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HC Past Series

S6 E04

s6e4S6 E4 (28 Oct 03) : Trick or Treat by Debbie O’Malley

Episode Summary

Jess and Diane are admitting Sean Jameson, a young man with abdominal pain, to AAU. The two nurses discuss Nic’s arrest, and both seem to be of the opinion that he is innocent. Ric finally arrives on the ward, late for his shift. Having sold his car to Zubin, he had to walk to work in the rain! Being Clinical Director, he has taken charge of liasing with the police regarding Nic. He tells Jess that Nic is still in custody, and that they have no choice but to keep him there: “They saw him with a syringe in his hand that he threw away”, Lisa snidely replies that: “they only have Kath’s word for that!”

We see a shot of Nic in prison, looking rather forlorn.

In Maternity, Mubbs is examining Jo, a very career orientated young woman who has presented with lower abdominal pains. She tells Mubbs that she had one of her ovaries removed a few years ago, as it was covered in cysts. Mubbs discovers she has fluid on her pelvis, and admits Jo. Rosie arrives late, and tells Mubbs she is still having problems at home. Her husband, Sami, has moved out, and has gone to stay with his brother, leaving her with the children to look after. Mubbs lightens the mood by discussing the recent fight between Chrissie and Tricia, both seem to find it very amusing!

Owen has returned from the conference, and is making his way to Maternity. Having been away recently, he has no idea about the Chrissie/Tricia fiasco, and is very keen to see Chrissie!

On Keller, Kelly is very wound up about Nic. She snaps at both Nic and Diane, and is generally being rude to all of the staff. Sean Jameson is moved to Keller, and his younger brother, Ally, who has Down’s Syndrome accompanies him. Sean is his full-time carer, and wishes to have no contact with their mother.

Chrissie returns to work on Darwin after her suspension. Ric greets her warmly, and she tells him that Tricia has moved out and is staying with a friend until Chrissie finds a place of her own. Chrissie and Kath discuss Nic – while Kath is relieved it’s all over, Chrissie reveals she has other matters on her mind – “There’s still someone I have to deal with first!”.

Zubin questions Ric about his financial worries. Ric reassures his friend that he has everything under control now, but neither man looks convinced… Ric then tells Zubin that the Trust have offered Zubin a non-executive position, but Zubin seems unsure as to whether or not to accept it, as he doesn’t like getting involved in hospital politics. Ric loses his temper with Diane, and goes off to get Sean ready for surgery. He is annoyed that Sean didn’t present sooner, despite the pain he was suffering, saying: “some people really are their own worst enemies” – cue some highly significant looks being exchanged between Zubin and Diane!

Owen walks onto Darwin, and greets Chrissie with: “hello sexy!”. He asks why she hasn’t returned his calls, she winds him up, telling him that she and Tricia have had problems, due to one of Tricia’s ex’s two-timing her and breaking her heart. Owen smiles uneasily, and reminds Chrissie they are going to the staff Hallowe’en party down in the bar that evening. He reveals to her that he wants to go public about their relationship, much to her “delight”. When Diane asks Chrissie if they are back together now, she cattily mutters: “don’t crack open the champagne yet……”.

Ally rings his mother, and is delighted to see her when she turns up. She is very unaffectionate towards her youngest son, despite not having seen him for several years. Sean is not happy to see her, and reveals to Kelly that his mother insisted on putting Ally in care several years earlier. Sean’s mother extracts from Ally, that Sean took him out of care, and gave up his course to look after his little brother. She suggests putting him back in care, and Sean is adamant that that cannot happen. He tells his mother that Ally now has a job as well as being able to shop and coos for himself. She is very shocked to hear this, and admits that she is embarrassed about Ally’s condition. She tells Sean that she cannot connect with Ally, and is not prepared to deal with him anymore, no matter how much she cares for him.

Kath tells Ric that she is very relieved that people are no longer pointing the finger at her! She remarks that a solicitor is chasing Ric up, and seems very set on finding him. Ric ignores this, and when the solicitor turns up at work, he hides from her.

Mubbs observes Jo and her business partner, Mark. Jo has told Mubbs that although she and Mark have been very close friends for many years, nothing could ever happen between them, as Mark is known as a “womaniser” and she could never take him seriously. During Jo’s operation, Mubbs presses Owen to save Jo’s ovary, and Owen is impressed with Mubbs’ dedication to this patient. Perhaps Mubbs sees a kindred spirit in Mark! Mubbs hasn’t changed too much though – he still drops little hints to Owen that suggest he is looking forward to the fireworks that are going to happen tonight!

It’s now Zubin and Diane’s turn to discuss Nic’s arrest! They exchange some friendly banter, until Ric turns up and snaps at them both. Later, Diane confides to Zubin that she’s worried about Ric and believes he may be gambling again. Zubin promises to have a word and sort it out. Ric, meanwhile, is being served an order of possession. He’ll have his flat taken away from him by the end of the week. He tells the staff he’s off to admit a patient to the Hadlington, but heads off to the casino.

