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HC Past Series

7.19 Chain Reaction – 22/5/05

Mark goes to see Chrissie who tells her about Tricia’s illness. When Tricia bumps into him, she is furious at seeing him. Owen and Mark get talking – Chrissie comes over and tells Mark not to talk to him as he tried to ruin her relationship with her mother. Mark punches Owen. Tricia warns Chrissie if she wants a relationship with her father, she has to choose between them.

A negative piece has been printed in the paper about the incident with Ric and Will in ITU. Connie tells Will she has liaised with the press office to give a positive interview in a paper – with Will. Connie goes to sort out the interview and leaves Zubin in charge – much to his annoyance. Connie returns with the journalist and photographers, Zubin shouts at Connie about the working time directive in front of them. She takes the crew up to photograph Will whilst he is operating. He protests but she says that she has done her research – he won a medal in the army and thus will make a great interview subject.

Diane tells Owen that she went to see the priest and he does not want to marry them as Owen obviously does not respect the sanctity of marriage. Diane tells Ric she is worried about the wedding and proceeds to take it out on Owen all day. They make up and Diane says she does not mind if they marry in a registry office.

Donna buys curries for everyone but goes to a cheaper curry house and pockets the change. However, her plan is exposed when everyone that eats the curry is taken ill – including her. She goes home sick and Lisa comes back from holiday to find that her possessions have gone. Donna confesses that the bailiffs took them.

Jess is back at work, she tells Ric that she has made up her mind – she does not love Sean. Sean tells Zubin that he has not heard from Jess since she has been at her mums – he is shocked when Zubin tells him she is back. Sean tries to talk to Jess but she is not interested. Zubin tells Jess that it is for the best if Sean is the father but if the baby is his he will support her. Jess lies that the baby is Sean’s but is upset to see that Zubin is relieved.

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