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Cas Series

S19 E27

S19 E27 (13 Mar 05) : Family Day by Danny McCahon

Episode Summary

Holby’s paramedics come under the spotlight, as the episode focuses on Josh and his team as they go about their day’s work.

Josh and Comfort’s first shout is to a pregnant woman, Letitia who has gone into labour. When Josh discovers that they could have driven to the hospital, he angrily accuses the husband, Marcus, of time wasting.

A jet ski driven by man, Darren and also carrying his young son, Andy, crash into scaffolding at Holby docks. Darren is treated at the scene, as well as his mother Peggy who suffers a broken hip, however his son is missing and is first feared drowned. Woody finds the boy hiding, as he fears he is to blame for the accident but when he sees the police heading his way, jumps into the water. Earlier having been revealed that Woody can’t swim, Woody decides to jump in and try and save him. He eventually saves the boy but has to be rescued himself as he nearly drowns.

Also injured is an elderly man, Arthur, who has his legs trapped under the boat. His wife, Sheila, is inside and, endangering his own life, he demands a paramedic go inside the boat to check she is safe. Nina finds her having an MI. Josh has no alternative but to order technician Nina to administers drugs to Sheila. It is the first time she has done this and Josh talks her through it from outside the building they are trapped in. Nina is nervous about doing it but does and saves the womans life. However, when they eventually release Arthur from the boat, his condition deteriorates and he dies.

Maggie and Charlie treat a soldier, Kenny, who has fallen 30ft from a tunnel. Suicide is at first suspected until a revelation from his young daughter make them realise he had climbed a tree to collect feathers and had fallen accidentally.

Elsewhere, Luke consoles Bex, who is still off work and afraid that people won’t believe that she was raped. Claire is still fuming regarding Bex’s allegations.

Meanwhile, Tess’s husband, [ID 273]Mike[/ID], is still in a critical condition and Harry advises her that she should allow them to turn off his life support machine. As she keeps vigil by his bedside, she prays for a miracle. Later, it appears that her prayers have been answered; Harry says that Mike has not deteriorated at all, and that he has never seen anything like it in his life.


* Darren – jetski driver, injured.

* Andy – son of Darren, jups into water.

* Peggy – mother of Darren, broken hip.

* Arthur – trapped under boat. Dies.

* Sheila – suffers MI.

* Kenny – falls 30ft from a tree.

* Letitia – pregnant woman in labour.

First Scene/ words

Woody is driving around outisde the ED department on the new paramedic bike. His mother comes over, looking concerned;

Caroline : Very powerful, isn’t it?

Woody : Relax, do you think they would let me take it out if I couldn’t handle it?

Caroline : Just be careful!

Last Scene/ words

Harry checks on Tess, who is on a ward with Mike;

Tess : Does that mean he’s not dying?

Harry : I’ve never seen this before.

Tess : I’ve been praying for a miracle.

Harry : I think you may have got one!

UK Viewing FiguresNotable Facts

* Julia Hills plays Caroline.

* Woody reveals to boy, Andy, that his father died when he was young.

* Woody calls his new paramedic bike ‘Beyonce’ and says that it will attract lots of women.

Screencaps : S19 E27

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