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Luke Bailey Interview

As chat with Luke Bailey over his forthcoming role in Casualty; his enthusiasm and warmth exudes us. Without a hint of arrogance, he is proud to have been given the opportunity to work on such a hugely popular programme and is taking each day as an exciting new challenge.

As chat with Luke Bailey over his forthcoming role in Casualty; his enthusiasm and warmth exudes us. Without a hint of arrogance, he is proud to have been given the opportunity to work on such a hugely popular programme and is taking each day as an exciting new challenge.

At 20 years of age, Luke is set to become one of the show’s pin-ups as the son of Tess Bateman. Sam is the eldest, and has a good relationship with both his parents but is starting to spend more time out of the house in an effort to gain independence. Having just finished college, Sam has decided to take a year out before going to University. He is a bright lad and could do very well but is easily distracted by beer and babes.

Sam is a likely young man who is easy to get on with. However at times Sam can be short and moody for no apparent reason. Lately his temper has been flaring up more often but he is very charismatic and people quickly forgive him.

Sam makes his debut next week when he arrives to take the interview for the receptionist’s post. Each candidate has to spend half an hour with Bex so she can assess them. Tess doesn’t get the chance to prepare her son before his interview as she is too busy, but when Sam does his stint on reception, Tess purposefully asks him questions she knows he will be able to answer.

Bex is unaware of Sam’s relationship to Tess, and later Tess tries to find out who Bex likes the best – Bex ofcourse says it would be indiscreet to talk about any of the candidates! At the end of the day, however Tess learns that Sam is successful and he starts the following week.

It’s not the first time Luke Bailey has appeared in Casualty before, after a guest role in 2002 as the character of Ben. His other TV credits include popular children’s TV show U Get Me, Spin and Illustrated Mum.

Luke kindly talked to about his time on the show so far…

How would you describe your character Sam?

Fun loving, energetic and intelligent. He is a very typical teenager; he likes enjoying himself, ladies, DJ-ing and fashion.

Are there any noticeable similarities/ differences between him and yourself?

Similarities? Well we look the same (just kidding). We both like going out and enjoying ourselves. Differences? I am a lot calmer and not quite as sure of myself. Oh and I can’t DJ.

How did you get the part of Sam?

I had just finished filming a kids drama series called ‘U Get Me’ and started auditioning for the part of Sam. I went to three auditions before I was informed I had the part.

Where were you when you found out you won the role?

I remember being in a car with my friend, driving down the side of a mountain near Rhyl, North Wales when I got a phone call from my agent telling me I had the part – I screamed LOUDLY!

Were you nervous about joining the show?

Yes I was nervous, Casualty is huge, almost an institution.

What was your first day on Set like?

My first day was great, everyone was extremely welcoming and made it easy for me to relax. Everyone on the cast and crew are fantastic.

Do you get on well with other cast members?

Yes, I think (hope) I get on well with the cast. I think we have a good professional relationship because I think we have a healthy respect for the cast members’ ability and everyone is so friendly.

Do you socialize outside of work hours with the cast?

We do try to socialize as much as it is possible outside of work but normally filming schedules dictate that. But yes, we get together for BBQ’s and go out to clubs sometimes.

Did you have to do any research for your role, working in a hospital?

I had to research for my storyline, well wanted to be precise but sadly not working in a hospital. Just talking to certain people and reading up on certain subjects. Sadly I can’t delve into too much detail because of my storyline! It’s also nice to keep you in suspense…

You’ve worked as an actor since a young age – what made you decide to become an actor?

I’ve enjoyed acting since a young age but didn’t do any pro TV work until I was 18. I have always enjoyed TV and film; becoming new people and telling stories. I think that was a big factor.

Were your family supportive of your chosen career?

Yes my family were hugely supportive of my chosen path. They have also helped me immensely with money etc.

Have you ever been a real-life casualty?

No sorry, no gruesome tales to tell – I hate hospitals!

What are your hobbies/ interests?

Ooh acting, football, basketball. I love music, I try to write a little and also write short films and screen plays.

What are your future ambitions?

I want to continue what I do, acting, because I love it. I would like to try my hand at all the disciplines; film, comedy, everything. I want to perform challenging roles. Eventually though I would love to have something I have written commissioned.



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