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Cas Character

Nikki Marshall

Played by Kelly Harrison


S16 E1 – S18 E40

Job Title


First Words

(looking at map) OK, Devere Road..


Newly qualified technician, Nikki Marshall, has just completed 10 weeks of training, before she is thrown in at the deep end in her first shift. It causes her to question her vocation and her abilities.

In S16 E1, she is out on call with paramedics Josh and Fin, when their ambulance crashes with a car, after jumping a red light. The ambulance hangs precariously over a railway bridge – however stressed Nikki manages to clamber out the wreckage. She believes Josh was driving too fast – but Fin warns her not to say anything. She tells her boss, Jeff Maguire her concerns. In S16 E2 Jeff is interviewed by Sergeant Rachel James, he reveals Nikki’s concerns of Josh’s speed, and Nikki is then forced to admit the same. Fin is furious with Nikki and confronts her – Nikki retorts that Jeff stitched her up and she had no choice to tell Rachel. In S16 E4 Nikki phones her mum – she is worried about the pressures of the job and doesn’t think she can cope. This episode she is on the road with Comfort. One of their calls is to a building site collapse. Four die at the scene and Nikki is shocked by Comfort’s attitude towards the dying patients and finds herself being sick. After a stressful shift, also involving a hoax call, a vicar dying of cancer, and a schizophrenic man, she feels like quitting. Her last call is to an elderly angina patient, who she manages to shock back to life. Back in the staffroom, Comfort talks to Nikki and cuddles her for support. She says she’ll see her tomorrow. In S16 E6, Nikki provides evidence at Josh’s hearing, and are pleased with a verdict of ‘Accidental Death’, although Josh says he will resign. In S16 E7, Nikki comforts a young teenager, Josie, who has impaled her neck on a railing spear. She later goes to see her in the ward, where Josie thanks her. In S16 E9, Nikki is partnered with boss Jeff, after Comfort is injured. But he is a liability, and she persuades Josh to come back to work. They go to a shout of a car crash, where Josh recognises the woman, Joanna, that he helped earlier by fixing her car. She is unable to be saved, and Josh stays with her – Nikki tells Patrick how much she admires Josh, and that atleast Jeff wasn’t the last person Joanna was with. In S16 E16, Comfort and Nikki are called to the a pub, where regular schizophrenic Al has locked himself in the toilets. A group of football fans crowd the toilets, and Nikki kicks one of them who tries to kiss her. While there, a coach of fans crashes into the pub and they deal with the injured. In S16 E17, after flirting all shift and giving her roses, Jack takes Nikki out on a date – after the night’s over she says goodbye and gets in her cab – only to tease him by ringing him and tell him they are going back to his. Next episode, after Jack and Nikki have spent the night together, Jack disappoints Nikki, who was a virgin, by telling her he’s not ready for a relationship. Tony tells him he’s making a mistake, and Jack tries to make amends with flowers. In S16 E20, Nikki and Comfort help Chloe escape from the police, after she has been on observation duty with them by taking her to the airport. In S16 E21, now Anna is without Chloe as a flat mate- Nikki moves in. Nikki also tells Jack she has noticed a lump in his testicles and suggests he seeks doctor advice, he brushes it aside. She asks Comfort’s opinion, which angers Jack when he finds out Nikki has gone behind his back with personal matters. Later the staff gather at Anna’s flat to welcome Nikki as her new flat mate – Jack tries to put on a brave face, but