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Cas Character

David Hide

Played by Jason Durr


S30 E33 ‘Tangled Webs We Weave’ – S37 E23

Holby City Appearances

S22 E12/13

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

(to patient) Are you comfortable?


Ex-wife, Rosa and one son, Ollie. David’s older brother, George, committed suicide when he was 20.


David is a shy, thoughtful and withdrawn man who struggles with the social complexities of the world and always carries a multi-coloured bumbag around with him. Following a two year break from work, he is told he must return which proves difficult. But he’s a good and diligent nurse, who follows instructions well and goes about his job efficiently and quietly and is a great listener. He becomes good friends with nurse Robyn, who is determined to bring him out of his shell.

We later learn that David is divorced from his partner, Rosa and prior to their break up, he kidnapped their son, Ollie, which led to Rosa taking primary care of Ollie and cutting David off. David later admits to suffering from bipolar – and the reason he wears a bumbag is to ensure he takes his medication.

He battles with taking the medication as he feels like he loses his emotions whilst on them. Midway through Series 31 he suffers a manic episode when he comes of his pills and puts Robyn and her unborn baby’s life in jeopardy in the process.

In Series 32, David is one of the team that heads to France to help with the refugee crisis. David assists Dylan in bringing a young child, Sanosi back into the country. He also helps new F1 Rash gain more confidence. Another amusing episode finds David at the centre of some unwanted attention when strangers think he’s a perverted criminal after an uncanny photo fit appears in the local paper.

In Series 33, Charlie is struggling with Duffy’s dementia diagnosis and in one incident snaps at David, attacking him. Charlie accuses David of pushing him, resulting in his suspension. David also meets new porter Rosa.

In Series 34, David’s son returns to Holby and wants to live with him. In on episode, David rescues Oliver after he falls into a river. Oliver is keen for Rosa and David to get closer so is pleased when he offers her a place to live. Rosa opens up to David about her past and he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend to her mother, as she is desperate for her to be happy again. When David meets her mother, she lies and says she hasn’t got long to live and wants Rosa to settle down. David decides to propose to her and despite the interference, the pair get married. David continues to struggle with his bi-polar and is concerned that Rosa doesn’t know the extent of his illness, but she shows her full support.

Memorable Moments

  • S30 E33 – Despite his quiet exterior, David impresses staff following his treatment of dying alcoholic Annie (Cathy Tyson) on his first shift.
  • S30 E37 – Robyn and David’s mortality cafe proves a success.
  • S30 E40 – David is deeply affected by the death of a young heroin addict.
  • S30 E41 – David treats faded film star Vera (Rula Lenska) and also discovers some truths about Robyn’s boyfriend Glen.
  • S31 E2 – David comforts Robyn who finds out some bad news about Glen’s condition
  • S31 E5 – David’s troubled son, Ollie, heads to Holby and his father admits to him he has bipolar.
  • S31 E13 – David goes out with the paramedics and finds his courage in this Wizard of Oz themed episode.
  • S31 E18 – David struggles to connect with his son as he discovers Oliver is the lead in the school play but hasn’t told him.
  • S31 E25 – David sends Ollie to live with his mum in Spain as he doesn’t want Ollie being his carer.
  • S31 E26 – David has stopped taking his medication and in the midst of his manic episode, speeds a heavily pregnant Robyn off in his car.
  • S31 E27 – David commits himself voluntarily to mental health care, after a manic episode causes Robyn and her baby’s life to be put at risk.
  • S31 E30 – David returns to work but hands in his resignation. But Jacob refuses to accept it.
  • S32 E1 – David is one of the team that heads to France to help a refugee camp.
  • S32 E3 – David comes to the aid of Dylan who takes a fall on a boat.
  • S32 E7 – Dylan is forced to being Sanosi into the ED much to David’s dismay.
  • S32 E9 – Louise conflicts with Dylan over him smuggling Sanosi into the country.
  • S32 E12 – David realises Rash’s nerves are more extreme than most people’s and decides to help the young doctor in his usual unique fashion.
  • S32 E14 – David offers to be Rash’s wingman to help conquer his nerves.
  • S32 E16 – Rash gets a confidence boost from nurse David, who has taken him under his wing. But Rash’s bubble bursts when his ex, Jesse, arrives in the ED needing treatment and she is not happy to see him.
  • S32 E36 – David uses his personal experience to support a grieving mother and daughter.
  • S32 E39 – David finds himself at the centre of some unwanted attention when strangers think he’s a perverted criminal after an uncanny photo fit appears in the local paper.
  • S33 E5 – David tries to hide patient Ciara from Dylan
  • S33 E9 – David calls on Zsa-Zsa to help Dylan
  • S33 E30 – A stressed Charlie attacks David
  • S33 E31 – David is suspended when Charlie claims he pushed him
  • S33 E44 – New porter Rosa helps David fix his car
  • S34 E1 – David’s son Ollie comes to the ED unannounced
  • S34 E3 – David rescues his son when he falls into the river
  • S34 E6 – Oliver is pleased when David offers for Rosa to come and live with them
  • S34 E7 – Rosa encourages David to fight for Oliver as his ex-wife wants him back
  • S34 E10 – Rosa opens up to David about her past and he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend when her mother visits
  • S34 E13 – Rosa’s mother confides in David that she is ill and encourages David to propose to her
  • S34 E16 – Rosa and David get married despite her mother’s interference
  • S34 E40 – Rosa returns from visiting her mother, Marty helps David plan a return surprise for her but all they want to do is stay in
  • S34 E41 – David struggles with his bipolar, and confides in Robyn that he has not yet told Rosa about the extent of his condition
  • S35 E6Leon makes a friend in David when he offers to fix his broken-down car.


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