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Cas Character

Selena Donovan

Played by Liz Carling


S17 E25 – S17 E30, S19 E1 – S21 E48

Job Title

Staff Grade/ Police Surgeon/ Associate Specialist

First Words


Selena is a successful, academically gifted and strong-minded woman who has a great belief in her work and is determined to get what she wants.

Selena had a brief stay on Holby, her debut episode being S17 E25, when she arrives in the department to carry out new drug trials. When Selena gets the go ahead from upstairs, Harry is pleased, but Charlie has reservations and thinks it will be disruptive. In S17 E27, whilst Harry and Selena were out to dinner, Harry’s wife Beth dies in a car accident. Harry blames himself as Beth was giving Tally a driving lesson, which he had promised to do. In S17 E28, the team are giving Selena the cold shoulder as she was with Harry the night his wife dies. In S17 E29, Selena’s trials are raising controversy again. When she fails to check a patient’s medical history, Harry’s forced to reprimand her. But it’s clear he’s not just angry about that – she confronts him and tells him their personal life shouldn’t interfere with their professional life. In S17 E30, Selena bids farewell to Harry as it’s her last day. As she leaves her number and kisses him on the lips, Tally catches them and runs off hysterically in to Lara’s arms.

By Series 19, Selena is now newly married to DI [ID 1498]Will[/ID] Manning. In S19 E1, she is introduced as a forensic doctor who helps to crack the case of two missing children. Harry is certainly surprised to see her but their relationship is now purely platonic. In S19 E4, Selena starts her first day as the new doctor but, realising she has forgotten her hepatitis B vaccination certificate, she goes home to get it. But gets a nasty shock when she catches her husband, Will, with receptionist Bex. In S19 E6, Selena is furious when Will turns up at work with a bunch of flowers. She bins them and tells him to leave her alone. In S19 E11, Selena plans to get Guppy to realise his potential but it backfires when he learns it is a set-up. Guppy makes another mistake when he discharges a patient with a broken neck. The patient is later re-admitted and could be paralysed. Guppy is distraught but then makes a correct diagnosis and withdraws his resignation. In S19 E14, Selena is called to the police station to examine a suspect. The policeman tells Selena he has only fallen over and he is faking his injury. The man is later admitted seriously ill with internal bleeding. Selena hears the policeman telling Bex that the man had actually fallen from a roof. Harry reprimands Selena for not examining the suspect properly. Selena accuses Bex of gossiping with the policeman about her and Will and says she will make her life miserable. In S19 E15, Selena fulfils her promise to Bex and takes every opportunity to harass her throughout the day. In S19 E18, Selena continues to take every opportunity to reprimand Bex, who tries to get her own back when Selena does not fill in a patient’s form properly. Bex tells her she is inefficient but Selena says that Bex is being petty, and Harry agrees, putting Bex firmly in her place. Tess sees this and Bex tells her she cannot take Selena’s bullying any longer. In S19 E25, after being raped Bex calls the police. When it comes to Bex having a medical examination she is surprised that the doctor assigned to perform it is Selena and she screams at the police woman saying that she will not allow her to do it. Selena explains that she and Bex should put their difficulties in the past and that she is there to support her 100% and help make sure justice is carried out. After the physical examination Bex decides not to press charges and sets off home. However, when confronted with the taxi driver Bex realises that the rape has affected her more than she thought and goes to pieces at the thought of getting into his car. She returns inside and starts crying, Selena comforts her and tells her she has to report the rape. In S19 E28, Bex goes home in tears after being traumatised by Claire. Selena and Charlie go round to check on her and find her collapsed from a a hypo. In S19 E30, an explosion at a farm, leads to a number of casualties. After her hospital shift, Selena spends the day with Will on her police doctor shift when she gets a call to certify the death of a man, at the farm after the original incident has taken place. Things are frosty between the pair at first, especially when the policewoman working with Will makes snide comments to Selena. Selena turns detective when she helps Will solve the murder and uncovers chemical waste disposal on the farm. At the end of the day Will tells Selena he wants them to try again – he says he was seeing the policewoman but that the relationship is over. Selena realises she needs to move on and tells him she wants a divorce. In S19 E31, Selena is frustrated by Will’s behaviour, as he refuses to respond to the divorce proceedings she’s initiated. In S19 E34, it’s the day of Bex’s trial. Selena gives her evidence. She says the injuries Bex sustained could be down to consensual sex but makes it clear that in her professional opinion it was not consensual. Bex is upset afterwards but Selena comforts her and takes her home. In S19 E36, Bex tells Selena she is upset that her former best friend will be giving evidence. Bex cannot believe that a few months ago Selena hated her but now she is her only friend. Luke tells Selena he wishes Bex would speak to him. Selena says Bex thinks he is a traitor. In S19 E40, Selena is working her police surgeon shift. She is dismayed to see she will be working with Will, who is pleased to see her again. Will is working on a case involving drug traffickers and Selena is called to identify the body of a woman. Selena pressures Will into signing the divorce papers, he is dismissive and instead asks her to dinner. Later Selena receives a call asking her to attend another crime scene. She arrives at the location and is attacked by one of the drug traffickers and is held hostage. Will manages to track her down, but one of the criminals, Erika, and a bent copper escape and discuss that they must now kill Selena. In S19 E41, Will is still desperate to get back with Selena, who is back in the hospital visiting a drug mule patient. She gets embroiled in their troubles once again and Erika stabs her in the hospital car park. When she is found, they rush her into theatre to attempt to save her life. In S19 E42, Harry is unhappy when he learns Will has been cheating on Selena despite implying they were back together. Harry checks on Selena. He tries to tell her that seeing her nearly die made him realise he had feelings for her. Selena begs him not to say anymore and he apologises, leaving her alone. In S19 E44, Selena is on the mend after her stabbing and goes home with Will. In S19 E46, it’s Selena’s first day back at work following her attack. She doesn’t appreciate being fussed over by her colleagues, but later in the shift suffers pains. In S19 E47, Selena collapses with an abscess on her wound. Harry looks for Will and finds him in an uncompromising position with Ellen. In S19 E48, Harry tells Will that Selena has MRSA and her condition is serious. Later, Will ends his affair with Ellen.

