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Cas Character

Sandra Mute

Played by Lisa Bowerman


S1 E1 – S2 E4

Job Title


First WordsBackground

Hard working and good at her job, Sandra Mute was CASUALTY’s first female paramedic. Partnered with Andrew Ponting – the pair were a strong team, which eventually moved on to something more when they started an affair. In S1 E9, they have spent the night together. As they get ready for work, Mute has to remind him that he is a married man. Later on in the shift, they pick up a man, who has crashed his car. As they take him to hospital, they are obstructed by a car full of jeering skinheads. The car then crashes into a skip – they all flee apart from one of them, who’s injured his arm and they take him in too. Ponting has to be restrained after nearly attacking him. In S1 E11, they go the scene of a restaurant where the owner has chopped off his finger, while in the kitchen, after arguing with another staff member, about finding a cockroach in a dish. When they arrive, Mute finds they have put his finger in some strawberry ice cream, to keep it cold. Their next call out proves a shock, when they pick up Duffy – who has been raped. In S1 E12, we discover Mute has dumped Ponting and gone on holiday with a 4ft 11 jockey. Ponting’s wife also dumps him after finding a note from Mute in his lunch box. In S1 E13, Ponting and Mute finally have a heated talk, after she returns from Wales. She denies writing the note, and says she felt guilty dating a married man.

In Series 2, the night shift is re-opened after being closed for six months. In S2 E4, it’s Ponting’s birthday – he tells Mute that he loves her, but she says she can’t break up his marriage. During their shift, they pick up a suicidal medical student, Miles, who has threatened to jump from the top of a tall building. As he is being driven to Casualty, a drunk already in the ambulance stabs Mute in the stomach, flings open the rear door and escapes. In Mute’s panic, she pulls out the knife in her chest. The team battle to save her in CRASH, but she dies. Ponting is devastated.

Memorable Moments

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