Robyn Miller

robyn_miller2Played by Amanda Henderson


S27 E17 ‘Rabbits in the Headlights’ –

Job Title

Student Nurse / Staff Nurse

First Words

(to a smoking Zoe) Don’t let the staff see ya. They can refuse you stuff if they know you’re a smoker!


Robyn may not be the best academically, but she is strong in the care side of her work. She makes friends easily and is able to charm patients and get them on  side with her down to earth, friendly nature. However her talkative personality can sometimes be her downfall as she loves gossiping and finds it difficult keeping secrets.

The oldest of four siblings, Robyn always wanted to be a nurse. Having volunteered to care for her beloved Nan as a teenager, people always told her she was a ‘born nurse’

We are first introduced to Robyn in S27 E17 alongside three other student nurses; Aoife, Jamie and Ally. They face a gruelling first day when they struggle to cope with the devastating effects of a horrific coach crash. Robyn is partnered with Linda as her mentor. In S27 E18, Robyn discovers that Aoife’s boyfriend is not all he seems when he discovers him on a dating site claiming to be single. In S27 E23, the staff of the ED are struggling to cope as the Flu outbreak continues. Robyn makes matters worse when she posts confidential hospital information on a social media website, leading to a media scrum outside the hospital. Later, while carrying out a task in the basement Robyn discovers Noel has been living in the hospital basement. Noel reluctantly tells her he had to give up his flat due the expense of his father’s nursing home fees. Keen to make up for her earlier slip, Robyn finds Noel a place to stay – with his pal Big Mac, who wants a housemate. In S27 E27, the student nurses are put through their paces through their fearsome tutor Geraldine. Robyn is concerned she has it in for her and when she breaks patient confidentiality by leaving a message on a patients’s answerphone she fears the worst, however Geraldine is eventually impressed by their varying nursing skills. In S27 E28, a day at the fair turns out to be anything but fun when Robyn skives off work to enjoy the rides with old school friend Fran, who seems to spend most of her time putting the student nurse down. But after an accident on the ghost train involving a spaced-out drug addict in an Easter bunny suit, she has more to worry about than playing truant from work. She manages to save her friends life but stands up to Fran at the end of shift. In S27 E33, Robyn, Aoife and Jamie face interviews for two permenant nurses jobs in the ED. During Aoife’s interview, when praised for her treatment over a patient, she confesses that it was initially Robyn who recognised the patient’s need for help. Subsequently Robyn and Jamie are offered positions. In S27 E37, Robyn accidentally gets stoned during her shift when she eats a cookie belonging to a patient, who is using marijuana for pain management.

Memorable Moments

  • S27 E17 – A tough first shift for Robyn following a coach crash.
  • S27 E28 – Robyn take a day off to go to the fair but an accident occurs.
  • S27 E37 – Robyn accidentally gets stoned after eating a cookie laced with marijuana.

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