Max Walker

Played by Jamie Davis


S28 E9 ‘Love Hurts’ –

Job Title


First Words

What’s happened to my guitarist?


Mother, Greta. Step-sister Robyn Miller.


Charming and cheeky porter Max, has a sensitive side deep down and whilst he is always known to have a laugh and appear lazy, he is also intelligent but just chooses when to use it.

He is a pro at chess and is a keen musician who dreams of progressing in his band, but getting a job as a porter in the ED department shows a different side to him.

Love Interests

  • Zoe Hanna (m.2015)

Memorable Moments

  • S30 E1 – Max is in turmoil following Zoe’s revelations.
  • S30 E2 – Zoe and Max kiss but a reconciliation is still far away from being reached.
  • S30 E6 – Max asks Zoe for a divorce.
  • S30 E9 – Max applies for a job in Birmingham to escape being in the company of his estranged wife, Zoe.
  • S30 E20 – After a one night stand with Victoria, at first he tries to make Zoe jealous but later needs her help to dump her.
  • S30 E22 – Max goes on a date with someone who looks uncannily like his estranged wife Zoe.
  • S30 E24 – Max and Zoe are back together but their reunion is shortlived when Max realises he can’t trust her.
  • S30 E28 – Max invites Jez to move in with him and Robyn.
  • S30 E29 – Max befriends Mercedes’ lonely son Connor.
  • S30 E30 – Connor calls Max when he becomes trapped in a bin. Mercedes is unhappy about their friendship.
  • S30 E32 – Zoe considers a future outside of Holby when Max encourages her to internet date.
  • S30 E33 – With a hangover from hell, Max plays Zoe a late night voicemail she did saying how much she missed him. Later Zoe braves a poisonous spider as she goes to rescue Max and Connie from a dangerous situation.
  • S30 E34 – Following a hostage situation, Max says a tearful goodbye to Zoe at the airport as she leaves Holby.
  • S30 E37 – Dylan tries to befriend Max through chess.
  • S30 E42 – Max helps Dylan babysit for his baby sister Rihanna.
  • S31 E6 – Max and Jez are horrified when they wake up in the same bed.
  • S31 E17 – Max and Jez try to record Seb confessing his guilt about his allegation against Dylan.
  • S31 E33 – Max has his head turned by a journalist covering the strike. They have a shared past but only one of them remembers the details!
  • S31 E42 – Max organises a charity speed dating event.

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