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Cas Series

S21 E16

S21 E16 (24 Dec 06) : Silent Night by Barbara Machin

Episode Summary

Josh is found badly injured in the back of an ambulance. Nathan is the first to find him and manages to raise the alarm, despite his initial panic. The outcome looks bleak and as the team battle to save him, his life is left hanging in the balance.

Louis admits to Charlie that Josh didn’t hit him. As Josh lays unconscious in an upstairs ward, Charlie visits him and says they should waste no more time arguing.

Robbie is taken in after jumping through the hospital window. A former drug addict – Robbie is adamant he has not taken any drugs recently.

Laura, meanwhile, has taken off with her daughter, Rosie, leaving her husband, Matthew, at the hospital. Ellen and Kelsey search for Laura and when Ellen finds her, she nearly manages to persuade her to return to the hospital until Ellen’s mobile ringing disturbs her once more. As Ellen continues to give chase, she is unexpectedly hit by a biker.

Ellen is rushed into CRASH but her injuries are too severe and they are unable to save her. The team are devestated – particularly Harry.

Meanwhile Laura has been diagnosed with Munchausen’s disease and Charlie berates Matthew for ignoring the symptoms of her condition.


* Robbie – falls through window.

* Rosie Merriman – hypoglecemic coma due to mother injecting her with insulin.

* Josh – two stabs wounds.

* Ellen – dies after being hit by a biker.

Notable Facts

* Holly Aird plays Laura Merriman.

* Gary Kemp plays Matthew Merriman.

* Jack Dedman plays Louis Fairhead.

* Focal music in the episode is ‘Miserere’ by ‘Allegri-Mundy-Palestrina.

* As Ellen is off trying to find Laura, Maggie tells staff ‘I was too hard on Ellen’.

* Selena calls Ellen’s time of death [17.06], when Harry is unable to. ‘I can’t say it – you do it’ he says.

* As Josh lay in hospital recovering, Charlie visits him and says ‘You were right about us – we’re not going to waste any more time’.

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Screencaps : S21 E16

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