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Paul Bradley has already become a huge hit with viewers, having recently joined the show as Clinical Lead Elliot Hope in HOLBY CITY. Paul kindly talked to about joining one of Britan’s best-loved medical shows…

How did you get the role in HOLBY CITY? Where were you when you found out you had got the part?

I went up for a smaller role and the Executive Producer saw my audition tape and asked if I’d like to be a longer term character – I went to meet the producers and they asked me there and then. I was delighted and celebrated by going to New Zealand to watch rugby!

Were you nervous about joining the show?

Terrified! All the cast were really welcoming, friendly and supportive but what with the tricky medical terms and dozens of unfamiliar props and operating business, my first few weeks were some of the hardest I’d ever had to do.

How would you describe your character Elliot? Are there any noticeable similarities/ differences between him and yourself?

Elliot is like a medical Colombo – shambling, untidy but good with patients and a genius medically. I am not medical at all but would like to have Elliot (and my father’s) bedside manner.

Did you have to do any research for your role in HOLBY CITY?

I saw thee operations at the Heart hospital, Marylebone which were amazing – felt really privaliged to be there. My father died over 25 years ago but I remember him a loving, caring doctor whom I try to emulate onscreen.

Did you use to watch HOLBY CITY before you joined the show?

Sorry, no! Realised I should have now. I love watching it now (and not just my episodes!)

You played Nigel in Eastenders for six years, how does working on HOLBY CITY compare/ differ to working on Eastenders?

I find it very much harder – as it is done on a single camera, it takes much longer. There are more things to go wrong – props etc and harder things to do eg. stitching, operating!

Who or what inspired you to become an actor?

I just always wanted to do it.

Do you think you could be a medic in real-life?

No. I had to stop myself from assisting ambulancemen attending a woman who had fainted near work!

Have you had any real-life accidents yourself?

No accidents so far!!

Are you at all squeamish?

I had a friend whose brother almost died because she fainted at the sight of him bleeding, so I made up my mind at that point not to be squeamish. Watching heart operations was difficult though fascinating.

Are you still with your band ‘The hKippers’?

Yes, visit the site on

Away from the busy filming schedules, how do you like to relax?

Playing guitar, watching rugby, I like to watch and play tennis, sketching, writing, spider solitaire.

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