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Cas Character

Marty Kirkby

Played by Shaheen Jafargholi


S33 E13 – S37 E23

Holby City Appearances

S21 E10, S22 E2

Job Title

Student Nurse

First Words

(In staff room, to Dylan) Morning, Marty Kirkby, very pleased to meet you. I’m a Student Nurse, on my A&E placement.


Parents, Graham & Bibi, Cousin is HOLBY CITY’s Kian Madani


Confident Marty always wanted to be a nurse and is confident in his skills. His Achilles’ heel is always his heart, which more often than not is left broken.

Marty has always been close to his family, besides telling them about his homosexuality. His mother, fled from Iran to a community that had very conservative views on being gay and his father was a patron of working men’s clubs so he never found the opportunity to tell them that part of his life.

In Series 33, Marty has eyes on a Consultant, Joshua and pretends that Robyn’s baby is his to help impress him. Robyn is furious when she finds out. We are first introduced to Marty’s father when he comes into the ED to congratulate Marty on winning a nursing bursary. Cross wires lead Jade to pretend to be his girlfriend. When Marty’s mother is brought into the ED in a later episode, Marty decides to finally come out to his parents. His mother says she had always known however his father finds it harder to accept.

In Series 34, Marty spirals into danger after some failed romances. One boyfriend, Jack is discovered to be cheating on him and he then discovers he has been in close contact with a man, Danny with HIV. Another man rejects him for not being white. Jade shows her friendship as she supports him through his troubles whilst he shows his for her over her birth mother. Marty’s father is brought in with coronavirus symptoms and he confronts him over his homophobic views. Graham explains to Jade that he knew a gay man who committed suicide due to not being accepted, and that he fears the same will happen to Marty.

In Series 35, we meet Graham again after he accidentally cuts his finger off in a sawing accident. The pair attempt to reconcile their differences after Marty is involved in a tense hostage situation.


Memorable Moments

  • S33 E13 – Marty makes his debut and impresses Louise when he diagnoses a patient with meningitis
  • S33 E14 – Jade jokingly locks Marty in a store cupboard as the both vie for a patient’s affection, however he collapses after suffering an asthma attack
  • S33 E15 – Marty pretends that Robyn’s baby, Charlotte is his daughter to try and get himself a date with consultant Joshua
  • S33 E16 – Marty arranges a date with Joshua following encouragement from Jade
  • S33 E18Marty chooses his career over friendship with Jade
  • S33 E19Robyn bans Marty from looking after Charlotte after she finds out he gave her a temporary tattoo,  whilst Marty and Jade fight over which of them needs to move out
  • S33 E42 – Marty is awarded a Bursary. Marty’s dad arrives to congratulate him and in resulting confusion, Jade pretends to be his girlfriend
  • S33 E45 – After Marty’s mother is brought in with heart issues, Marty decides to come out to his parents. Bibi says she has always known however  Graham finds it difficult to process and says they shouldn’t see eachother
  • S34 E10 – Marty brings together a gay couple in the hospital who are not telling each other their true feelings.
  • S34 E11 – Marty supports Jade when she learns more information about her birth mother
  • S34 E21 – Marty is upset when he learns the man, Jack, he has been seeing has been using him and has a boyfriend. He goes to a club to commiserate
  • S34 E26 – A hungover Marty heads to another guy’s house but is rejected for not being white
  • S34 E27Jade finally loses her patience with Marty when he is late for another shift
  • S34 E30 – Marty is worried for his health when an HIV patient, Danny, that he has slept with turns up in the department. His father is hard towards him but Jade shows her support
  • S34 E33 – Marty’s father is admitted to hospital after displaying coronavirus symptoms, and the pair confront each other about his homophobic views.
  • S34 E40 – Marty tries to help David plan a return surprise for Rosa
  • S35 E5 – Marty’s father is brought in after accidentally sawing off his finger. The pair make amends during a tense hostage situation
  • S35 E6 – Marty overhears Lev and Faith talking about Lev cheating on her with a man and tries to give Lev his support but to no avail

Love Interests

  • Joshua Bowers
  • Jack Ward
  • Danny Butler

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