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HC Past Series

S8 E27

Episode Summary

Diane is caught in the middle of Ric and Nick’s feud and feels torn between the two. Ric turns to Jac for advice, who encourages him to reveal his true feelings to Diane before it’s too late. However when he does – she says she’s moved on.

Ric’s Crohn’s patient, Jenny Logan, is having a small bowel transplant – the first of it’s kind. However Nick is concerned that the donor’s transplant isn’t fit for operating with and does his best to undermine Ric. During the operation, Nick again gets involved but they are unable to make the transplant a success. Later Jenny tells Ric that she no longer wishes to be treated by him in future – but by Nick instead. Meanwhile Jenny is upset when she learns her boyfriend is only with her out of pity.

Meanwhile, Joseph is still angry with [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] but his feelings have terrible ramifications for a patient he is treating. Bosnian, Samia, has a tumour which can be successfully treated. However her brother has failed to tell her the exact extent of her illness – after his own wife’s death, he fears Samia will refuse the operation if she is told she has a tumour. Joseph is not happy that she has been kept in the dark and decides to tell her himself. But when she then refuses the operation and leaves, like her brother thought she would, Joseph is left more distraught.

Elsewhere, [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] treats a patient, Tina, who collapses whilst taking part in his drugs trial. The experience makes him realise he misses treating patients, and he asks Connie if he can oversee an operation later.


* Jenny Logan – Crohns patient, unsuccessful bowel transplant.

* Samia – tumour, refuses operation.

* Tina Wilson – collapses during drugs trial.

Notable Facts

* Martin Hancock plays Reg Lund.

* Matt suffers flashbacks from his stabbing.

* We learn Joseph can speak Bosnian.

* ‘He’s no threat to me,’ Ric tells Jac. ‘Stop pretending she means nothing to you,’ she replies.

* Diane rebuffs Ric’s advances ‘It was a long time ago,’ she says referring to Africa. ‘Back then I would have said anything – things changed and I’ve moved on’.

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