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Cas Character

Dillon Cahill

Played by Dan Rymer


S16 E1 – S17 E40

Job Title

Grade F Nurse

First Words

Someone used to work here, you know Patrick, what’s his name, big fella, never got a round in!


Dillon is a popular member of the team, who is an exceptional nurse, who truly cares for the patients. He hides a background of being a Samaritan, and that he also trained to be a doctor at medical school. He is a confident person, who is not afraid to take people on and stands up for himself.

Dillon debuts in S16 E1, and is called out after Josh and Fin’s ambulance crashes and hangs precariously over a railway bridge. In S16 E2, Dillon arrives to work in a posh car, driven by a glamorous woman. This shift he talks to Lynn, the sister of a teenager who Josh accidentally killed in an accident last episode. He goes through his last moments with her. In S16 E3, Dillon conflicts with new SHO Lara, over her attitude and approach. However in S16 E5, he stands up for her decision to deliver a baby in Resus after the mother is injured in an RTA. Charlie tells him he’s disappointed in the way he handled the situation, but Dillon tells him there was no alternative. Dillon persuades the baby’s father not to take any further action. In S16 E7, a cosmetic surgeon is brought in with a head injury and is also suffering with hemotemesis. Dillon doesn’t get on with him, and reveals they went to medical school together, before Dillon dropped out in the third year. Dillon finds out Patrick has a girlfriend and is about to go on a date with Lara – she warns her off him, and together they play a trick on him. In S16 E8, Nurse Anna is chuffed when Dillon agrees to go for a drink with her, although when they get to the pub, other staff members are already there. In S16 E11, Dillon helps treat a 14 year old girl, Jenny, who has has severe eczema, and wants steroids. She has gone behind her mother’s back, who won’t let her take any kind of drug as she thinks they are all addictive. Dillon gives her some steroid cream and gives her a referral. In S16 E12, Patrick and Dillon treat Spencer after he collapses in Reception and vomits blood. His ex-wife Shirley visits him and Spencer and confirms he has not had a drink for ages, but she storms off, when Dillon tells her his condition could be due to being back on alcohol. Patrick later finds out it is not drink related – Dillon feels guilty, but Shirley has already left. In S16 E13, Dillon, working a night shift as a Samaritan, takes a call from a student, Luke Cunningham, who wishes to take his own life. Dillon carries on talking to him, and calls an ambulance when he admits that he has taken pills. Because of this, Dillon is late for his shift at A&E, Charlie has a go at him and tells him to keep his nursing first priority. Luke is saved in CRASH, and his father, Mark, comes to see him. Luke tried to take his life, because of the pressures of his medicine degree and his father’s overbearing attitude – Dillon advises him to do what he wants to. In S16 E14, Dillon apologises to Spencer for ruining his relationship with his ex-wife – but she later turns up to see him. He next treats patient Charlotte Leith Jones, who is brought in after crashing her car into a tree. Dillon discovers old bruises and she tells him her husband has beaten her, he tries to admit her overnight. Her husband, Simon, tells Philippa that she is an alcoholic, who makes up stories, and persuades her that he can take Charlotte home. Dillon helps her to leave to a refuge by taxi, while an enraged Simon lashes out a Philipa. In S16 E22, Jack asks on Dillon’s advice about his cancer fears. Dillon also treats a Sales Rep, Bob, wanting to pick up a G&N prescription, Dillon treats him in triage. Not thinking it’s serious, he goes to see Patrick. Meanwhile, Bob discharges himself, but collapses with an MI in the car park. In S16 E24, an elderly lady, Winnie, is left waiting six hours to be seen in a corridor, after suffering from food poisoning. Her son, Martin, arrives and is not happy – Dillon tries to explain the hospital management situation – not realising he is a journalist reporter. Martin tells Jan he will write an article, which does not please her and she tells Dillon off. In S16 E25, Dillon comforts a young squatter, Gemma, who has just lost her sister in a fire. He lets her stay at his house, and next episode, while he is asleep, she walks into his bedroom and tries to get into his bed, naked. Dillon wakes up and promptly tells her it’s not what he wants. Upset she walks out. Later Gemma is brought into A&E, after being found injured at a motorway. She claims to have been hit by a car. But Charlie believes her to have self-harmed herself in an attempt to gain Dillon’s sympathy. Charlie tries to warn Dillon of getting too involved. In S16 E27, Dillon takes an unwilling Gemma to a hostel, but she is brought in after self harming herself, by cutting her arms. Dillon is worried for her, but she discharges herself. She later calls him at work, pleading for his help – but Charlie refuses to let him leave his shift early, saying she isn’t a suicide risk. After finishing his shift, Dillon goes home and discovers Gemma collapsed after swallowing pills. She dies in Resus. Charlie takes Dillon aside, who is furious with Charlie. Charlie tells Dillon he reminds him of how he used to be, which Dillon is not impressed with – Charlie says that he was fighting a losing battle and you can’t win them all. In S16 E31, Tony teases Dillon by telling him he thinks he’s a closet gay, which he denies. In S16 E32, the Norwalk virus is causing chaos in A&E, and after doing a double shift, Dillon becomes increasingly unwell – has he the first stages of the Norwalk virus? Jan and a disgruntled Charlie send him home in a taxi, hoping he hasn’t caught it, so as not to close A&E. Charlie tells her she will be fired if he is found to have the disease, but Jan remarks back that they are in it together. Next episode, however, Dillon is said to be recovering well, blaming tiredness for his ill health. In S16 E34, after teasing from Tony that he looks gay, Dillon dies his hair dark in an attempt to look less so. In S16 E39, Roxy hides her baby in the porters lodge – Dillon confronts her, surprised the baby is hers. And in S16 E40, Dillon helps to comfort Jack, after Nikki is stabbed on shift.

