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Cas Character

Nina Farr

Played by Rebekah Gibbs


S18 E41 ‘And the Bride Wore Red’ – S20 E47 ‘Get What You Deserve’

Job Title


First Words

Right this is the church look… nearly there


Nina’s parents divorced when she was very young. Her mum met a Ukranian and when Nina was 13 they moved out there. She spent four years living with her mum, step-Dad and step-sister Ellen. At the age of 17, Nina decided to return to England to join the army where she worked as a Mechanical Engineer. She is loud, ambitious and fiercely independant. Nina has a feisty attitude but despite her bullish nature, Nina is energetic and her prescence is always felt.

Others often see Nina as too cocky and self-assured, it is hard to offend her and for this reason she forgets that other people are not as thick-skinned as her. She has a solid sense of what is right and wrong and argues her point to the bitter end – taking criticism is not her strong point. Nina has a flare for anything mechanical and loves to tinker and fix things. Nina always wants to win at everything she attempts.

Nina’s first shift is in S18 E41 and already manages to rub her colleagues up the wrong way. Things start off badly when she ignores her partner Comfort’s instructions and drives dangerously. The friction between the two grows when Nina eyes up Fin. Later they are called to Josh’s house after his ceiling collapses when he leaves the bath running. At the scene, Nina is rude to Josh before she realises he is her boss. In S18 E42, Nina and Fin attend to a man trapped in a sewer. Against Fin’s instructions Nina decides to go in alone to rescue him. Back at Holby, Fin reprimands her for breaking the rules. Comfort tells Fin that if he does not report her to Josh, she will. In S18 E43, Comfort tells Josh about Nina’s rule-breaking last episode. Josh reprimands Nina, telling her she must work as part of the team. An angry Nina tells Comfort that the only reason she has a problem with her is because she replaced her friend Nikki. In S18 E45, Nina chats up Abs at the party. They hit it off but she has to leave him to go with the ‘hens’ to another club.

