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Cas Series

S15 E34

S15 E34 (14 Apr 01) : Mix and Match by Chris Webb

Episode Summary

Charlie arrives back at work after a holiday in Canada to see Louis. He tells Barney and Chloe that he’s sold the house and will be moving into a flat tomorrow. Max asks how the holiday went, and if Louis tried to persuade him to stay. Charlie says he did, but that Louis lives with Baz now, and his life’s in Holby. He says he can’t see himself fitting in with the transatlantic lifestyle. Max says that at least now he can draw a line under things, and that divorce isn’t all bad. Later Charlie gets a phone call from the owner of the flat, telling him he can’t have it. There’s nothing he can do, and as people are moving into his house tomorrow, he’s homeless. Max offers Charlie his spare room until he finds a place of his own. Charlie, thanking him, asks if Amanda will mind. Max says he’s dating her, not living with her.

Fin tells Josh about Penny meeting her father. He says they want to spend some time getting to know each other. It sounds like she has given up her job to do so, as they say things won’t be the same without her.

Lemmie Philips is brought into A&E by his father Royston. Royston says he got home to find Lemmie with his face injured. It turns out to be burns caused by leach. Royston thinks that racist bullies from Lemmie’s school did it, but Lemmie is reluctant to tell him what happened. Royston is angry and is upsetting Lemmie, so he is asked to leave. Outside, he tells Josh about the racism in their lives. He says that his wife, who was white, left him and now has another family with a white man. He says she doesn’t want to see Lemmie, and that he and Lemmie are doing fine. Meanwhile, Colette, realising that the burns on Lemmie’s face looked like the bleach was scrubbed on rather than thrown on, persuades him to tell her what happened. Lemmie says he did it to himself – he wanted to be white so his mum would love him. Colette passes this on to Royston, who goes to talk to Lemmie. He says sorry for telling him that his mum only loves white men. Royston tells Lemmie that his mum will always love him. He says Lemmie doesn’t get to see her because he messed up. When Lemmie is ready to leave, he tells him they’re going to see his mum – they’re not going to argue, but to sort things out, like he should have done months ago.

Chloe drags Barney to the ladies’ toilets for some privacy. He kisses her. Chloe wants to talk to him but they are interrupted by Anna. Barney goes into a cubicle, closing the door, and it appears that Anna hasn’t seen him until she shouts “See you, Barney!” to him on her way out. Chloe tells Anna that she doesn’t want to spoil things between her and Barney as they’re mates – she’d rather they just left it at that. Jack, seeing Chloe and Barney together, tells Barney he thinks he’s in. Barney says he’d rather stay as just mates with Chloe. Later when they get chance to talk, they are relieved to find that they each feel the same way, and will be just mates from now on.

Toni Morton is doing her first photo shoot as a model. Her best friend Ria and Ria’s boyfriend Matt turn up to see how she’s doing. After congratulating her, Ria and Matt leave to get ready for the end-of-shoot party, but Matt later returns. He talks to Toni about him and Ria: Toni says Ria really likes him, but Matt says he feels they’re moving too fast. At the party, Toni asks Ria is she thinks they’re moving too fast, and if he’s really ready to settle down. Ria says he wouldn’t have agreed to move in with her otherwise. Toni says she doesn’t want to see Ria get hurt; Ria says that won’t happen. Matt talks to Toni, complaining about Ria, who has had too much to drink. He says things haven’t been good since he moved into her place. Toni tells him he should tell Ria if he doesn’t think they have a future together. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her, but Toni says it’s better to tell her now. Matt thanks her for listening with a hug. Ria, seeing them together, screams at them jealously, accusing Toni of having her hands all over Matt. She pushes Toni, who falls against a large glass pane, which smashes; Toni falls onto the broken glass. An ambulance is called, and Ria goes with Toni, but neither of them wants Matt to come along. When Toni is in resusc, Matt bursts in, asking to see her. Ria and Matt start arguing; Toni, sitting up, yells at them to stop. They see her injured face and stare, horrified. Anna takes them to the relatives’ room. They carry on arguing, and Matt accuses Ria of being paranoid about her looks. Ria tells him to go, and not to come back – it’s over. Matt goes, saying he should have finished it weeks ago. Ria tells Anna she’s always envied Toni’s good looks; she is scared that Toni will hate her when she finds out what she has done to her face, and asks Anna to talk to her for her. Anna does so, saying she doesn’t have to be on her own – Ria will be there for her if she wants. Ria goes in to see Toni, saying sorry. Toni, realising she is scarred for life, is angry with Ria and says she can’t forgive her. Ria says she’ll be there for her if Toni will let her. She says she’ll do anything, and Toni asks her to show her what she looks like. Ria holds up a mirror. Toni is shocked, and pushes Ria away. Later, she sees Ria as she is on her way to the lift. She calls out her name. Ria says, “I’ll be here, Toni.”

