Sophia Di Martino

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Plays Polly Emmerson

DATE OF BIRTH : 15th November 1983

HEIGHT : 5ft 7

NATIVE : Nottingham

TRAINING : Salford University

PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Sophia made a guest appearance in CASUALTY in S21 E12 ‘No Place Like..’ as Shauna Milsom.

PREVIOUS HOLBY APPEARANCE : Sophia made a guest appearance in HOLBY CITY in S6 E35 ‘In at the Deep End’ as Gemma Walker.

TELEVISION CREDITS : Holby City; Doctors; The Marchioness Disaster; T.A.P.S.; New Street Law; Strictly Confidential; Ideal; Heartbeat; The Royal Today; Spooks; Boy Meets Girl; Survivors; Casualty; The Road to Coronation Street; Eternal Law

FILM CREDITS : Milton Walk; Free Range; Blue; Division; Black Pond

THEATRE CREDITS : A View From The Bridge; Below the Text; Deconstruction; The Laramie Project; Mania; 4:48 Psychosis; Guerrila Performance; Installation & Performance; Dirty; We Are Three Sisters

AGENT : Pure Actors Agency & Management Ltd, 4th Floor, 20-22 High Street, Manchester M4 1QB.


Sophia continues to act as well as work as a photographer.

Twitter : @soafdimartino



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