In S19 E1, the team are involved in a case involving two missing children. Nina and Luke are called to an underground train where the boy, Adam, is struck. Although Luke tells her to wait for the fire brigade, Nina goes in to save him. In S19 E2, Adam is pulled to safety from the drain by Nina but, as she gets out, she falls back in and is injured. Back at the hospital, Harry examines her and says she may be a quadriplegic as a result of her injuries, however she later does recover. In S19 E3, Nina is traumatised by the previous week’s events and arranges to stay at Abs’s place for the night to take her mind off things. They are about to kiss when her step-sister Ellen, from the Ukraine, makes a surprise appearance and says she is to start work in Holby. In S19 E4, it’s Ellen’s first day at work and she settles in well, but it’s obvious that her relationship with her step-sister, Nina, is strained. In S19 E5, Nina is still frustrated with Ellen, especially as everyone else seems to like her. She arranges to have a quiet night in with Abs and they are about to kiss when Ellen turns up at the door. Nina is furious and tells them both to leave. In S19 E6, Abs tries to talk to Nina about last week, but she is still annoyed and thinks that Ellen is manipulating him. In S19 E7, Abs hints to Nina that Ellen’s father abuses her. Nina is enraged and calls Ellen a liar. However, she wants to sort things out with Abs and invites him to go bowling with her that night but Jim, Selena and Ellen end up coming along, too. A tearful Ellen tries to leave, saying she is not in the mood to have fun. Abs tries to talk to her but Ellen kisses him, just as Nina walks in. In S19 E8, Abs speaks to Nina, telling her how much he likes her and that she misunderstood the situation with Ellen. Nina replies that if they are to stand a chance together he must tell Ellen to move out. In S19 E11, Abs tells Nina that Ellen has asked him to marry her so she can stay in the country. She confronts Ellen and calls her selfish, but Ellen tells Nina to mind her own business. Ellen later blackmails Abs into marrying her. In S19 E13, Abs tells Nina about the marriage, she is shocked that he believed Ellen’s lies about the abuse. Nina confronts Ellen and says she has always wanted to have everything of hers. Later, Ellen announces to the department that she is marrying Abs. In S19 E14, Luke and Nina are called to attend a man who is trapped in a sauna, it transpires that he is Woody – the new paramedic due to start on that day. In S19 E16, Ellen and Abs get married. In the honeymoon suite, Ellen makes a move on Abs but he rejects her. She says they cannot see other people as their relationship must look genuine. Abs walks out and sees Nina downstairs. They talk and he tries to kiss her but she pushes him off, saying she refuses to be his mistress. In S19 E18, Abs tries to talk to Nina but she will only talk about work. Afterwards, as they treat a patient together, the frosty atmosphere begins to thaw. In S19 E20, Nina tells Abs that Ellen has had a secret meeting with her father. He rushes to find her and discovers her lies about her father’s abuse. In S19 E21, Nina turns up at Abs’s house and tells him she knew nothing about Ellen’s fraud, but he does not want to talk. At work Abs still will not speak with Nina. Nina confronts Ellen who tells her that she had to lie to Abs or she would have gone to prison. Nina warns Ellen to stay away from them. In S19 E23, Abs tells Ellen he is going to inform the immigration services about her – even if it means he must go to prison. Nina finds out and begs him not to – she says she loves him and does not want him to go to jail. Abs is shocked, he says he loves her too but he must do the right thing and report Ellen. In S19 E25, Ellen attempts to make up with Nina, but Nina retorts ‘You’re as good as dead to me!’, Ellen looks to Abs for reassurance, but he turns away. Ellen is also visited by the police who tell her that she could be charged with murder over the patient she neglected. Ellen decides she has had enough and vanishes into the night. In S19 E27, a jet ski crashes into scaffolding at Holby Docks. Amongst the injured are an elderly man, Arthur, who has his legs trapped under the boat. His wife, Sheila, is inside and, endangering his own life, he demands a paramedic go inside the boat to check she is safe. Nina finds her having an MI. Josh has no alternative but to order technician Nina to administers drugs to Sheila. It is the first time she has done this and Josh talks her through it from outside the building they are trapped in. Nina is nervous about doing it but does and saves the womans life. However, when they eventually release Arthur from the boat, his condition deteriorates and he dies. In S19 E28, Abs and Nina are both interviewed by immigration officers. Abs lies, saying that Ellen was the love of his life and that is why they rushed into marriage. He relays this to Nina, but says it is her he loves. In S19 E29, Claire tells Nina that their landlord is selling the house so they now must find somewhere else to live. Abs warns Nina that they need to be discreet. Luke almost catches them kissing in Abs’s office. Later, Nina tells Luke that Abs only married Ellen to help her out of a fix. That night, Abs has prepared a romantic meal for Nina but a surprise visitor arrives. The man claims that Ellen owes £15,000 – so now Abs will have to pay him back. He demands the first instalment of £5,000 next week. In S19 E31, Abs is feeling the pressure from the loan shark, Ian. He’s so desperate that he almost steals a dead patient’s money. He shares his dilemma with Nina who makes her feelings very clear: if he stoops that low, he’s on his own. Abs ends up handing in the money and taking Nina up on her more law abiding suggestion to save some cash; moving into the communal house with her and Claire. In S19 E32, Harry announces to Nina and Claire that he is their new landlord. Nina is not impressed. Abs and Nina return home to find they’ve been robbed by the loanshark. He calls, saying he’s taken what he wanted – for now. In S19 E34, Ian tells Abs to get him the money by 3pm – or else. Later, he demands cash from another man but his friends ambush him and beat Ian up badly. He is admitted to the hospital but refuses his medical examination. Abs checks on him and sees that his monitor is bleeping and he is asking for help. Abs puts the monitor on mute and stands there for a few seconds before deciding to help him after all. However, Ian’s condition worsens and he dies from an internal bleed. Abs rushes home to tell Nina the good news – they are free from Ellen’s debt. In S19 E35, Harry tells Abs he has a new tenant and that he must move out today. Later that evening, Abs and Nina meet the new tenant – Guppy. In S19 E36, Nina and Abs arrange to meet for lunch and sneak back to the flat for an hour of passion. Guppy tells Harry that the shower in the flat is broken, and Woody and Harry go round to fix it. Whilst downstairs, Nina and Abs are unaware that Harry and Woody are upstairs. Harry hears a noise and suspects there may be a burglar. However, when they creep downstairs to investigate, they find a naked Nina and Abs on the couch. In S19 E37, Abs tells Nina that he hates keeping their relationship secret. She warns him that if immigration found out about them he could go to jail, however next episode they learn immigration have dropped the case and they no longer have to hid their relationship. In S19 E43, Nina is horrified when Ellen returns to work as an agency nurse.

