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Cas Character

Bex Reynolds

Played by Sarah Manners


S17 E22 – S19 E44

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In S17 E22, Bex – a sassy, no- nonsense blonde with attitude enters the department as the replacement receptionist for Jack (who has gone on the run). She breezes in and promptly puts her foot in it by ridiculing Jack infront of his brother Tony and girlfriend Nikki. In S17 E29, Bex spots Jack, who has returned to visit Tony. She maliciously reports him to the police. In S17 E30, the A&E department is plunged into darkness following a power failure. Bex evacuates the ‘walking wounded’ in typical tactless fashion. In S17 E32, Bex is shocked when her ex-husband – new paramedic Luke – arrives in the department. She used to be married to him when he was a footballer. Roxy happily spreads the gossip round the department. In S17 E36, Bex overhears Jack telling Tony that he is going to proposed to Nikki. Unable to keep the news underwraps, gossip spreads like wild fire. Luke is called to an incident at Holby football ground where he used to play. Bex reveals that it was the injured player’s vicious tackle that ended Luke’s football career. In S17 E39, Bex seizes the opportunity to flirt with Dillon, next episode – the day of Jack and Nikki’s wedding – they wake after spending the day together. However tragedy strikes later in the day, when Dillon is involved in a shooting and ends up fighting for his life in A&E.

Following the train crash at the beginning of the series, in S18 E2 after the mother of a survivor of the crash unfairly complains to the Press about her treatment at the hands of the hospital staff, Bex loses her cool. She gives the woman a piece of her mind unaware that the argument has been caught on camera. But the woman later apologises for her outburst and gives Bex a £10 contribution to start a disaster fund. In S18 E5, Bex, is flattered to be asked to model by the RRU photographer. In S18 E7 Roxy lets slip to Bex that she really is pregnant – but will gossip Bex be able to keep the news to herself? In S18 E9 Bex begs to accompany Harry to his photo shoot with Lord Lichfield. In S18 E10 Bex sees Roxy rushing around and accidentally blurts out that she should be careful “in her condition”. Unfortunately, Tess overhears and guesses she is pregnant. Roxy is furious with Bex and the pair argue. In the heat of the moment, Bex tactlessly tells Luke the news too. In S18 E13 Bex still has a tremendous thirst she cannot satisfy and she looks terrible. After one too many visits to the ladies’ she breaks down, feeling she can no longer keep it together. A concerned Tally asks Harry to take a look at her but it only makes matters worse and Bex storms off home. In S18 E14 Bex arrives late, looking pale and lank. She is scared of what might be wrong with her but Luke stays by her side and persuades her to get checked out. She is horrified when the results show she has diabetes and rushes out of the department in a state of panic. In S18 E15, following the shock news that she is diabetic, Bex is distraught. She refuses to answer the door when Luke, concerned that she has not received any insulin, comes to check on her. Instead, she drowns her sorrows in wine and cigarettes, unaware of the danger she is putting herself in. In S18 E18 Bex rallies staff to watch CCTV tape showing Luke and Lara’s intimate relations on hospital property. In S18 E35, Luke turns up in the department, bored during suspension. Bex asks him to do some filing to distract and he asks her out for a drink as a thank you. In S18 E36 Bex is keen to cheer Luke up, so they go speed dating. When Luke realises that Bex has all the qualities he likes in a date, there is sexual tension between them. In S18 E42, Bex is elated after her evening with Luke. She is convinced that they have a future together and confides to Claire that she is in love with him. When Bex tells him she has planned a romantic dinner for two, he admits that their night together was a mistake. Bex is crushed but vows to Claire that she will get her man. In S18 E45 at Lara’s hen night, Bex tells Luke she thinks they should get back together. He says categorically that this will never happen. Later, Bex tells Claire to keep an eye on Luke as he is talking to another woman, but Claire ends up kissing him. On Lara and Simon’s wedding day, in S18 E46, Bex overhears Luke and Claire talking about their kiss; betrayed and upset she fights Claire.

