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Cas Series

S13 E28

S13 E28 (13 Mar 99) : Love Over Gold (Part 2) by Andrew Rattenbury

Episode Summary

Sarah Heaton’s heart starts again. She is taken to a cubicle to wait for a bed.

By pointing the gun at Gil, Conor stops him shooting Paul Heaton. Gil walks away from the gun. George is worried about Conor’s hand; she tells him he’ll lose it if he doesn’t get to hospital soon. Gil is waiting for Tilly to come.

Evan Taylor goes out poaching, leaving Dominic behind despite his pleas to come. He and his fellow poachers drive into the river and pour cyanide into it, then go down collecting the dead fish. They are watched by Mike Bowden and the other gamekeepers.

Charlie and Sam talk about Tilly’s crash into a shop in front of the guy in charge of the police. He goes to find Tilly and violently asks her about the robbery, showing her pictures from the bank tape. Sam makes him leave, saying he’ll have to wait until she’s fit to speak to him. Tilly denies everything but then looks at the pictures.

Sam points to Conor and says they’re particularly worried about him. Tilly lets his name out. She tells Sam where the arranged meeting place was and Sam tells the police.

The police set off towards the woods. On the way they find Eric, who’s badly injured. He is taken to A&E. Whilst treating him, Eve and Duffy debate whether people like him could change.

Bob Taylor arrives home and realises where Evan has gone. Telling Dominic to stay where he is, he goes out looking for Evan. Dominic goes out too, trying to warn Evan.

Gil and Kay, the bank assistant who’s Gil’s girlfriend, take Josh to go and bury the money, leaving Conor with the other hostages. They make Josh dig. Gil persuades Kay it’ll be all right; she’s worried that Josh knows where the money is. Gil asks Josh if he’s got any family.

Evan is crossing the river by a small waterfall. Mike Bowden has spotted him and is radioing to the others to get him. Dominic is nearby and hears the radios. He yells out to Evan that he’s been set up. The gamekeepers turn on their lights. Evan falls into the river. Dominic runs and ends up by Gil and the others. Gil is about to shoot Josh after seeing the lights; Kate is trying to stop him. Gil shoots but hits no one. When she hears the shot, George thinks Josh has been shot. Josh manages to run as Kay is holding Gil back. Dominic also runs. He slips and falls on an antler.

Kay walks away from Gil. She goes back to Conor and the others and tries to get Conor to move away but the police arrive. Penny is with them. She is worried about Josh. George is worried about Tom but Penny assures her that he’s safe; the childminder took him to A&E. George cries with relief.

Bob finds Evan and pulls him out. Evan says he’s swallowed some cyanide. Bob takes him straight to A&E. Mike Bowden spots Dominic. Dominic calls out that he hasn’t been poaching. Mike approaches him and sees his injury. Josh arrives and helps him carry him back to where the van, ambulances and police are. Penny hugs Josh. Dominic is taken to A&E. On the way they hit Gil as he tries to get away. The police find him.

Duffy and Charlie find Eve crying in the staff room. Duffy asks what’s wrong; she tells them Marius has gone back to Romania to continue with his work there. She says, “I really thought he was the one.” Charlie says he feels he should say something smart about men and causes. “Men and vocations, ” Duffy corrects. “People and vocations,” Charlie says. “It works both ways, believe me.” Eve says it’s not helping her. Charlie says it’s working wonders for him though. They all laugh.

Bob is with Evan; Evan apologises and Bob forgives him. In reception he sees Mike, who’s asking about Dominic. Mike tells him Dominic’s there and Bob blames him. He goes in to see Dominic. Mike follows and Bob yells at him. George tells him that if it wasn’t for him Dominic probably wouldn’t be alive now. Bob says it doesn’t change anything; things will carry on as usual next year.

Tina tells Chloe that she and Sean are moving in together, saying she’ll continue to pay her share of the rent until Chloe’s got herself a new flatmate. Sean tries to make his peace with Chloe but she walks off; Tina sees this. Chloe is acting weirdly; Tina asks what’s wrong and jokingly asks if she’s pregnant. She realises that this is true and starts to congratulate her, asking if Pat knows. Chloe says she and Pat have finished. She says it’s not Pat’s. Tina is asking whose it is when Sean walks in.

Chloe’s face makes Tina realise what’s going on. She walks away, calling Chloe a bitch. Chloe does not tell Sean.

George tells Max she’s decided to leave. She goes to the staff room and wakes Tom and gives him a hug. She walks out, only telling Amy that she won’t be back.

Gary Milton tells Charlie and Max that because of the rumours someone’s been leaking, the health authorities have had to come to a decision about the A&E departments in the area. He talks to the press with Charlie and Max about Dominic. Helen Bright is there and she asks Gary about the leak and about the future of Holby A&E. He assures her that Holby A&E will not be closing and that he’s already spoken with Max about extra funding and another senior doctor. Charlie is relieved; he lets Max know that it was him who leaked the story. Max and Charlie tell the rest of the team that there’s nothing to worry about.

Mr. Williams has been hanging round the department all day asking for his wife. No one can find her. Adam finds out that she is not anywhere in the hospital. He tells Sam when he meets him on the balcony above A&E. They laugh about it. Mr. Williams comes along and hears them. He grabs Adam; Sam tries to pull him off. Mr. Williams shoves Sam away and Sam falls right over the railings and to the floor below. He lies there, his head surrounded by blood.


Tilly, cuts in the face after driving through shop window

– Sarah Heaton, pacemaker beating too fast

– Eric, one of the robbers, in his mid-thirties, broken pelvis and other fractures

– Evan Taylor, swallowed river water and cyanide

– Dominic Taylor, a 15-year-old fall on an antler that pierces his chest

Last Scene/words

Mr Williams: I saw you, laughing at me, taking the mickey!

Sam: Mr Williams-

[Williams starts hitting Adam.]

Adam: Don’t do that!

[Williams continues hitting Adam and Sam tries to pull him away, but Sam accidentally gets pushed down the balcony and lands on the reception floor underneath. Everyone is screaming.]

Amy: Sam, Sam! Please, Sam!

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