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Cas Character

Jamie Collier

Played by Daniel Anthony


S27 E17 ‘Rabbits in the Headlights’ – S28 E24 ‘Once in a Lifetime’; S29 E6 ‘The Last Call’

Job Title

Student Nurse/ Staff Nurse

First Words

(Jamie nearly gets run over by an ambulance when he gets off the bus) Sorry!


Jamie is the nephew of paramedic Jeff. Growing up in a large,  macho family where arguments were pretty much constant; Jamie, the youngest, got used to not getting involved in arguments and avoiding conflict which now proves a valuable asset in his nursing career. However his lack of assertion also has it’s downside.

Jamie is a caring and loyal friend and loves nothing better than hanging out with his girlfriends Aoife, Robyn and Ally. Although gay and comfortable with his sexuality, he doesn’t flaunt it at work or home and is still quite inexperienced in the romance department.

We are first introduced to Jamie in S27 E17 alongside three other student nurses; Aoife, Robyn and Ally. They face a gruelling first day when they struggle to cope with the devastating effects of a horrific coach crash. Jamie is partnered with Lloyd as his mentor. In S27 E21, Jamie comes out to Jeff after realising he’s nothing like his father. In S27 E29, when a young lad Reece is bought in to the ED with a bad head injury, Jamie and Lloyd suspect that he could have been involved in some sort of illegal boxing match promoted by his tough stepdad Maddox. During their investigations Jamie admits to Lloyd that he can see similarities to his younger days when his dad forced him into the boxing ring, too. Jamie also finally admits to Lloyd that he is gay. Lloyd feels Jamie is too emotionally involved in the case and tells him to take a step back – but Jamie can’t leave it and confronts Maddox. In S27 E30, Jamie turns up for his shift completely exhausted, having been kept awake by his rowdy neighbours. Lloyd assumes the young trainee nurse has been out partying and gives him a tough time. 
Things have been tense between the two nurses since the previous episode and Jamie is concerned Lloyd’s opinion of him has changed since he learnt of his sexuality. In S27 E32, Jeff is called to a petrol car explosion involving his sister and dad. Jeff’s angry brother, Jamie’s dad Richard, shows up at Holby and starts throwing his weight around. As Richard hurls abuse and threats at hospital staff, Jeff and Jamie share their experiences of growing up with tough dads. But this bonding experience is shattered when Richard suddenly turns his rage on Jamie, telling his son he’s ashamed he became a nurse. Jeff has to step in and take action against his volatile brother when he attacks Jamie. As the Collier boys brawl outside in the hospital car park, however, their critically ill dad takes a turn for the worse in intensive care. In S27 E33, the student nurses are interviewed for two permenant nursing positions; Jamie and Robyn are offered positions.

Memorable Moments

  • S27 E17 – Jamie makes his debut to the ED
  • S27 E29 – Jamie becomes involved in a case to do with illegal boxing.
  • S27 E32 – Jamie stands up to his overbearing father.
  • S29 E6 – Jamie attends his uncle Jeff’s funeral.

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