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HC Past Series

S8 E07

Episode Summary

Owen decides to stay with Diane and tells her he wants to spend the evening with her. He pops back to the hospital to get his bag but runs into Chrissie, who demands to know why he hasn’t returned her calls. Owen tells her he wants to stay with Diane but Chrissie tells him to stop lying – it’s obvious he does not love Diane and they both know what will happen.

Diane takes her critical care exam and feels despondant after a harsh interview with Dr Greene. However she is surprised to find out she has passed.

[ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] tells Connie the board want her to make a statement against Michael, who has made an appeal. She is angry as she feels she has already done more than enough but later decides to agree to the board’s request.

Meanwhile, the day of Dean and [ID 1535]Matt[/ID]’s practical exams arrives. Dean bumps into student Shelley in the lifts. She has a hangover and asks him to get her some pills. She happens to be in one of the roleplays and gives him information on his test. During the roleplay, Shelley starts vomiting blood. Dean tells Lola he thinks it may be alcohol related and annoyed Shelley reveals that they talked before his exam. Lola diagnoses that Shelley’s illness has been caused by binge drinking. Later Matt learns he has passed but Dean is disappointed to learn he has failed and that he must re-take it.

Pregnant Susan is brought in and Owen discovers she has an umbilical hernia. Susan is wary of having an operation. She is expecting her first daughter after having three sons and doesn’t want to lose her baby. She is eventually persuaded to have the operation but afterwards she goes into labour. A baby girl is delivered prematurely. Susan is frosty towards her mother, who is with her and we discover she gave her up for adoption at birth.

Patrick is brought in with his wife, Dawn. He claims to have had a fall. Elliot and Connie take him to theatre with a collapsed lung. After the operation, we discover Dawn has been bullying him and she pulls out his chest drain in anger. Fed up with her temper, Patrick decides to dump her.


* Susan Dolan – umbilical hernia. Baby girl delivered prematurely.

* Patrick Thomas – collapsed lung.

* Shelley – binge drinker

Notable Facts

* Vicky Hall (Teachers) plays Susan Dolan.

* Elliot reveals ‘I almost became a paleontoligist but the skeletons seemed more appealing when there was flesh attached!’

* Papers are splashed with headlines on Michael ‘Dr Death – ‘Let Me Out’

* Elliot plays the guitar in his office, ‘I use it to relax’. ‘I prefer to piano myself,’ says Connie. Elliot proceeds to tell the difference between people who prefer the guitar to piano.

* Connie, angry at having to make a statement against Michael tells Elliot, ‘How can I possibly distance myself anymore? I think I’ve done my bit!’

* Shelley gives Dean a Franz Ferdinand badge as a thank you.

* Connie eventually agrees to the board’s request, ‘There’s more at stake than just my pride.’

* Chrissie doesn’t believe Owen when he says he loves Diane, ‘Who are you trying to fool? You may say the words to her but I know you don’t mean it.’

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Screencaps : S8 E7

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