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HC Past Series

S4 E38

S4 E38 (25 Jun 02) : Love and Devotion by Neil McKay

Episode Summary

Mary Harrow, a successful novelist who needs two operations, tests the loyalties of Darwin Ward’s junior doctors to their senior colleagues. She comes into hospital for an operation, but they soon realise that she has got an aneurysm that also needs to be fixed. Ric suggests they should perform both operations at once, which would lead to a significantly shorter period of time spent in hospital, but Meyer disagrees, saying it would be too risky. Mary, herself, wants to get out of hospital quickly in order to finish her book and is not pleased when Meyer does not listen to her wishes. Eventually, Mary refuses to have any surgery, partly because she does not want to appear to be old and ill in the eyes of her younger boyfriend, but she takes a turn for the worse and they are forced to take her into theatre. Ric is disappointed at [ID 572]Sam[/ID] for not taking his side in the argument and he blames her of still having feeling for Alex. Sam feels a need to prove her feelings for Ric and it culminates in her asking Ric to marry her.

Leah Warren is a 37-year-old, who comes into hospital after having stomach pains. She thinks that she is pregnant and they decide to check what is going on, suspecting it might be an ectopic pregnancy. At first she does not seem to be too concerned about it, saying that she wants a termination anyway and that she has to be on a flight in a couple of hours, but when her sister and her sister’s husband come to visit her, she does not longer seem sure about it. She admits that she has been sleeping with her sister’s husband and that the baby might be his. Disgusted, the sister storms away and the husband follows, leaving Leah collapsing on the floor in pain. While her sister argues with her husband, Leah is taken into surgery and they realise that she has got cancer.

Leon Harper is a boy who has been taken into surgery after having a stroke. They start to investigate what might have caused it and realise that he is suffering from sickle cell anemia. It is a hard time both for Leon and for the couple that is going to adopt him and when he gets another attack the father realises that it all reminds him too much of when their son died only a couple of days after he was born and he is no longer sure if he wants to adopt an unhealthy child. Leon notices this and says that they deserve to get a healthy child, not someone like him, and that they should leave him. In the end, after another turn for the worse, they realise that they still want to be a family and go forward with the adoption.

Mubbs gives Keri the date she won at the auction and they seem to get on well. Keri is quite careful, but Mubbs convinces her that she cannot stay single forever and they kiss, before going home to Keri’s. It does not, however, take long until her mother Pam arrives and Mubbs feels awkward in the light of what they had been doing earlier. Mubbs leaves and Keri seems disappointed to have to spend the rest of the evening with her mother.

Owen visits Chrissie at home to tell her he is getting back with his wife, mainly because of Katie, and that they cannot continue acting like they have so far. He is, once again, unable to resist Chrissie and proceeds to jeopardise it, until Chrissie mentions that he should think about his wife.


– Marry Harrow, a novelist who ends up needing two different operations

– Leah Warren, a 37-year-old with a suspected ectopic pregnancy that turns out to actually be cancer

– Leon Harper, a boy that gets diagnosed with sickle cell anemia.

First Scene/words

[Alex and Ric walk into theatre, where Sam is sleeping. Alex walks up to Sam and wakes her up.]

Alex: Lucky I’m not Meyer. Well, nevermind Sam, only another work ten hours. I don’t know, these SHOs just can’t take the pace.

Last Scene/words

[Sam and Ric are on roof of the hospital]

Sam: I love you Ric.

Ric: Are you sure?

Sam: Marry me. [they are both quiet for a while] You haven’t forgotten what the word means?

Ric: Hardly.

Sam: Well, then? Look, if you’re not sure, forget it! [Sam goes to leave, but Ric stops her]

Ric: Wait… Wait. The answer is yes.

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