In S20 E3, Nina is on a shout to the army base she once and talks a suicidal woman out of killing herself, by persuading her that there is life outside of the army. In S20 E4, after Bruno and Kelsey are doing a ‘sex survey’ in the department, Abs is shocked to learn Nina is far more experienced than him. In S20 E5, Sarah – a face from Nina’s past – comes to see her and it’s clear their previous relationship was as more than just friends. Sarah reveals she wants her back which leaves Nina in a dilemma. Nina breaks the news to Abs in S20 E6, and he doesn’t know how to handle the news. Following an incident at Sam’s party in S20 E7, Nina tells Sarah that she still loves Abs – the couple make up and realise they don’t want to lose eachother. In S20 E13, Abs confesses to Nina that he witnessed Guppy’s attack, unknowing it was him, but chose to walk on by because his mind was on Nina’s friendship with Kelsey. She is appalled. By Christmas, in S20 E16, Nina and Abs are sheepishly hoping they can put their differences aside but when Bruno makes a move on her and she rejects him, Bruno spreads a rumour they have slept together, which soon gets back to Abs. Abs confronts Nina who is so upset that he believed the rumours, that she dumps him. In S20 E18, Nina sees Abs compassionate side as he deals with a patient. As he tries to win her back, she says the need to have more fun in their relationship. To surprise her outside the ED department, he does the ‘Full Monty’ with a number of strippers. In S20 E20, when Ellen gives a reluctant Nina a lift to work and they come across an accident, their own relationship thaws. In S20 E24, although at first in doubt, Nina offers Ellen her support when she finds out she’s pregnant with Harry’s child. With Harry still in disbelief next episode, it is up to Nina to confirm to him the news. In S20 E30, Nina wakes up feeling frustrated with life. During a shout at a race track, Nina uses her army background training to good use when she rescues a runner from a sinking bog. Events lead Nina to ask Josh if she can train to become a paramedic. However when she later does a procedure she is not trained for, Josh tells her she must follow the rules if she is to succeed. In S20 E31, Nina learns from Ellen about her molar pregnancy and goes with her to her Oncology appointment where Ellen learns she has a form of cancer. In S20 E32, as the rest of the staff are unaware of Ellen’s cancer and come to their own assumptions, she breaks down infront of Nina as she fears for her future. Nina assures her she will be with her every step of the way. In S20 E34, Ellen tells Nina she will need a stronger form of chemo. She asks Nina to help her cut her hair short, before it falls out in clumps. The pair share an emotional moment as Nina does this for her step-sister. In S20 E35, Nina visits Ellen in an upstairs ward where she is putting on a brave face. In S20 E36, when Abs happens to come across Ellen on a ward, he is shocked to learn she has cancer and that Nina also knew but didn’t tell him. Nina is defensive but Abs shows his support. In S20 E41, Ellen surprises Nina and Abs by buying them a camper van to thank them for everything and suggests that they move back in together. In S20 E43, Abs looks jealous when new paramedic Greg playfully kisses Nina to prove he’s not gay. In S20 E44, during a shout, Nina steps in to punch a man, who is threatening Comfort. In S20 E45, Abs wants to spend some time with Nina but she is fed up with staying in and organises a party without telling him. He arrives home to find the party in full swing and, when the couple end up arguing, Nina tries to turn her attention to Greg, who rebuffs her. In S20 E46, Nina tells Abs that their relationship is over and he gets the wrong impression when he sees Greg comforting her. During her shift, she again breaks the rules when she helps a seriously ill man leave to return to his boat. When Josh confronts her later, thinking she is in trouble for this, she infact learns she is being suspended following her earlier assault on a patient. In S20 E47, during a meeting with Josh following her suspension, Nina says she will resign. However when she overhears on the radio about a barn fire, she defies her suspension and heads to the scene. Her frustration results in her entering the barn to help rescue a boy and as they lay trapped, she is forced to carry out a procedure, under Josh’ instruction, to help save his life. It’s a success and Nina is hailed a hero but she sticks with her decision to quit. At the party, whic his celebrating Ellen’s remission, the staff all have fun – except Abs who is clearly feeling the strain from his split with Nina. Nina meanwhile, enjoys singing at the karaoke.

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