In S17 E2, New Locum SHO, Heather Lincoln, arrives and doesn’t go unnoticed by certain male staff. She is treated to an unofficial tour of the department by Simon, who asks her for a drink after shift. She is quick to forget, when she witnesses Dillon undressing in the staffroom and is about to proposition him, when Simon walks in. In S17 E3, a foreign woman, Marion comes in with her sister, Samira, after a car accident. She has a wrist injury, but are anxious to leave. Marion is discovered to have swollen bags of heroin and dies in CRASH. Samira tells Dillon, she has also swallowed drugs, but must leave as men have captured their children until they have been given the drugs. Dillon and Harry clash with Charlie over how to deal with the case. Charlie insists the police be called but Dillon claims they are innocent victims of extortion. Heather is unhappy with Dillon’s interest in helping Lara, she ignores him and flirts with Simon. In S17 E5, Dillon pays Lara an emotional visit in prison. She feels unable to cope but Dillon tells her not to give up hope. In S17 E6, Dillon suggests Duffy goes to see Lara. Fin is called out to a car crash, where Teresa Hart becomes a victim. In the car are also young girl, Amy, and down syndrome Mary – who turns out to be Amy’s mother. Dillon befriends them and wants them both admitted over the weekend, but Charlie calls Social Services – Dillon is furious when it looks likely they will be split up. Later Dillon discovers Heather has been cheating on him with Simon. He confronts Heather, who says they weren’t exclusive and takes his anger out on Simon in the staff room. In S17 E7, Roxy calls the Samaritans after having left her baby in a shop overnight – Dillon picks up on the other end. Roxy tells him everything and when she says she’s a nurse, Dillon realises who she is and admits he is a nurse too. Panicked Roxy slams the phone down and rushes back to the shop changing room and finds Nicole is still there. However once back home, Nicole has a fit and Roxy is forced to take her into A&E. Dillon tries to talk Roxy into seeking help. In S17 E8, Roxy arrives to discuss her work options and is not happy with Dillon’s interference. At an after shift drinks, Dillon decides to forgive Heather, but sees her going off with another guy. In S17 E9, Dillon spots cancer on an x-ray of a patient, which Heather misses, but she passes off the diagnosis to Harry, as her own. Lara goes to court on her appeal and is released – Dillon meets her at the station. In S17 E10, annoyed at Heather’s incompetence, Simon and Dillon join forces to play a trick on her, on her last day. In the on call room they tie her up. In S17 E16, Roxy is upset when an attractive student is diagnose with an inoperable brain tumour. Distraught she snaps at Dillon when he teases her about fancying the boy. Tony’s noticed how concerned Dillon is about who Roxy’s with and teases him that he’s jealous. Dillon denies it but it looks like Tony could have hit on something. In S17 E19, Roxy and Dillon get closer to admitting how they really feel about each other. The pair almost end up kissing in the lift after Roxy says Dillon’s sweet. Sadly the doors open just at the wrong moment and treat Anna and Merlin to the sight of them in a clinch. In S17 E20, Roxy’s feeling vulnerable after another tough day in A&E. The sight of Fin’s sick child has left her wondering why innocent children have to suffer. Dillon comforts her with a hug and offers to take her out for a meal. Roxy though would prefer they just headed straight home. In S17 E21, Dillon and Colette are arguing about who may be promoted into Duffy’s position when she leaves. In S17 E22, Dillon and Colette are both up for Duffy’s old job but when Colette is given the promotion, Dillon finds it hard to have to answer to her. When he goes a step to far Charlie is forced to warn him to stop undermining Colette’s authority. In S17 E28, Dillon and other colleagues go out together for a meal at the restaurant where Roxy works. Dillon is up for a laugh and does an inappropriate action which causes Roxy to resign. Angry she also dumps him. In S17 E40, it’s the day of Nikki and Jack’s wedding. Dillon wakes up after a night with Bex. Dillon then goes to pick up Nikki in a vintage ambulance and confesses that it is Bex who has put him in such a good mood. They stop en route to tend to an injured man on the roadside. It turns out to be one of Vinnay’s henchmen, who then attacks and shoots Dillon while Nikki is bundled into the boot of their car. Dillon is brought into casualty on a stretcher and Bex, wearing last night’s dress and, until now, a satisfied grin, is stunned. She is pushed aside and has to bear Roxy’s tears and confession that she still loves Dillon. When Dillon arrests, Lara is so shaken she cannot complete the procedure but somehow manages to save him. This is the last episode we see of Dillon.

Next series there is no confirmation if he did definitely survive his injuries or if he died.

Memorable Moments

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