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Cas Series

S19 E38

S19 E38 (4 Jun 05) : Truth and Consequences by Robert Scott-Fraser

Episode Summary

With the court case over, Bex is back at work, she worries to Charlie that people will think she is a liar after Pete was found not guilty. Elsewhere, Luke tells Claire that he cannot believe she let a rapist go free. She tries to talk to him but he is not interested in her explanations. Luke goes and talks to Bex. He says he is sorry about what she went through in court and says he knows she was telling the truth. Luke reveals that Pete confessed to Claire that he raped Bex but that she did not say anything in court. Bex is horrified that Luke withheld this information and said nothing. She storms off to find Claire and screams at her in front of everyone. Bex slaps Claire revealing publicly that Claire knew her brother was a rapist. A tearful Claire tries to explain herself but Bex tells her that Pete will go on to rape again.

Maggie’s mum and Dad, Irene and Stan, come in. Her mum tells Maggie that her Stan has Alzheimer’s.

Abs tells Nina that immigration want to see him today. He asks Tess for the time off and Nina worries about what they want. He returns to work and tells Nina that immigration have dropped the case – they no longer have to hide their relationship.

Guppy goes out on a shout with Woody as part of his training. They go to treat an injured stake boarder, Ed, who tells Guppy he does not want to be treated by him and makes racist remarks. Guppy wants to stay and tend to him but Woody tells him they should go as their safety is at risk.

An Asian man, Ajesh, is pushed out of a window. In hospital it is revealed that Ed was the culprit. Ed dislikes the fact that his mother is going out with Ajesh’s father. His mother disowns him after what he’s done and shops him to the police.

A man, Daniel, is shot by a gangster for being the prime witness in a drug case. DCI Jackson tries to offer him and his young family protection, whilst hoping he will still testify. His wife is upset that he is willing to put his family in jeopardy for the sake of doing the right thing. Later the gangster takes his wife aside and threatens her. Luke realises something is wrong and confronts him. He realises he has a gun, and they tussle, whilst gun shots fire out in the hospital. The gangster is arrested and thankfully no-one else is hurt.


* Daniel – two gun shot wounds.

* Ajesh – broken leg after being pushed from window.

* Edward Bevan – minor cuts.

* Stan – Alzheimers

First Scene/words

Daniel: Alison, there’s a shop in there?

Woman: Yeah, seventy-two. Hiya.

[A miserable looking man walks past him, while he notices that he is being followed by a car. He starts running, but the car follows.]

Last Scene/words

Harry: What the hell do you think you were doing?

Luke: Well, he was gonna hurt Wendy.

Harry: Luke, you could have been killed.

Luke: I wasn’t.

Harry: You were just lucky. Oh, I don’t know. Who needs armed response when we’ve got you here, eh?

[Harry puts an arms around Luke’s shoulders and they starts walking]

Harry: Come on, let’s clean you up and get you back to work.

Notable Facts

* Colin Wells (Johnno in Hollyoaks) plays DCI Jackson.

* When Guppy goes out with the paramedics, Harry tells them ‘Play nicely together!’

* Guppy doesn’t want to travel in back of ambulance as he says he gets sick if he can’t see where he’s going. He is later sick – Comfort tells Woody to clean it up!

* Comfort tells Woody she thought ‘love machine’ was his middle name.

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