In S20 E4, Will has been ignoring Ellen’s calls so the mischievous nurse hatches a plan to win him back when she discovers Selena is being discharged from hospital, by making Selena catch Ellen at his house in her negligee. However, her meddling soon backfires and it leaves both Selena and Ellen heartbroken. In S20 E5, Will comes in desperate to see Selena and she agrees to go to lunch with him. When she sees a nurse carrying a urine sample, she decides the perfect revenge – to pour it over his head. In S20 E12, Selena notices Ellen flirting with Harry and warns him to be careful. In S20 E17, Selena is first at the scene after a tunnel collapse, as she is on the way to the Trust’s Christmas party. She helps tend the injured and trapped which include some of her colleagues. In S20 E22, Nathan asks Selena out and she turns to Maggie for advice. Selena then asks Harry out, but he turns her down. Later in the shift, Selena agrees to go out with Nathan. They continue to date. In S20 E26, Selena is unimpressed with Harry, who feels dutifully bound to propose to a pregnant Ellen. In S20 E27, in her role as a Police Surgeon, Selena deals with a case involving a couple and a baby. Selena blames herself when she feels she made the wrong decision resulting in lives put at risk. She decides to resign as a police surgeon but Nathan fails to give her the support she needs and in S20 E29 decides to dump him for that reason. However she is shocked when he later acts like it was him that ended the relationship. In S20 E30, Nathan’s strange behaviour towards Selena at work makes her feel uneasy – he claims to be doing a patient/ staff interaction survey in the department, but Selena isn’t convinced. In S20 E31, Selena is still concerned that Nathan is stalking her. Together with Maggie, she raids his office and they are shocked to find CCTV footage of Selena. Nathan catches them but he has an explanation for his actions; claiming he is planning to increase security measures in the department. In S20 E32, New CCTV cameras have been put in place but Selena is still suspicious of Nathan, thinking he is just covering his tracks. In S20 E41, The hospital advertises a new associate specialist position. Maggie is furious having recently had her new Consultant’s job cut. Charlie is left to tell Selena the news and she is at first adamant she will not be applying and has a go at Nathan, however she later changes her mind which causes friction between the two friends. In S20 E42, Nathan announces that Selena has got the Assosciate Specialist job and things are tense between Selena and Maggie. But when Selena helps treat a patient, with Maggie, the pair clear the air. In S20 E47, after a stressful shift, Nathan confides in Selena that he’s HIV.

