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Cas Character

Lenny Lyons

Played by Steven Miller


S24 E1 ‘Dawn of the ED (Part One)’ – S26 E38 ‘All in a Day’s Nightmare (Part Two)’

Job Title

F2 Doctor

First Words

Adam : It’s that time of year, where we all have to put our hands together and give a big, warm, ED welcome to our new F2’s – all 8 of them!

Lenny : Come on!


Confident and brash young doctor Lenny Lyons grew up in a care home and has few memories of his junkie mother. Determined to succeed is what strives him to be a doctor. He genuinely cares for people but has a tendency to speak before he thinks.

Arriving in S24 E1, along with the seven other F2’s, he makes a strong impression due to his enthusiastic appropach compared to the others. However a busy first shift, following an explosion in a shopping centre, certainly brings him back down to earth with a bump, particularly following the death of colleague Heather. In S24 E3, Lenny is mentored with Zoe. Him, Yuki and May all struggle in their own way and are banned from treating patients for the rest of the shift.  Later, in a counselling session with Ben, the trio struggle to open up. Eventually, each in turn reveals that recent events have shaken them. Ben identifies that each of them is missing a part of themselves and the three resolve to work on their flaws and soon realise they can help each other by working as a team. In S24 E5, the F2’s are disillusioned with Adam’s management but, when they struggle and call on his help, he impresses them. Together, they agree to give Adam another chance. In S24 E7, Adam has his hands full with the F2s. He won’t allow them to treat patients unsupervised, but when Jessica and the F2′s become trapped in resus by a distraught relative, Adam is forced to watch as they save a patient’s life. Realising he must trust them more, Adam admits they did some good work. In S24 E11, Yuki, May and Lenny are thrilled when Adam gives them their own patient to treat – Ruth’s friend, Amir, who has a history of heart problems. Ignoring advice from Jordan, however, the F2s decide to follow their own course of treatment. Things go from bad to worse when the patient then goes missing. The F2’s conceal their panic but are individually distraught. In S24 E12, the F2s bicker through their shift as they anxiously await the fall-out from their treatment of Amir. Adam warns them that they must continue to work as part of a team but Ruth, in particular, is reluctant to work with them and the young medics are uneasy. In S24 E13, the F2s are thrilled when the dean announces a Junior Academic Fellowship Award which will see one of them win a role in the ED with a lucrative salary. However, Adam warns them they must still work together as a team and not be tempted by individual success. In S24 E16, as the competition for the fellowship continues, May is frustrated by always being regarded the least-promising of the F2’s and plays a trick on Lenny which has far-reaching consequences. Acting on May’s misinformation, Lenny mistakenly tells two sisters that their father has died. He is severely reprimanded by a stressed and furious Adam and it looks as if Lenny’s Christmas leave may be lasting a little longer than he would like. In S24 E17, the F2s are on their way to help Noel’s Charity Christmas visit but are suddenly called into action when they come across a car crash. Working together, they manage to stabilise their patients and get them to the ED. They are hailed as heroes by Adam in front of their colleagues and superiors at the Dean’s Christmas party later that evening. The Dean, Eddie, proudly boasts to Henry that May is his daughter but she then tells him that she wants to make it on her own. Henry blurts the news to the other F2s and Lenny is disgusted at her lies. In S24 E20, Lenny is delighted when long-lost friend Davey turns up at the hospital but he’s less than pleased when he hears why he is back. Davey wants to carry out a plan that the two boys hatched when they were younger – to torch the children’s home they both grew up in. To Lenny’s horror, Davey goes through with his plan, unaware that there is someone else inside the building. In S24 E23, it’s the day of the F2’s exams. Over-confident Lenny is disappointed to be stuck in cubicles and, determined to impress, orders a series of tests for elderly patient. However, he is distressed when the tests reveal something sinister and tries in vain to persuade his patient to accept treatment. In S24 E38, with Yuki ruling himself out of Fellowship contention, Lenny’s convinced it is his. Swaggering around the ED, his confidence is soaring until one of his patients is diagnosed with a degenerative disease and another dies suddenly and inexplicably. Devastated and perplexed, Lenny is determined to get to the bottom of the cause and prove himself again. In S24 E39, Lenny and Yuki discover another case of the cryptococcsis virus but they are still unable to trace its source. In S2 E40, Lenny and Yuki are still searching for the source of the cryptococcsis outbreak. Jordan tells them to leave it to the proper doctors, but Lenny can’t let it go. When third victim Cheryl dies, Lenny pursues her boyfriend Cal for answers. Yuki theorises the crypto may have jumped from chickens to humans at a local farm, but when Lenny investigates, he’s stonewalled. In frustration, Lenny warns off parents, sparking a panic. When it turns out the farm isn’t the source, Lenny takes another approach. Getting Cheryl’s mysterious cheque from Cal, Lenny discovers she was part of a drugs trial. This could have dangerous and wide-ranging implications for the team. Jordan’s interest is now absolute. In S24 E41, Jordan prepares to report Robert’s involvement in the drug trial which caused the cryptococcsis outbreak but has second thoughts when he realises it could jeopardise the JAFA fellowship and Holby City’s Centre of Excellence, which he has worked so hard to establish. He decides to keep it quiet for now, but eager Lenny is still determined to discover exactly who is behind the deaths. In S24 E43, Lenny is determined to track down the last of the drugs trial patients – troubled teen Johnny – and save him from the Crypto virus. After causing an explosion in an office block, wayward Johnny is brought into the ED with his long-suffering mother, Louise, and Lenny leaps on the case. Despite warnings from his colleagues, Lenny performs a complex life-saving procedure unsupervised, much to Jordan’s disapproval. In S24 E44, Lenny is determined to find evidence of Robert and the Ludlow Foundation’s complicity in the drugs trial cover-up and enlists a reluctant Yuki to help him break into Robert’s house. Finding the evidence they need, the pair narrowly escape being caught but their actions cause a trail of destruction. Afterwards Yuki turns on Lenny, angry he cares more about the evidence than their friendship. In S24 E46, it’s interview day for the JAFA Fellowship and Lenny is highly confident. However, he’s furious to discover the Ludlow Foundation is refusing to compensate the Crypto virus victims, so decides to take the fight upstairs, until Jordan warns him that Robert is on the interview panel. After holding his own in the interview, Lenny finds his trust shattered when a patient disappoints him. The young medic has to decide whether to stick to his guns or succumb to Robert’s offer to relinquish the proof of the cover-up in order to win the Fellowship. In S24 E48, the JAFA fellowship is due to be announced. Lenny is prepared to go through with his deal with Ludlow to be crowned the winner but, oblivious, Yuki writes a preparatory speech recalling why he became a doctor. But before the fellowship is announced, a major power cut rips across the north of Holby. In S24 E49, Yuki punches Lenny in the face for a second time, after finding out he’s accepted a bribe from Ludlow to be awarded the JAFA fellowship, a fight ensues in the middle of the ED. Called to help break it up, Jordan is quick to work out that Lenny was in cahoots with Ludlow. After urging Ludlow to go to the police and confess all, Jordan tells Yuki and Lenny that, despite their good work, there will be no fellowship and no more funding.