At the beginning of Series 19, Bex has a mysterious new man who she sneaks off work to go out with in S19 E3. In S19 E4, Bex tells Tess that she has another dental appointment and has to leave work for a few hours that afternoon. Meanwhile, it’s Selena’s first day as the new doctor but, realising she has forgotten her hepatitis B vaccination certificate, she goes home to get it. She gets a nasty shock when she catches her husband, Will, there… with Bex. In S19 E5, Bex warms to Sam who is being interviewed for the receptionist post, unaware he is Tess’ son. In S19 E9, Luke does not handle the news of Fin’s death well and goes home early. Worried, Bex decides to go and check on him. When she arrives at his house, an angry Bex discovers that Kate has moved in. Kate offers to move out, but instead, Luke asks Bex to leave. In S19 E10, Sam invites Bex out for a drink. When she gets home, Sam assumes she will invite him inside. However, Bex rejects him, leaving him seething. He shouts that she has been leading him on and calls her a tease. In S19 E11, Bex is confused when Sam does not mention the other night and, later, he tells her they should go out together again soon. She also gives Kate a hard time on her first day as a cleaner in the hospital, calling her manipulative. In S19 E12, Luke confronts Bex for shouting at Kate. Bex says that she was only looking after Luke’s interests and that she thinks Kate is using him. In S19 E14, Selena accuses Bex of gossiping with another policeman about her and Will and says she will make her life miserable. In S19 E16, Selena continues to bully Bex, telling her that she is not invited to the wedding party. Selena also complains to Harry about Bex, leading him to give her a warning. In S19 E17, Bex is caught in the hospital explosion. A man, posing as a drugs rep, coerces her into helping him – she only realises her danger when it’s too late. In the second part special episode of S7 E11, she is left for dead in an upstairs department, but luckily firefighters manage to get her out alive – where Luke looks relieved to see her. In S19 E18, Selena continues to take every opportunity to snipe at Bex. When she mixes up the names of two patients Selena reprimands her. Bex tries to get her own back when Selena does not fill in a form properly. Bex tells her she is inefficient, but Selena says that Bex is being petty during these difficult times and Harry agrees – putting Bex firmly in her place. Tess sees this and Bex tells her she cannot take Selena’s bullying any longer. In S19 E19, Charlie asks Bex to help him arrange his 50th birthday party – she relishes the idea. Claire’s brother Pete comes to meet with Comfort. Bex sees him and takes an immediate shine to him. In S19 E20, at Charlie’s birthday party Pete arrives in fancy dress and Bex makes a play for him – they share a passionate kiss. In S19 E21, Bex arrives at work late. She tells Sam that has spent an amazing night with Pete. Later that day Pete comes to see Bex with a massive bouquet of flowers. He tells Bex he wants her to know that last night was not a one night stand and he will take her out that night. Bex is elated and tells Sam she thinks she might have met ‘the one’. In S19 E22, Bex tells Luke that Pete has asked her out for lunch but she said no as she wants to play hard to get. She decides to bring him a sandwich to his office as a surprise instead. She walks in to find him kissing another woman. She runs back to the hospital distraught. She cannot stop crying and tells Luke what happens. Selena overhears and makes a snide comment. Tess tells her to take the afternoon off. In S19 E24, Bex decides to go to the Valentines Ball with Claire to take her mind off Pete. They are having fun until Bex bumps into Pete there – with another woman. Claire chides Pete for the way he treated Bex but he says that they were only dating and were not serious. Bex gets increasingly drunk and sends Pete annoying text messages until he switches his phone off. She saunters over and demands to know why his mobile is off. The girl he is with assumes the worst and throws her drink over him before storming off. When they leave the club Pete offers to walk Bex home whilst Claire waits for a taxi. When they get to her house, Pete asks to come in but Bex refuses. He insists, saying she has been leading him on all night. She is shocked, saying she is not interested and was simply teaching him a lesson. She goes to slam the door in his face but he forces his way in. He pushes her up against the