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HC Character

Max McGerry

Played by Jo Martin


S21 E42 –

Casualty Appearance

S34 E42

Job Title

Consultant Neurosurgeon, Acting CEO

First Words

Serena : What are you doing with my patient?

Max : Correction. My patient. Max McGerry, Head of Neuro at St James’


Son, Louis (transgender – born as a girl, Lily)


Joining as Acting CEO & Consultant Neurosurgeon, Max McGerry is a force to be reckoned with and she wants you to know it. High achieving, ambitious and a moral absolutist, she’s a firm advocate of ‘one chance and you’re out’. Her company can be very unsettling even for those who know her well; she’s utterly tactless and takes great pleasure in shocking people with her un-PC views. She wakes up every day raring to go, full of boundless energy and wanting to fight for her beliefs; it’s what lights the fire in her belly and she has no respect for people who don’t feel the same.

A former alcoholic, Max became estranged from her daughter, Lily – at first thinking she had gone missing but later discovers she has transitioned and is now known as Louis. To begin with, Max finds it difficult accepting this.

Memorable Moments

Love Interests

  • Guy Self
  • Ric Griffin

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