Nic is having an interview with Detective Archer. She tries to extract a confession from him, and reveals that the police know he was sacked from his last position after a female patient complained about him. She knows that his mother is really still alive, and implies that he is deranged! She then tells him they have received a forensic report that proves that the syringe they found had Trudy Halliday’s (the most recent victim of the “Keller Killer”) DNA on it, contained insulin, and had only Nic’s fingerprints on it. He is charged with two counts of murder.

Mubbs and Rosie mess around on Maternity! Mubbs puts on a witch’s hat (Owen – “Look, it’s Harry Potter”, Mubbs – “I saw myself more as Gandalf actually!”), and persuades Rosie to come to the staff party that evening.

Sean discovers that he won’t be able to work for a while now, due to his colostomy bag, and is going to be unable to pay the rent. He becomes upset, and Kelly is very sympathetic. She is touched by how dedicated he is to his younger brother – this perhaps reminds her of when she looked after Nic after their father died. Sean’s mother says he can come and stay with her, and she persuades Sean to reluctantly consider putting Ally into respite care. Ally later becomes distressed at seeing Sean’s condition, and shoves Kelly against the wall. Sean reveals he may put Ally back into care, and Kelly runs out crying. Kath tries to comfort her, but Kelly accuses her of lying to the police and blaming Nic, just to get herself off the hook.

Jo’s ovary later ruptures, and unfortunately has to be removed. Mark tells her that he loves her, and only wants to be with her, while Mubbs watches on, clearly thinking of Rosie!

Kath hears that Nic has been charged, and tries to contact Ric. Kelly is inconsolable. Ric meanwhile is gambling at the casino. He puts all of the remaining £2000 Zubin gave him for his car onto the roulette table. He keeps winning, and doubling up his money. Eventually he wins a total of £43,000. He is tempted to walk away, but decides to try his luck one more time, and loses the lot.

Lisa comforts Kelly in the staff toilets, and tries to get her to come to the staff party. In the bar, Chrissie knocks back 11 consecutive gin and tonics as Dido’s “White Flag” plays in the background. She’s getting herself ready for the revelations she has in store. She begins to flirt with Mubbs, draping herself provocatively over him, much to Rosie’s annoyance. She asks Rosie, “what do you do with a man who thinks he is God’s gift?”[i], to which Rosie replies: [i]”exchange him!”. Rosie tries to walk out, but Mubbs persuades her to stay.

Owen hears from Lisa that Chrissie and Tricia had a fight – he is clearly worried now! Chrissie approaches him and asks him to tell everyone that they are back together. She announces to them all that not only did Owen throw her out when she was pregnant, get his solicitor to serve her divorce papers after her ordeal with her baby, but he also has been sleeping with ehr mother for the past 6 months. She orders 2 pints of lager, and throws the first over him, saying that was from her, then throws the second over him, saying that was from her mother! She becomes hysterical, and Mubbs takes her home.

The rest of the staff are disgusted with Owen’s behaviour. Jess sneers:”talk about a drowned rat”, and Jess joins in: “yeah, a love rat”.

Zubin finds Ric sitting in his office. He sees Ric is upset, so decidesto leave him be. Ric calls him back, and nearly confesses all to Zubin, but stops himself at the last moment.

Nic sits in his cell again, close to tears.

Mubbs walks Rosie to her door, after insisting the taxi driver sees Chrissie into her house safely. Rosie tells him how terrible she thinks Owen has behaved, and Mubbs avoids the subject (he once two-timed a mother and daughter who both worked in Holby City Hospital). She invites him in “for a coffee”, but he awkwardly refuses, leaving both of them looking very disappointed.


Sean Jameson – 24 year old man, presented with an infarcted bowel, developed diverticular disease, needed surgical removal of necrotic tissue which resulted in a colostomy bag being fitted.

Jo – Presented with abdominal pains, had a fibrotic ovary which eventually ruptured and needed to be removed, leaving her infertile.

Her other ovary was removed several years previously.

First Scene/words

[A new patient is taken to the wards]

Lisa: When did the pain start, Sean?

Sean Jameson: About a week ago. I thought it was something leaving, but it just got worse.

Lisa: Well, the surgeon is on his way over here, he shouldn’t be long.


Last Scene/words

Rosie: Do you wanna come in for a coffee?

Mubbs: I should really let you get some sleep.

Rosie: Oh…. Right.

Mubbs: Goodnight.

[With Dido’s ‘White Flag’ playing in the background Mubbs watches Rosie go inside and turn off the lights. Mubbs slowly walks away.]

Notable Facts

Dido’s “White Flag” was played three times this episode!

Guide by Kerry & Karin

Screencaps : S6 E4

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