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HC Character

Carlos Faschola

Played by David Bedella


S6 E42 ‘While the Cat’s Away’ – S7 E7 ‘Moment of Truth’; S7 E34 ‘Patience’ – S7 E42 ‘Soft Centred’

Job Title

Plastic Surgeon

First Words


Charming plastic surgeon Carlos Faschola arrives in the department in S6 E42 to work on a private patient on the ward in cooperation with the NHS. Tricia nurses the patient and the surgeon is impressed with her bedside manner. When he tries to pay her for her hard work she is offended and refuses to take the money. In S6 E44, Tricia sets Carlos up with Chrissie although it seems she is also quite taken with him. Chrissie uninterested makes her excuses to leave the date. In S6 E45, Chrissie asks Carlos to go on a second date but then decides she’s not interested after all. She tells Tricia that he is more her type and she should go for him. In S6 E46, Tricia flirts with Carlos all day but is exasperated that he has not asked her out. Just as she is about to make a move, he asks her on a date and they kiss. In S6 E47, Tricia is on cloud nine after her kiss with Carlos and the couple flirt all day. In S6 E48, Tricia complains that Carlos is taking their relationship too slowly so she brings him to the party to get him drunk and seduce him. In S6 E49, Tricia is over the moon after her night with Carlos but worries that he does not feel the same way about her. Her fears are confirmed when she tells him she’s in love with him but he does not respond. In S6 E50, Tricia is upset about the way Carlos behaved last week. He tries to talk to her but she avoids him, assuming he wants to end their relationship. After work, he tells her he has a surprise planned – he has borrowed a friend’s yacht and treats her to a Champagne lunch on deck. He says he wants a serious relationship and gives her a small jewellery box. Tricia gasps but, when she opens it, there are earrings inside and not the ring she had secretly hoped for. In S6 E52, Chrissie sees Donna flirting with Carlos and tells Tricia. Tricia confronts Carlos but he tells her he was only showing Donna some underwear he had bought for her as a surprise gift. That night, he takes Tricia back to his hotel room and they spend the night together but he makes a shocking discovery – Tricia has a lump in her breast.

In S7 E1, Carlos pesters Tricia to go to the breast care clinic to get her lump looked at in the latest dose of the medical drama. Tricia eventually agrees. Diane does the tests and tells Tricia that the initial result is borderline; she will find out in a week if the lump is malignant. In S7 E2, Tricia asks Diane for her test results and discovers that the lump is malignant. She needs to have it removed but refuses, as she doesn’t want any scars. However, Carlos later puts pressure on her to go ahead with the operation. In S7 E4, Carlos tells Tricia he will pay for her to get the lump removed at the Hadlington that day. She goes ahead with it and Diane and Carlos assist on the operation. But when the surgeon finds a second lump, he tells her she will need a mastectomy. In S7 E5, Chrissie thinks Tricia and Carlos are going away for the weekend but it is actually the day of Tricia’s mastectomy. However, there is a problem during the operation and she is transferred from The Hadlington to the High Dependancy Unit at Holby. Chrissie is shocked to find out about the operation and upset that Tricia did not tell her. Tricia explains she did not want to worry her. She tells Chrissie that Carlos has been incredibly supportive but he tells Chrissie that he is leaving Tricia. A furious Chrissie slaps him across the face and then breaks the news to Tricia. In S7 E7, It is Tricia’s first day in chemotherapy. She sees Carlos who apologises to her and explains that he left because he could not handle her illness. Later, Carlos tells her he wants them to remain friends.

Memorable Moments

Gallery : Carlos Faschola

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