wall and rapes her. In S19 E25, Pete walks away from Bex’s house leaving her dishevelled on the hall floor. She quickly locks the door afraid he will return and calls the police to report the rape. The police arrive and although Bex is trying to put her normal brave face on it she finds it hard to tell the police officer what happened. When it comes to Bex having a medical examination she is surprised that the doctor assigned to perform it is Selena and she screams at the police woman saying that she will not allow her to do it. Selena explains that she and Bex should put their difficulties in the past and that she is there to support her 100% and help make sure justice is carried out. After the physical examination Bex decides not to press charges and sets off home. However, when confronted with the taxi driver Bex realises that the rape has affected her more than she thought and goes to pieces at the thought of getting into his car. She returns inside and starts crying, Selena comforts her and tells her she has to report the rape. Bex tells her the rape was committed by Claire’s brother Pete. The police arrive at Pete’s house and arrest him for rape. In S19 E26, Bex is shell shocked after her rape and calls in sick. Claire assumes she is hung-over. Pete has been kept in the cell, he undergoes his medical examination and is given bail. He goes straight to the hospital to tell Claire Bex has accused him of rape. Claire is in shock and cannot believe Bex would lie but this quickly turns to anger when she sees how upset her brother is. When patient, Donna, later assaults Claire, she breaks down to Luke. She tells him about Bex, he immediately jumps to her defence and tells Claire to sort her loyalties out – Pete must be lying. Luke tries to call Bex but she does not answer, he tells Nina he cannot come on an urgent shout and rushes to see Bex instead. Bex breaks down and keeps asking why did Pete do this. Luke tells her he will support her through her ordeal. In S19 E27, Elsewhere, Luke consoles Bex, who is still off work and afraid that people won’t believe that she was raped. Claire is still fuming regarding Bex’s allegations. In S19 E28, Bex is back at work and Claire wastes no time in letting her know what she thinks of her, as the medical drama continues. Bex is finally sent home when Claire reduces her to tears – witnessed by Harry, Selena and Charlie, who all sympathise with her. Bex drinks vodka when she gets home and passes out in the bathroom. Selena and Charlie pop round to check on her and find her unconcsious. In S19 E29, Bex is in hospital after her hypo last week. Meanwhile, Luke and Claire share a kiss. In S19 E31, Bex is back at work after her hypo. Bex’s breezy confidence crumbles however, when Pete uses all his powers of manipulation to get Claire to speak to Bex for him, which sends her into a panic. When Bex gets home that night she thinks she sees a figure outside her flat, and is convinced it’s Pete. She calls Luke in a panic, who runs straight over there to protect her. Bex is so upset by everything that’s happened that day that she decides there’s no way she can go through with the court case. Claire and Luke are finding it hard to keep their relationship a secret, especially with everything that’s happening with Bex. Luke is furious at Claire for upsetting Bex by trying to get her to speak to Pete, but agrees that they shouldn’t let the situation affect their relationship. In S19 E32, Luke brings Bex into work. Luke says he will support her as she brings Pete to justice. Claire gets increasingly annoyed as Luke seems to be giving Bex more attention than her. Later, Luke agrees to a night in with Bex as she is still shaky. He tries to reschedule his evening with Claire as he will be seeing Bex. Claire goes mad and storms over to Bex, telling her that she is Luke’s girlfriend now. Charlie tries to intervene but it’s too late. Bex is devastated. Luke is furious with Claire. Later, Luke finds Bex crying and tries to apologise to her but she is inconsolable – Claire’s brother raped her. She cannot understand how Luke can be with Claire and says she’ll never forgive him. In S19 E33, Bex visits the court to familiarise herself with the procedure. Frightened by the prospect of reliving events, she wonders whether she can go ahead with the case. She panics and decides she is not strong enough to cope. However, later Sam tells her how brave he thinks she is being which makes her realise she has to go through with this. Luke tries to talk to Bex