is hiding his medical fears. Next episode, Nikki is still trying to urge Jack to see a doctor about the lump in his testicle, he finally relents and sees Max, who refers him. In S16 E24, Jack has his operation to remove his testicle, Nikki goes to see him – upset he tells her their relationship is over. Nikki begins to think he is happier without her, even when she tried her best to support him. In S16 E25, Nikki is off men after being dumped by Jack. Gilly annoys her with her teasing – but Nikki gets her back by telling her looking up Jack’s files is a sackable offence. One of her shouts is to an elderly Polish couple, Madjek and Katid. Katid calls an ambulance for her husband of sixty years when he has trouble breathing, but he does not want to be admitted due to his bad experiences with doctors in the past. Fin and Nikki finally persuade him to come to A&E, where Patrick says his condition is likely to deteriorate. Katid feels guilty for making him come to hospital, so Nikki decides to take them home again – but he dies in the ambulance. Nikki is visibly upset. In S16 E30, Receptionist Jack returns from his operation – he asks Nikki for a drink, but she refuses. But she clearly regrets her decision, next episode she is starting to get her feelings back for Jack, but is annoyed when a girlfriend, Jo, of a patient with a head injury, chats him up and says he will go to a DJ gig of his. In S16 E33, Nikki acts jealously over Student Nurse Roxanne talking to Jack and asks Anna what she should do. She finally asks him out for a drink and he agrees. In S16 E34, Roxy moves in with Nikki and Anna, but they are disgruntled when hey boyfriend, Hakkan, also stays. Jack also stays the night, but she is unsure if they should be getting back together. In S16 E35, Jack and Nikki plan a night out for drinks. He teases her and she suggest they head for Max’s office. In S16 E36, Nikki accuses Hak of stealing money from their flat. In S16 E37, while Nikki and Anna are at work – Hak is stealing belonging from their flat – but is injured when a fridge falls on him. Nikki is shocked when she arrives at the scene. In S16 E39, Nikki has her appraisal with Josh, but is unhappy when he says she is not pulling her weight. On shift, she treats a patient, Brad, who has had a suspected heart attack due to work stress. In Resus, Brad tells her she is wasted as a paramedic and offers her twice the salary to become his PA. After more bad comments from Josh, she hands him her resignation and goes to look for Brad. But she finds out he has died – Josh tears up her resignation, saying he won’t let her give up that easily. In S16 E40, Jack phones Nikki on her mobile telling her he has a surprise in store for when she finishes work. After being told by Josh that she is unable to take her own initiative, she takes on a shout with Fin to an estate – which was previously intended for Josh and Comfort. When Nikki and Fin arrive at the flat door – they find a pool of blood. Fin wants to wait for police back up, but Nikki decides to head on in. They find a man, Wayne, stabbed in the groin, but as they try to deal with him, his attacker tells them they must let him die as he had an affair with his wife. In the scuffle, he stabs Nikki in the abdomen and Fin’s hands. Fin is chased out of the flat and retreats to his ambulance where he calls for immediate assistance ‘Code Red’. Nikki is eventually rushed in. At A&E, news quickly spreads of Nikki’s attack. Jack is taken to the staff room and Charlie tells him the news. He is completely distraught and stays at an unconscious Nikki’s bedside as the team battle to save her. Jack gets a radio with a song dedication he had planned and proposes to her. She then arrests.

