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HC Past Series

S4 E06

S4 E6 (13 Nov 01) : Starting Over by Lisa Evans

Episode Summary

It’s Liam’s first day back at work following the disciplinary hearing. Keen to put recent events behind him, getting on with things proves to be harder than he thought, with Keri never too far away. Keri is also having a tough day and is accused of letting her personal life interfere with her work, ‘You’re questioning my professional judgement because of what happened with me and Liam?’ Danny is caught in the middle of them, but has enough on his own mind to be of much help. ‘I’ve got to live with you and work with her and it’s doing my head in.’ When running into Keri, Liam tries to talk to her, but she says that she does not want to talk to him and that she wants to be able to pretend nothing has happened, but she can’t.

Ric’s money problems are a constant source of amusement to Tash who takes pleasure in talking him through the bus timetable, after his car has been taken away from where he had parked it in front of the hospital. With more ex-wives then he cares to remember, Ric just can’t help himself where attractive women are concerned. He makes enquiries about Meyer’s SHO, Sam, ‘What’s happened to that female SHO who works for Meyer.. dark hair, nice looking apparantly?’ Tash agrees about her being very attractive and wonders if Ric is interested in her. He does not deny this, but says that actually he wanted to know because Meyer has asked him to keep an eye on her while he is away. Danny has also got money problems, now having to pay for Marija too. He borrows some money from Kath, but Stan convinces him to put it on a horse bet. He is luckily and wins, but in the end he gets nothing himself – he pays Kath back and Liam takes the rest to the unpaid rent and electricity bill.

Martin has MS and is in hospital having tried to commit suicide by throwing himself under a bus. He has ruptured his guts and the bladder has got damaged as well, but he does not seem to be happy about them saving him. Kath helps Martin and his daughter to reconcile. Mickey, the bus driver who also got a bit injured in the crash, is racked with guilt until his partner Todd discovers that Martin was attempting suicide. Marting later comes to apologise, saying he did not mean to get Mickey involved, but Mickey says it is alright and that he understands – two years earlier Todd had been diagnosed with leukemia and they thought he would die, but he was lucky and survived and they’ve been grateful for every single day they have got since that, something that seems to make Martin realise that life might actually be worth living.

Craig Marshall, a teenager, is also in hospital after being involved in the bus accident. He has broken a couple of ribs and has got a blow to his head, but the prognosis is good. His 13-year-old stepsister Leigh, who is there with him, suddenly complains about stomach pains and Janice and Owen realise she is pregnant. She admits that she knew it herself too, but she will not let anyone know who the father is. Janice is putting her fears about her unborn baby to the back of her mind. Soldiering on, she knows that something is wrong, but buries herself in her work to try and ignore it. Suddenly Leigh goes into premature labour with the baby that proves to be his stepbrother’s, a relationship their parents are shocked to find out about. Janice fights to keep the baby alive but is devestated to suffer, herself, the miscarriage she had been dreading.

Jerry Holbrook comes into hospital as a homeless, dirty man with abdominal pains. After Liam has given him a shower and new clothes, he looks like a new man. They take him into surgery and Ric finds a couple of bottle tops inside his small bowel and suggests he should get new eating habits. Liam reads the Big Issue, one of the three things that he found on Jerry that did not have to be thrown away and notices a picture of Jerry inside of it on a page about people that have gone missing. Despite being told by Kath not to get involved, Liam phones the number in the article and soon Jerry’s wife comes to meet him. Later his wife leaves the hospital and tells Liam that it is too late – for more than a year she had thought he was dead and he still is in her mind.


Martin Hawes, a man with progressive MS who tries to take his own life by jumping out into the street in front of a bus

Mickey, the driver of the bus, gets slightly injured

Craig Marshall, a teenager who gets a couple of broken ribs and a bang to the head in the bus accident

Leigh Scott, Craig’s 13-year-old stepsister, gives birth to a little girl

Jerry Holbrook, a homeless man who has swallowed bottletops, proves to be an accountant that went missing a couple of years previously

First Scene/words

[Tash is in theatre operating on Martin Hawes]

Ric: Hey Tash, what have we got?

Tash: It’s an RTA. He’s ruptured a piece of gut and all this blood stained yellow fluid makes me think that there’s damage to the bladder as well.

Last Scene/words

[Janice enters her office and closes the door behind her back, just as the phone starts ringing.]

Janice: Hello. Oh, Alistair.

[Danny comes to hand her some notes]

Janice: Hang on.

Danny: Don’t work to late.

Janice: Don’t worry, I will.

[Danny smiles and leaves]

Janice: Sorry about that. Listen it’s bad news. I’m sorry, I lost the baby.

>>Guide by Karin.

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