after she found out about him and Claire last week. She is devastated and tells him she will never forgive him. Meanwhile, Claire goes to speak to Pete. She is shocked when he reveals something to that he was forceful with Bex but that she was asking for it. In S19 E34, it is the day of the trial, Claire tries to talk to Pete outside but he says he did not rape Bex and begs her not to say anything. In court, Pete’s defence lawyer tries to discredit Bex in the witness box, reducing her to tears. Later, Selena gives her evidence. She says the injuries Bex sustained could be down to consensual sex but makes it clear that in her professional opinion it was not consensual. Bex is upset afterwards but Selena comforts her and takes her home. That night Claire breaks down under the strain. She tells Luke that Pete told her he came on heavy with Bex but that she led him on. She wants comfort from Luke but he is furious and throws her out of his house. In S19 E36, Luke warns Claire that if she doesn’t tell the court the truth, their relationship is over. But when she tells Pete, he begs her not to. When a tearful Claire takes to the stand, she almost tells the truth about Pete but cannot bring herself to do so, and says nothing. Outside, Pete thanks her but she tells him to leave her alone, and Luke walks off in disgust. In S19 E37, the jury deliver the verdict – Bex is shocked and upset when they judge Pete ‘not guilty’. Outside the court, Luke tries to hit Pete whilst Bex tells Pete that she and him both now the truth before storming off. Claire is also furious when Pete says he wants them to celebrate but also shockingly adds he will get revenge on Bex for what she’s done to him. In S19 E38, with the court case over, Bex is back at work, she worries to Charlie that people will think she is a liar after Pete was found not guilty. Luke reveals to her that Pete has told Claire of his guilt. Fuming, she confronts Claire and slaps her across the face. In S19 E39, Pete turns up at Bex’s house and forces his way inside. He threatens to make her pay for ruining his life and leaves her a terrified quivering wreck on the floor. In S19 E41, Claire tries to apologise but Bex says she is just trying to clear her conscience. Bex says she is going to leave Holby to make a fresh start. Claire is horrified and later tells Bex she will leave so that Bex can stay. Bex says she needs to leave because she cannot bare to see Luke and Claire together. Claire says that Luke wants nothing to do with her but Bex says that Luke still loves Claire. In S19, E42, Pete turns up at the hospital and attacks Bex outside. Luke rushes over and punches Pete, knocking him to the ground. Pete is then admitted for treatment. Later, Luke notices that Pete is missing. He goes to warn Bex but she is not at reception. Pete finds Bex walking in an empty corridor. He pins her up against the wall and threatens to destroy her, he says he has raped her and will do it again. A terrified Bex pushes him off and he falls down a flight of stairs. Luke and Charlie rush over, Luke tells Bex to leave. In S19 E43, the team are unable to save Pete and he dies. Luke tells Charlie they should lie to the police to protect Bex. Security guard Colin hands Luke CCTV footage of the incident. In S19 E44, the police put pressure on Colin over the missing CCTV footage, Bex panics and worries that the police will find out that she pushed Pete down the stairs. Luke tells her he has a plan and arranges for her to escape abroad. On the way to the harbour, the police give chase. But Luke – who has left Claire early at her brother’s funeral – manages to get Bex on the boat and away before they are caught. Bex asks Luke to come with her, but it’s clear he still has feelings for Claire when he refuses, despite their close bond. Bex bids farewell.

Memorable Moments

  • S17 E32 – Bex is shocked when her ex-husband Luke Warren arrives as the new paramedic.
  • S18 E15 – Bex collapses after drowning her sorrows after discovering she is diabetic
  • S18 E36 – Bex and Luke go speed dating
  • S18 E46 – Bex fights Claire after discovering she has snogged Luke
  • S19 E4 – Selena catches Bex in bed with her husband Will.
  • S19 E24 – After the Valentines Ball, Pete rapes Bex.
  • S19 E25/ S19 E26 – Bex deals with the aftermath of her rape ordeal.
  • S19 E37 – The court deliver a ‘not guilty’ verdict.
  • S19 E42 – Bex pushes Pete to his death, in self-defence.
  • S19 E44 – Bex bids farewell.

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