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Cas Series

S15 E03

S15 E3 (23 Sep 00) : Accidents Happen by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

A young boy, Ricky Webb, is brought into A&E after putting a screwdriver into a plug socket. Ricky’s mother’s boyfriend, Kevin, had been looking after him at the time. Ricky’s mum, Sarah, arrives, and is cross with Kevin for letting the accident happen. She hits him and tells him she wants him to leave her but they later make up when Ricky says he wants ‘Daddy Kevin’.

Charlie tells Duffy that Baz is moving to Canada for good – she has got a job there. He says he will be looking after Louis for a few weeks until she gets settled over there. Charlie worries about not getting to see Louis often, and says he doesn’t want to be shut out. Duffy tries to reassure him but knows how hard it will be for Charlie.

Sam meets Carol in an art gallery. They have met through a dating agency. Carol is an architect, and reveals that Sam is the 4th man she has met through the agency. Sam says that this is his first time. Carol appears quite distracted and Sam eventually asks if there is a problem. Carol says there is – and accuses Sam of lying about his age to the dating agency. She says that she can see he is not between 35 and 40. He admits this but says it shouldn’t matter. Some school children rush through a door in the gallery and the door hits Sam in the face. He is taken to A&E – his nose will not stop bleeding. Sam reveals to Patrick and Adam that he has recently had a nose job. He gets talking to Carol and they realise that they have a lot in common. Carol reveals that she’s not really an architect – she’s a secretary. They kiss.

Jess Bennett is out for her 15th birthday with her parents. Her dad, Trevor, is drinking heavily and begins to argue with her mum, Louise. Louise leaves the resteraunt after the argument and gets a taxi home. Trevor gets into their car, but passes out from the drink. Jess doesn’t know what to do – so she eventually decides to try to drive home herself. She crashes the car and both father and daughter are taken into hospital. Another car is involved. Trevor tells the police that he was driving but Jess tells the truth – that it was her. She has to be routinely breathalysed. And the police find she is over the limit – she drinks in secret. Jess and her dad decide to give up drinking together.

Barney makes a comment to Trevor about his alcoholism – he says he should have showed more concern for his daughter before he got behind the wheel. Chloe asks him why he said it – and why he is so mean to Spencer. Barney says that he hates drunks – his father was an alcoholic and violent and his whole family suffered because of it. Chloe says she’s sorry.

A woman, Agatha, meets her brother, Edward. She is upset because her parents gave her up for adoption at an early age, but not her brother. The two are involved in the car crash with Jess and her Dad. At the hospital, Edward reveals that Agatha was only given up for adoption because their Dad was abusive towards their mum and him. He shows her cigarette burn scars on his arm caused by his father.Adam and Reuben are at the pub together. Reuben proposes to Adam – and he accepts.


* Ricky Webb – electrecuted

* Jess Bennett – car crash – minor cuts

* Trevor Bennett – car crash

* Agatha Johnston – car crash

* Sam Hutton – heavy nose bleed

First Scene/words

[A man, Kevin, comes into recus carrying a small boy, Ricky.]

Charlie: …poked a screwdriver in the wall socket

Patrick: How long was he in contact with it?

Kevin: A couple of seconds.

Last Scene/words

[Holly and the journalist, Nick, are talking in the resteraunt. Holly has mentioned that Adam is HIV.]

Nick: it’s not a secret is it? It can’t be a secret.

Holly: I can assure you that this person represents absolutely no threat to our patients.

Nick: Well maybe not, but I’m sure-

Holly: Look, can we just forget I ever mentioned it?

Nick: Sure. No problem.

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