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Actor Tony Marshall joined the cast of CASUALTY at the beginning of this year as receptionist Noel Garcia. Noted for his appearances in Only Fools and Horses and more recently cult show Life on Mars, little is yet known about Tony’s CASUALTY character. We talk to him about his time on the show so far…

How did you get the part of Noel in CASUALTY? Where were you when you found out you’d got the part and how did you celebrate?

I auditioned for the part a few months before, I was at my girlfriend’s when I got the call and out of work for six months; we drank champagne!

Did you have any nerves about joining such an established show? What was your first day on Set like?

Yes I did have nerves but it is such a well run show that on my first day, I felt like I’d always been here.

What have the rest of the cast been like to work with? Who have you bonded with most so far?

Great! Supportive and mad! Charles Dale, who plays Big Mac, and I have bonded well due to the love of PSP and other technology!

How would you describe your character Noel? Can you relate to him in anyway – do you have any similar traits?

He’s a chancer! Cheeky, up for a laugh – looking out for ways to make money.. he means well. I am taller than Noel!

It’s not the first time you’ve appeared on the show, can you tell us about your previous guest appearances?

In the 90’s I played a train conductor in an episode about a train crash and I lost my right hand and I was a basketball player in my spare time.

What would you consider some of the other highlights of your career so far?

Life on Mars, Only Fools and Horses and Judge John Deed.

Were you a fan of CASUALTY before you joined the cast?


How did you get into acting?

I got caught doing impressions of the Headmaster who put me in the Christmas School Show.. got the bug!

Away from the busy filming schedules, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Into classic cars, football, pice games and Comedy DVD’s; Richard Pryor, Kings of Comedy.


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  1. Hi, Tony, long time from i seen you in lisburn co, antrim.. must be 17/18 yrs you promised you would come back when you got famous, lol love to you and your family tony, best regards jean [ Owens Mum ]

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