firebombs Dixie’s flat. In S23 E10, Jeff offers to look after Dixie’s dog, Little Abs, until she finds somewhere to live. But Dixie gets a shock when she arrives at Jeff’s house with a blanket and learns that he and his wife have split up and he no longer lives there. In S23 E11, Dixie, meanwhile, confronts Jeff and asks him why he hadn’t told her his wife had kicked him out. He throws it back in her face, however, and tells Dixie that not everything is about her. In S23 E12, Dixie and Jeff, are called to a stabbing at a farm, where they find a man dying and a disturbed young man clutching a knife. Later, the documentary about Holby’s ED is to be shown on TV. Dixie is terrified of what it might show. All day long, she takes her nerves out on Jeff, before finally admitting to him how scared she is that the documentary will show she caused the crash. With Jeff’s unflinching support, she summons all her courage and they watch the documentary together. In S23 E29, there’s a fresh new face in the paramedic team – Polly – but, unfortunately, she’s arrived on the wrong day and Jeff and Dixie are bemused at her bouncy, happy attitude and the hugs she keeps dishing out. In S23 E40, Jeff has just received divorce papers from his wife and his deep-seated worry and anxiety about losing touch with his children stays with him throughout what proves to be an exhausting shift. Polly and Jeff race from one emergency to another and are repeatedly called out to help a comatose drunk, followed by an explosion in a student’s hall of residence, an elderly woman who has suffered a stroke, a man with multiple head injuries and a jogger who runs into a lamp-post. For Polly, the shift is a steep learning curve but her fellow paramedics bond with her and recognise her warmth and humanity. In S23 E42, Jeff’s wife and children are moving to London and his only option is to apply for full custody. He instructs his lawyer to do whatever she can. Later, while out on a shout, Jeff comes up against a fractured family which the mother, Gloria, is trying to bring back together. Seeing the damage that can be done to kids by dysfunctional parents soon makes him reconsider his own actions. In S23 E45, Curtis asks Jeff to be his best man, but Jeff’s recent experience of divorce has left him bitter and he turns the invitation down. However, a prank involving ideas for an alternative stag party makes him reconsider his decision.

In S24E2, the paramedics are called to a disused shopping mall explosion. Jeff and Polly help lead a trapped group to safety. Later Jeff goes back in to rescue the remaining trapped inside and faces a challenge to escape himself. In S24 E3, Yuki is sent on a shout with Jeff and Polly. In S24 E9, Jeff’s suspicions about homeless man Alistair grow when he and Polly are called to a shout and find Alistair standing over an unconscious body at a factory. Jeff is forced to apologise when it turns out Alistair had nothing to do with the accident but warns him to stay away from Polly. Later he breaks into her flat. In S24 E10, Jeff’s first shift as a solo rapid responder but disaster strikes when, on his first call, he is attacked from behind and left bleeding. The blow to the head also leaves him disorientated and unable to remember exactly who attacked him. For some reason, the name coming to his mind is Alistair. Deeply concerned, Polly decides to pay a visit to Alistair’s hostel, where she makes a horrific discovery. In S24 E19, Jeff is involved in the rescue when Adam and Jessica’s car crash into a frozen lake. In S24 E22, Polly is determined to resign despite the outcome of Alistair’s tribunal. Jeff and Dixie blame each other and set out to do everything they can to change her mind. In S24 E24, Dixie is delighted when her father, Arthur, turns up out of the blue but saddened when he tells her he’s dying. When Arthur sees Dixie and Jeff sharing a joke together and tells Dixie he’s glad she has a supportive boyfriend, something stops her from correcting his mistake. In S24 E25, Dixie’s sick father decides to spend some quality time with his daughter, which causes problems for Dixie as she’s never revealed her true sexuality. Determined not to disappoint her father, Dixie asks Jeff if he will marry her. In S24 E29, on Dixie’s hen night the paramedic admits that marrying Jeff is not ideal but it’s the right thing to do. But then she meets someone who tries make her see that it’s not the best way forward. In S24 E30, Jeff and Dixie marry. Dixie is pleased to see how proud it is making her father despite it’s falseness.

Memorable Moments

  • S21 E25 – Dixie clashes with Jeff on his first shift.
  • S21 E35 – Jeff confides in Dixie about the state of his marriage.
  • S22 E46 – Jeff discovers Snezana treating a community of illegal immigrants.
  • S22 E48 – Jeff and Snezana are trapped in a landslide at a quarry.
  • S23 E1 – Jeff is amongst those trapped in a burning flat explosion.
  • S23 E8 – Whilst Dixie and Jeff attend a cage fight, someone torches Dixie’s flat.
  • S23 E42 – With his children moving to London, Jeff considers full custody.
  • S24 E2 – Jeff helps with a rescue in a shopping mall explosion.
  • S24 E10 – Jeff is attacked during his first shift as a solo rapid responder.
  • S29 E1 – Jeff is confronted by Samantha’s husband, Simon – leading to Simon being injured.
  • S29 E5 – Jeff is killed in an explosion on a shout to a motorway crash. Dixie and Tamzin are devastated.
  • S29 E6 – Jeff’s funeral.

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