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Oliver Kent Interview

Series Producer Oliver Kent has kindly done an interview with He chats about his work on the show so far aswell as telling us what Series 23 has got in store…


Series Producer Oliver Kent has kindly done an interview with He chats about his work on the show so far aswell as telling us what Series 23 has got in store…

Were you pleased with the results of Series 22?

Yes, I was delighted. I’m really pleased it also made a big hit with the audience.

Which storylines were you most proud of last series?

Probably Ruth’s breakdown, as well as Maggie’s medical negligence storyline.

Were there any storylines last series that you were dissatisfied with or felt didn’t work with viewers?

No, not at all. I think they all worked well.

Which characters did you feel made the biggest impact last series?

We brought in a number of new characters and I was really pleased how well they all meshed in with the existing cast.

What changes can we expect to see for Series 23? Will there be new title credits?

There will be a change to the title credits, in that all the cast will have their faces shown. In terms of changes for the new series, we have some new characters and some great storylines – watch this space.

What can you tell us about the opening double episodes?

It’s a really exciting double episode, set in the hospital, but also on a fictional housing Estate. Tess (played by Suzanne Packer) ends up in mortal danger and it is a race against time to save her. There is plenty of other action as well, as Jeff and Adam have to work together to get an elderly lady out of a burning flat. Plus Dixie is responsible for a shocking incident in ep 1, which provides the catalyst for more disturbance on the Estate. This all happens whilst a TV crew are making a documentary about the ED.

A number of characters will be facing tough challenges ahead. For example Jane Hazlegrove’s character, Dixie, will be involved in a big storyline. What can you tell us about this?

Dixie has a challenging time ahead of her. I don’t want to give away the storyline, but the repercussions of an incident in ep 1 are long lasting and Dixie ends up in grave danger..

How will Jessica and Adam’s relationship fare in the new series?

Wait and see!

The characters of Ruth and Toby were created by you. Their progression has been interesting to watch last series, how would you describe their relationship and how their characters have developed so far?

I feel that they are more grown up than when they joined us. They may not always see eye to eye, but they have an understanding and will always be there to support each other.

Holby City’s Nick Jordan will be joining the show from Episode 3 which is a very exciting development considering what a strong character he is. How do the rest of the team react to his arrival?

Jordan is known for creating waves, and that reputation precedes him. The ED gang are astonished he is joining them, they certainly didn’t see it coming. Some of them know him of old, whereas some of the others have just heard of his reputation – either way, his arrival certainly puts the cat among the pigeons.

Last series saw the introduction of 12 new characters, the new series sees Michael French and a new nurse to replace James Redmond’s character. Has it been a conscious decision not to introduce as many newcomers so far for the new series?

Series 22 was about introducing some new characters, whereas series 23 will be more about their development.

During the show’s 20+ years, we’ve seen a number of transitions, i.e. from the early years being more of a political show and then a shift of increasing main character to guest storylines. How would you describe the show as it stands now?

It’s a show that still has something to say, and it says it in a realistic way. CASUALTY gives a view of contemporary Britain – that may be through an NHS, or medical, storyline, or through a more personal/ character-related storyline.

Do viewers/ fans opinions to the show have much impact on your development of CASUALTY?

Yes, definitely. The show belongs to the audience and we take their views into consideration.


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