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Sarah Manners: Pilates on Tap

Former CASUALTY actress Sarah Manners launched ‘Pilates on Tap’ in November 2022. An app created in the health and wellbeing space aimed to change the way people practice Pilates in their own home.

Sarah, who is a qualified Pilates instructor and has practiced for over 10 years wanted to revolutionise the online Pilates experience by creating ‘Pilates on Tap’, the closest thing to a bespoke class without the hefty price tag.

With over 12 million people practicing Pilates globally, Pilates on Tap lets you customise almost every element of your class, from length to session with short videos from Sarah showcasing each exercise which are then threaded together to create a seamless class targeting the goals of the individual user.

Sarah, whose training in Pilates, and her application of it to her own life to over-come her own health challenges, gave her a unique insight when creating the app. Sarah has a background in media production, both in front and behind the camera; this gave Sarah an understanding of high quality content and an aesthetic of excellence. With media training, Sarah guides each video with simple, accessible terms without confusing those new to Pilates, particularly when some of the more technical concepts arise.

She added, ‘I wanted to create an app that would provide Pilates content in an entirely bespoke way, whilst being as close as possible to a class setting. That’s what Pilates on Tap is all about, bringing a new method of teaching to people who have been practicing Pilates for years, or for those who are just starting out.’

For more information you can visit the website Pilates on Tap or get the app on the App Store/ Google Play

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