Max and Charlie congratulate Chloe and Barney on the way they looked after Louisa in the fire. Charlie offers to find out how they’re doing, but later has to break the news to them that she is dying. Janine Brown comes down and asks to see them; she tells them Louisa has died. She says she had better go to see to the funeral arrangements; Chloe asks her to let her know when it is. She goes, and Chloe calls her a cow. Later, Chloe gets a phone call telling her that Louisa has left her her house. Chloe starts celebrating.

Sarah Jordan is trying to persuade her husband Harry to go to Cuba for a holiday. Sarah wants to enter a dance competition there with her partner Romero, but Harry is unwilling: he says it won’t be much of a holiday with Romero around, and that he’s too busy at work. Sarah leaves him to his work and goes dancing with Romero. Romero tries to persuade her to come with him, without Harry if necessary. As they are talking, Sarah’s phone rings: it’s Harry’s office, saying he has collapsed with what appears to be a heart attack. She goes to Holby A&E to see him, and is sorry for being impatient with him about the holiday. They are told that Harry has angina and should take some time off work. Harry suggests that maybe he’ll be OK for the holiday to Cuba now, but Sarah says that somewhere quieter would be better, for just the two of them.

Charlie, seeing Dan, says it’s the first time he’s seen him since the business with Holly and [ID 387]Tom[/ID], and says well done. Dan thanks him. He bumps into Holly, whom he hasn’t seen since that night, and suggests she’s been avoiding him. Holly says she was going to come and see him. They go to his office to talk. Holly says she can’t stop thinking about what Tom might have done. Dan says the important thing is that it’s over, and she’s OK. Holly says it’s shaken her belief in people. Dan tells her to give it time, and she’ll get all her confidence back. Meanwhile Patrick has been asking Holly how she is, mentioning the business with Tom Harvey, but Holly says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Patrick says he’s concerned about her, and wants to help, but Holly says she doesn’t want or need his help. As she is leaving, Patrick asks if she wants to go for a drink. He says it’s time they talked – not about Tom Harvey. He says he’s sorry about the way he handled it – he was angry about it, because it was her. He repeats, “It was because of you. Do you not understand what I’m trying to say to you?” Holly merely accepts his apology, says goodbye and walks away. As Patrick watches her, he begs her under his breath to turn round, but as she doesn’t look like doing so, he turns away. As he is walking away, Holly turns around.

Josh and Colette plan their evening together, and kiss briefly in the corridor. Charlie, seeing them together, asks Josh if it’s serious. Josh says he hasn’t felt this alive since Helen and the kids died, but he wonders what they’d think about it. Charlie tells him that they loved him and would want him to be happy. He says Josh doesn’t have to keep grieving for the rest of his life. Josh thanks him; he says that’s what he’s been telling himself, but he just needed to hear it from someone else. Colette’s mum has been phoning all day, and Colette keeps forgetting to call her back. Eventually she turns up at the department. Colette asks Charlie if they can use his office. When she gets there she asks what’s wrong. Mrs. Kierney tells her that she had a phone call: it was Colette’s daughter. Colette says she hasn’t got a daughter; she made sure of that sixteen years ago. Mrs. Kierney says she wanted Colette: she wants to meet her mother.

Additional Cast

Royston Phillips – Roger Griffiths

Lemmie Philips – Dominick Baron

Toni Morton – Carla Henry

Ria Francis – Holly Hutchings

Matt Thompson – Ben Maguire

Harry Jordan – Paul Broughton

Sarah Jordan – Liz Stooke

Romero Blythe – Andy Lucas

Janine Brown – Caroline Paterson

Mrs. Kierney – Glenna Forster-Jones

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