In S17 E1, three months after her stabbing, Nikki returns to work. She finds out from Josh about Jack’s spontaneous marriage proposal – and plays a trick on him, annoyed that she was the last to know. Her stabbing ordeal, however, is still haunting her when she, and Josh are called to the derelict estate where she was previously stabbed, and she refuses to go inside the flat until police back up arrives. 20 minutes later, with the police in tow, they enter the flat and find a man, Fergus, has been stabbed. With the major incident taking place, they are told to take him to St James hospital, but Nikki, anxious to save his life, goes ahead to Holby A&E. In Resus, the team battle to save him and Simon puts his foot in it, by telling Nikki they should have treated him straight away – unaware Nikki was at the place she was stabbed. Fergus dies, and Nikki blames herself – Harry takes it upon himself to give her words of comfort and remind how good she is at her job. In S17 E2 Nikki tells her boss Jeff that she needs a stab vest to feel protected at work. In S17 E4, Nikki receives a bravery award but refuses to be portrayed as a hero by the press and declares Lara the real hero. She doesn’t lose the opportunity to say that if their ambulance bosses supplied the paramedics with stab vests then she wouldn’t have been put in the situation. Jeff, although keen for Nikki to raise the profile of the ambulance service, hurriedly blames lack of resources and walks away. In S17 E5, Nikki is in the local paper, awarded for her bravery. Jack comes to visit her on his day off. In the ambulance, Nikki and Comfort get a shout to a fight on an estate. A worried Jack refuses to leave the ambulance and goes on the call with them. Jack interferes and makes the situation worse. After work, she dumps him. Next episode, Jack tries to win Nikki back. She is also asked to do a photo shoot for a magazine, which she attends in S17 E7. In S17 E8, Nikki is disappointed when her photos don’t appear in the paper, but a jealous Jack is secretly relieved. Next episode, the sexy photos have arrived and are put up in the staffroom. In S17 E10, Jack and Nikki go to a club, but Jack gets jealous when she spends the night talking with the photographer, Jay, who took her photos. He gets Jay chucked out and outside fights him, leaving him unconscious. In S17 E11, Nikki is pleased to have passed her technician exams. She later spots Jay outside A&E – and discovers what Jack did to him. In S17 E12, Nikki is nervous when she is partnered with another new tecnician Emma Jackson. They are called to a theatre, where scenery has fallen on to a man, Davey’s leg. He needs cannulating but the technicians are unqualified to carry out the procedure. Nikki rings both Fin and Simon for help and tries to get a medical team, but to no avail. With Davey’s health fading fast, Nikki takes it on herself to carry out the cannulation. Josh eventually arrives on bike, and is unimpressed that Nikki has carried out the procedure although it has saved his life. He covers for her to Charlie, but warns her not to do the same thing again. They are later called to a house, where a mother is dead and find her daughter hiding under the bed. In S17 E21, the police are after Jack, he feel the only option is to go on the run. When Nikki finds out she tries to stop him, he asks her to come with him but she refuses, leaving him to go alone. In S17 E25, Nikki has to attend a call-out with Jeff, who is his usual annoying self and tries to pull rank at every opportunity. He tactlessly threatens an already twitchy man who turns nasty and holds them both hostage. Things spiral out of control, and Jeff ends up dying of a heart attack. In S17 E27, Tony is in hospital needing a transplant, Nikki tries to persuade Jack to come back and help. In S17 E32, Tony and his father Eddie face transplant operations. Nikki, meanwhile, comforts an anxious Jack. Eddie later dies, leaving Jack money. In S17 E36, Bex overhears Jack tell Tony he wants to propose to Nikki. It’s all round the department, Jack knowing he can’t back out now proposed infront of the team – she accepts. In S17 E37, everyone warns Nikki on sacrificing her job for love, and she settles on a compromise as she and Jack plan to take a long honeymoon. In S17 E38, Nikki and Jack witness a punch up in the travel agents. She later goes shopping with Anna for her wedding dress. In S17 E39, Vinnay, finds Nikki’s house and threatens Jack – he wants back the money that Eddie owes him and says something will happen to Nikki if he doesn’t pay up. Jack thinks he’ll have time to get married and flee, before Vinnay finds out – but he does. In S17 E40, Nikki and Jack prepare for their big day,but a plot is being hatched by the notorious Vinnay, which clouds the joyous occasion. Dillon picks Nikki up in a vintage ambulance. They stop en route to tend to an injured man on the roadside. It turns out to be one of Vinnay’s henchmen, who then attacks and shoots Dillon while Nikki is bundled into the boot of their car. Jack is devastated when he thinks Nikki has got cold feet, until he receives a picture message on his mobile phone of his handcuffed bride and is given instructions on how to pay back the money he owes Vinnay. Jack follows Vinnay to a tattered boat where Nikki is being held hostage. His attempts to rescue her are scuppered and he is forced to surrender. Under duress, Tony reveals all to the police, who then set off in hot pursuit. Vinnay panics and shoots Jack in the knee and locks the couple in the cabin before torching the boat and releasing it from the quay.Vinnay and his sidekick are captured as Nikki tries to break out of the cabin with Jack who, with his wounded leg, cannot possibly swim free. He pushes Nikki overboard telling her he loves her insisting she swim towards Tony. They can only watch on in horror as the boat explodes with Jack still aboard.

Memorable Moments

  • S16 E1 – Nikki”s debut episode, and is thrown in a the deep end, when the ambulance crashes on a bridge.
  • S16 E17 – Jack and Nikki go on a date after flirting all shift.
  • S16 E40 – Nikki is left fighting for her life after being stabbed.
  • S17 E40 – Nikki and Jack’s wedding day ends in tragedy.

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