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HC Past Series

S5 E50

s5e50S5 E50 (16 Sep 03) : Love nor Money by Matthew Hall

Episode Summary

Through the mayhem caused by the train smash outside Holby, Holby City follows the repercussions on the wards, picking up from Casualty’s epic two-parter End of the Line, which opened series 18.

Through the mayhem caused by the train smash outside Holby, anxious and wide-eyed Lynn Spencer searches for her son-in-law, Jason, and learns that she has lost a daughter in the accident but has gained a grandchild. Jason is in a state of shock from seeing his wife die and wants no communication with anyone. He is in denial about his newborn son and, although Lynn has great difficulty dealing with her daughter’s death, she wants the best for their future and brings father and son together after making him realise that his son needs him.

Meanwhile, Zubin is stunned when Caroline Dewer, an escort he sees, is admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung and may be pregnant with his child. Although he triesi to play it safe and not treat her, the train crash means that the hospital is short-staffed. Bernie Farraday, an old-school thoracic surgeon with an unjustifiably high opinion of his abilities, steps into the breach. Zubin has little time for his bedside manner and dismisses him as “Bernie the butcher” after he demonstrates incompetence during the operation. Even though Zubin tries the best to stop Caroline from miscarrying, knowing how much she seemed to want the child to survive, Farraday is slow with completing the surgery and the baby dies. Zubin has to tell this to Caroline, who is upset and says that he had promised to do his best. They agree not to see each other anymore in the future, because then it would not be just business anymore and Caroline does not want anyone to get close to her, explaining that she prefers it that way. Zubin, however, seems upset and takes it all more personally than if it all had only been ‘business’ between the two of them.

Mubbs’s date cancels an important dinner with his parents, he begs Rosie to take her place. She knows how proud Mubbs’ parents are and how much they are looking forward to meeting his ‘Rubinda’ and she is persuaded by his offer of payment (£350) and relishes the opportunity to giggle at the embarrassing stories bandied around. However, she is not impressed when he loses her wedding ring at the end of the night.

Nina Hargreaves arrives, she is seven months’ pregnant and in early labour. She runs a home and a business and reveals to her husband that she is in serious debt and that they will lose their house. She is also in lots of pain and when the baby finally is born they realise that Nina has a serious infection that the child might also have got from her. Luckily, the tests finally show that the baby has not got the infection and is therefore safe..


Jason Rees has got some abdominal bleeding after the train crash that killed his wife

Caroline Dewer, 36, has got a blow to her chest in the train crash, which has lead to a collapsed lung

Nina Hargreaves gives birth to a little girl

First Scene/words

Ric: Stabilised, there’s no need to admit him. Just keep a close eye on him for the next couple of days.

Jess: If we can spare the space, the ED’s still got patients on trolleys.

Ric: Yeah yeah, tell me about it. Alright, what else have we got?

Jess: A lower abdominal trauma.

Last Scene/words

Zubin: How about that drink I was going to buy you?

Ric: Sorry, I can’t Zubin. La board waits.

Zubin: Important man. Another time.

Ric: Yeah.

[Ric walks away, leaving Zubin deep in thought]

Notable Facts

Anita Dobson plays Lynn Spencer.

Peter Bowles plays Bernie Farraday.

Deborah Sheridan-Taylor plays Nina Hargreaves.

Screencaps : S5 E50

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