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Cas Character

Lloyd Asike

Played by Michael Obiora


S26 E2 ‘Starting Out’ – S27 E38 ‘You Always Hurt the One You Love’

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Charlie is showing Lloyd and Scarlett round the department. When they arrive in resus, the team are dealing with a patient in cardiac arrest.

Jordan : Which one of you is going to take over?

Scarlett : Now?! You mean now? No, please

Lloyd : I’ll do it! I did an ED placement at St James, I’ve seen this drill in resus hundreds of times… tens of times!


Overconfident and hot-headed nurse Lloyd, is good at the practical side of nursing, always thinking on his feet however he can sometimes be over-judgemental which leads him to see the cause rather than the patient. His heart is in the right place but sometimes his mouth isn’t! He gets ahead of himself, desperate to change the world one social economic problem at a time but because of his youth, inexperience and passion, can often makes the wrong decisions or get emotionally involved.

He arrives in the department with fellow nurse Scarlett in S26 E2. The differing attitudes are noitceable as Lloyd is confident and gets off to a racing start – saving the life of his first patient in resus whereas Scarlett is more nervous and reserved. Next episode, Lloyd and Scarlet continue to struggle with the emotional demands of their jobs. In S26 E4, Lloyd clashes with mentor Jay and is forced to go to Tess with his grievances. In S26 E5, Lloyd is responsible for observing the injured Seb, a cantankerous old man who’s desperate to get home to his wife. He slips away and Lloyd races after him making a horrifying discovery at Seb’s house. But Seb’s life is at risk and Lloyd is desperate to save him. In S26 E11, Jeff and Dixie suspect elderly patient Malc of using their ambulance as a taxi service – until Lloyd gets to the bottom of the medical mystery. Following a hospital explosion where Scarlett goes back inside to save patients, in S26 E17, Lloyd is slight miffed at the praise she is getting and disappointed in himself. In S26 E19, a female patient turns up in the ED with broken ribs and no memory of who she is, Lloyd pushes the team to do all that they can to uncover her identity. But as Lloyd pieces the clues together, he accidentally delivers her back into a dangerous situation that she was trying to escape in the first place. In S26 E21, seemingly sweet old lady Doris has Alzheimer’s which is causing her to act in unpredictable ways. But when she ends up in the ED after seemingly being attacked by a thug, it’s left to Lloyd to piece together the jigsaw of events. In S26 E22, a troubled lady is brought into the ED after being hit by a lorry and Lloyd is quick to jump to conclusions when the truck driver is concerned that a drink the night before may have put him over the limit. But Lloyd is forced to eat humble pie when circumstances turn out to be not what they seem. In S26 E25-27, Lloyd deals with a teenager, Stevie, who has been involved in a shooting. In S26 E29, Lloyd is hit by a patient. In S26 E31, Lloyd and Scarlett disagree when Lloyd flares up after receiving a racist insult. In S26 E32, an insecure Lloyd is determined to get Scarlett to discuss their relationship but she keeps brushing him off. And when Lloyd tries to help her by confronting Sam about her outburst towards Scarlett, Scarlett is furious – she’s perfectly capable of fighting her own battles.

Memorable Moments

  • S26 E2 – Lloyd is confident on his first shift.
  • S26 E5 – Lloyd deals with an elderly male patient, whose life is at risk.
  • S26 E21 – Lloyd deals with an Alzheimers patient and a thug who is accused of attacking her.


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