In S25 E5, Lenny is late for work again after spending the night with Chrissie, so Jordan puts him in charge of cleaning resus in preperation for an inspection. However, Lenny is distracted when Chrissie visits him at work. Not only does he forget to clean up resus, but he also loses Lorretta, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. Her husband and daughter are distraught. Later Lenny discovers Chrissie is infact a reporter writing negative press about the hospital. Next episode, Lenny admits to Chrissie that he knows she’s an undercover newspaper reporter and tries to convince her to write a positive story on the ED. In S25 E12, Lenny is pressured into visiting a woman called Helen, but decides against it having left the past behind him. But, he has a change of heart when he treats a young girl who is brought into the ED by her brother. Helen, it transpires, is his sister and she will die unless she receives a bone marrow transplant. In S25 E14, Lenny is visited by Helen, who tells him about a psychiatric evaluation that is needed before he can become a donor. The session brings up all sorts of feelings that Lenny is unwilling to deal with. After a heart-to-heart with Helen, Lenny comes round and even introduces her to the gang. However after receiving the results, it turns out he is not a suitable donor match. In S25 E15, Lenny has been avoiding his sister Helen after being been told that they aren’t a suitable donor match. When Helen asks directly, Lenny is put on the spot. In S25 E16, Lenny is feeling the pressure to find a donor match for his sister, Helen, and Yuki agrees to help illicitly screen patients as they come into the ED. Realising one patient is a partial match, Lenny’s unprofessional behaviour causes great consternation when it leads to a young girl being left alone with a known sex offender. When Ruth finds out about Yuki and Lenny’s illicit activities she is furious and demands answers. Lenny is surprised to find that Yuki has accepted full responsibility and leaves Holby. In S25 E24, Lenny inadvertently offends Mads who is forced to make an official complaint about his behaviour. In S25 E29, Noel is organising a bowling night to which he invites Miriam. She is touched but declines his offer. Lenny invites Mads to go but she mistakenly thinks she is being asked out on a date. Confiding in Zoe, who tells her to go for it, Mads accepts Lenny’s invitation. In S25 E31, things are tense between Lenny and Mads after she stood him up, but Lenny hides his true feelings and tries to play it down. They are forced to work together and the chemistry between them is clear. Just as they are about to kiss, the moment gets broken. When Lenny discovers Mads is leaving for Pakistan that evening for her brother’s wedding, he is devastated and stands her up for lunch. But as Adam puts Mads in a taxi for the airport, Lenny has a change of heart and comes running out. In S25 E36, to Lenny’s dismay, Mads reveals that she’s engaged. The team go for a drink to celebrate but the tension between Lenny and Mads is palpable. It looks as if they are set to kiss, but Lenny pulls away at the last second and Mads runs off into a taxi. In S25 E44, Lenny tries to persuade Madiha to go the police about her taxi driver attacker.

