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Olga Fedori Interview

Olga Fedori talks to about her role as popular Frieda on HOLBY CITY.

Olga Fedori joined the cast of HOLBY CITY in February 2010 as nurse turned doctor Frieda Petrenko. She has already gained an army of fans for her portrayal of popular Frieda and this year won the coveted title of Best Female of last series at the Awards as well as rating highly in other categories. are very pleased to be talking to Olga about her Holby role…

You’ve been on Holby for over a year now, how are you enjoying your time on the show?

It’s been over a year and a half now, and it’s constantly in flux: I find myself always feeling the need to research more and give Frieda a whole lot more reality. In terms of just the process: there are episodes where its a pure unadulterated pleasure and fun, and there are those where you end up having so little to do but still having to be on set, and that I enjoy very little 😉 Sometimes the schedule gets very gruelling but I have had a great break recently so can’t complain!

Frieda is a popular character with fans, why do you think she has such a strong fanbase?

I have a feeling that we all long for more honesty in our lives since it’s so liberating and empowering, and Frieda is nothing if not honest to the point of being unable to do small talk or colour her sentiments to make people more comfortable. Same goes for self-expression. Frieda reminds people that normality is a bit of a joke and really does not exist. I would like to see more of her civil clothing shown as well as her life outside of the hospital.

Can you relate to Frieda? How similar/ different to Frieda are you personality wise?

I don’t do small talk either:)

How does your fashion style compare with Frieda’s? Do you like wearing her outfits?

It gave me a whole new world to dive into, and am so grateful for that. I think my own style is always changing so I think Frieda and I are evolving harmoniously together, taking/breaking/making/and then chucking the labels and outfits.

Make up department and costume are loving a chance to go a bit further out, I think, but it’s quite interesting to watch other people’s stereotypes and comfort zones pushed by Frieda’s civies especially and just the idea of what’s considered acceptable, or “beautiful ” is quite set for a lot of us. So it’s not always easy:)

What have been some of your favourite storylines/ scenes to be involved in so far?

So many… really love working with Bob Barrett no matter what the storyline is! Enjoyed doing the episode where Frieda takes off her make up, although
I personally do not agree with the idea that she was hiding behind it, as I see it more of an aesthetic choice, but the whole episode was a true delight to make.

One of the oldest favourites is the sunflower in the rear ep, with such great lines! Also was a truly special ep where Frieda and Olly have a heart to heart in a storage room. Loved letting her be even more herself than the usual hospital setting  allows for. Many more to be honest!

Frieda also comes out with some great one-liners, can you remember any memorable ones that you’ve done?

Hmmm, “Just be thankful we don’t have a vegetable garden!”  “Yes…No.”,  “Life is a bitch and then we die”, etc

Fans loved the friendship between her and Penny. What do you think about their bond and did you enjoy working with Emma Catherwood?

I have definitely found those storylines very very interesting and allowing for much play within. As for working with Emma, I have to say that above all she always kept me on my toes, and never fails to surprise, so it keeps the process very spontaneous and far from repetitive, which is most important to me. She is a very gifted actress.

Do you enjoy working with the rest of the cast? Who are your closest friends on Set?

Oh yeah!!! The closest on set would be dearest Bob Barret, Sarah Jane Potts, and used to be Emma. James is a very dear friend too. Actually, Adam
Astill, Jimmy Akingbola, Hari Dhillon, Paul Bradely and Guy Henry have recently become very good friends. Well, I guess most of the cast:) Its very true, though. Makes me smile when I think of them.

The only hint of romance we’ve had from Frieda, is when we saw her lovestruck over Oliver. Any plans for this to go further or who else would you like to see her paired with?

Yes, that always puzzled me. But I guess I quite love the kind of attraction that happens between people not because of something but inspite of, preferably, everything, and in that way Ollie and Frieda were very interesting. It would be great to see her be in love with someone who would help her drop the rest of her fears and express herself even more, hmm, who would that be?  He might just look a bit like Gerard Way:) or a very Gothed up through and through Ryan Gosling.

At the beginning of the year you were nominated for a National TV Award, how did it feel to be nominated? Did you enjoy the night?

Was a great night, really enjoyed taking my mama there, and Jimmy is such a great friend and support. One thing that was missing is having the rest of the cast there!!!

What have been some of the highlights of your acting career?

Hmm…for me process is the most important thing so I often remember the magic of the making more then the final product. So with that in mind, I absolutely loved every single play I did in college, especially the ones with Jay Scheib, at American Repertory theatre, and Painshow  directed by Andrew Boch that we took to Edinburgh Fringe in 2004.

Loved making a little movie called Elephant Shoes directed by Galen Peria, filming Christmas ep for Holby this year – you will see why:).

Really loved shooting Skins in Lithuania as well! and so much more!! I am very lucky. Thanks for asking this one, allows me to go back and do the thanking on Thanksgiving.

Who or what inspired you to become an actress?

Many people along the way have been truly wonderful and supportive. I don’t usually think of myself as an actress: its a bit of small term somehow… performer seems to work and point at the truth a touch more. But among the main influences are; Peter Flaherty, Jay Scheib, my dad, Johnny Depp, Andrew Boch, and so many others… as for the experience: the first buzz of being on stage whenever that was:)

Away from the busy filming schedule, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

It really varies by the season. Now: festivals and as much live music and outdoors of any sort with wild swimming, please!!! Travel, I do a lot of Yoga as much as I can and assist in my teachers classes when I have time, read, wonder around unknown places and meet strangers, who become new friends. Hey, Burty! you are my latest new friend! He is a wonderful craftsman who makes furniture and works in South London together with Sophie who is a magician stain glass creator extraordinaire. (Summer 2011) Burning Man I am sure will become a yearly event for me now that I have experienced the first one. Yesterday had an Unlit in my house, organised by this extraordinary musician Jont, who puts on these magic events in people’s houses. Magical!!! Again many new friends got made, much fun created, and important things remembered.

What was the last…


a) music you bought :  Nickel Creek, Jont,  and Native American sounds

b) film you watched : Breaking Dawn dubbed in Ukrainian!

c) book you read : I read a few at the same time: Power of NOW (again), The Earth, Pleaidian Keys to Living Library, Pronoia, F*ck it!



  1. Alan Bell.

    November 29, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Fantastic interview and great to read about Olga. What a really fascinating young lady!

  2. Yasmin

    December 1, 2011 at 9:47 am

    Finally an interview with Olga. LOve her to bits and have really missed her on Holby. She seems to be there sometimes, but only in the shot. Stories recently have not revolved around her character Frieda….I want more Frieda please, preferably in love! 🙂

  3. rob

    January 11, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Very Interesting interview.
    I do like the Frieda charecter, wouldn’t mind having her as a friend or a potential other half. Olga does it really well. It inspired me to join the goth scene. It would be nice if other soaps and dramas brought in more goth charecters.

  4. John in Northants

    February 27, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    I adore Olga 🙂 I wish she was on Holby more as I suffer from A-cute Olga syndrome 😉 Those of you on Twitter will know who I am.

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