In S21 E3, Nathan is continuing to worry about his future and becomes distressed when he cuts himself. Selena convinces him to take a blood test and he is glad to have her on his side. He is relieved when Selena informs him that his HIV result is negative. The pair later kiss in his office. In S21 E4, Selena and Nathan are back together, but she wants to keep it from her colleagues. Nathan tries to undermine Harry by offering him a position which he would share with Selena. This plan backfires when it brings the friends closer together, which makes Nathan jealous. In S21 E5, Selena’s attempts to prove herself in her new position alongside Harry are causing more harm than good, and both Tess and Harry soon decide they have had enough. Matters aren’t helped when Harry finds Selena kissing Nathan. In S21 E7, Maggie walks in on Selena and Nathan kissing. Selena tries to explain but Maggie is angry and thinks that Nathan is favouring Selena because of their relationship. The atmosphere between the pair is tense and when they treat a patient together it doesn’t help the situation. In S21 E9, Selena decides to carry out a major accident exercise in a bid to prove that Holby is better than St James’s ED, thus preventing the department’s closure. But when she rubs people up the wrong way, her plan results in chaos. In S21 E13, Selena is due to appear on television to speak to the Holby MP. Nathan tells her to ask the MP why the current Emergency Department should remain open when they could have a bigger, better ED at St James’s. However, his plan is foiled when Selena is quarantined when a patient is admitted to the hospital with radiation burns and Harry takes her place. In S21 E19, Nathan’s mother, Peggy, comes into the department after a delivery driver is injured at her house. Selena is shocked when Peggy has only bad words to say of her son. But she is in for more surprise when Nathan later comes into her office and proposes to her. However little does she know that Nathan has been seeing prostitutes behind her back and Kelsey discovers his secret in S21 E21. In S21 E22, Nathan informs the shocked staff about Harry’s suspension following Alice’s sexual harrassment claim. Selena supports him for making a tough call and later she decides to accept his proposal. In S21 E23, Kelsey agonises over whether to tell Selena the truth about Nathan as their wedding approaches. Still feeling regret over making claims against Harry, Alice looks into Harry’s confidential file to see if Nathan’s story that others had complained against him are true but is upset to find out he was lying. Selena happens to find out what she is doing and is shocked when she learns of Nathan’s deceit. Selena confronts Nathan who says he did it because of the new job he was offered and promises there will be no more lies between them. But Kelsey decides to confront Selena with the truth. Distraught Selena tells Nathan it’s all over. In S21 E24, Selena warns Nathan he should make more friends now that Harry has won the local election. In S21 E25, as Harry prepared to leave Holby hospital for his role as an MP, he shares a passionate embrace with Selena in his office – witnesses by Nathan. Next episode in S21 E26, following their night together, Selena feels Harry’s absence in the department but is hoping to hear from him but Nathan puts the mockers on her new love prospect when he claims flowers Harry sent are from him and deletes his text from her phone, leading to Selena leaving a message on Harry’s mobile to say their night together was a mistake. In S21 E28, Selena gives Nathan grief about new Consultant Andrea.

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