In S26 E21, after taking on her sister’s two children, Linda tries to incorporate their care into her busy life. After a frantic day at the ED she discovers that care doesn’t end at the school gates, but finds support from Lenny. In S26 E22, Linda has a chance to reassess her feelings when Lenny tackles her about putting her niece and nephew into care. In S26 E32, a chance remark from Dylan about work relationships causes Lenny to look at Linda in a new light and he attempts to kiss her. But he is embarrassed when she rebuffs him. In S26 E35, Lenny receives a tempting job offer from London and decides to take it. In S26 E37, Linda is forced to bring a suspended Britney into work with her, but the teenager defies Linda’s ban on using the ED wifi and wheedles the password out of Lenny. When Lenny discovers that she has arranged to meet someone she’s been talking to in a chatroom, he chases her out of the ED. Panicked, Britney gets in a car with the stranger. In S26 E38, after spotting Britney getting into an unknown man’s car, Lenny raises the alarm and tracks the vehicle down with Linda’s help. However, when the sexual predator is involved in an accident, the medics are forced to give him life-saving treatment at the scene. The team later bid a fond farewell to Lenny.

Memorable Moments

  • S24 E1 – Lenny is confident and enthusiastic on his first shift in the ED.
  • S24 E16 – May plays a trick on Lenny with serious consequences.
  • S24 E17 – The F2’s come across a car crash on the way to the Christmas party.
  • S24 E20 – Lenny’s old friend from the children’s home they grew up in arrives at Holby to fulfil a plan they hatched when they were younger.
  • S24 E40 – Lenny is determined to solve the cause of the cryptococcsis outbreak.
  • S24 E46 – Lenny attends the interview for the JAFA Fellowship.
  • S24 E48/49 – High drama conclusion to the Fellowship and Ludlow Foundation. Includes flashbacks from Lenny’s past.
  • S25 E5 – Lenny treats an Alzheimers patient and discovers the woman he is seeing is a press journalist.
  • S25 E12 – Lenny meets his estranged sister Helen who needs a transplant.
  • S25 E31 – Lenny’s feelings for Madiha come to a head as she goes to Pakistan.
  • S26 E32 – Lenny tries to kiss Linda but she rebuffs him.
  • S26 E37/38 – Lenny raises the alarm after Britney meets an online stranger.

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