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Cas Series

S25 E47

S25 E47 (6 Aug 11) : Thanks for Today by Rachel Flowerday

Episode Summary

A major incident at Holby Airport inspires Mads to finally face her demons, Adam to show Jordan what he’s made of and Linda to makesome career decisions.

A bomb has gone off at Holby Airport and the paramedics and ED team are at full stretch. Meeting her attacker, Ash, among the victims, Mads is forced to treat him but is later accused by an onlooker of assault. Will the truth finally come out about the vicious incident in the taxi?

Jordan has found out about Adam’s falsification of sex offender Matthew’s records but is unable to take action due to the chaos in the ED. Can Adam return to his heroic best and put right his recent wrongs?

Meanwhile, Linda does a great job of managing the ED through the incident but is forced to take stock of her career options. And it’s a sad day for the team when a Casualty favourite leaves the ED for good…

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