Goodbye Jasmine

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Fans were left in shock this week following the death of young doctor and Jac’s half-sister Jasmine Burrows.

Following an altercation with nurse Fran, Jasmine accidentally got stabbed by a scalpel that was in her pocket. New F1 Damon came to her aid but the team were unable to save her.

It’s a sad exit for actress Lucinda Drykek, who has only been on the show for a year and will be greatly missed. Speaking to What’s on TV she said ‘I chose to leave. I was having such a lovely time at Holby but I want to play lots of different parts in my career. It would be so easy to stay at Holby forever because everyone’s so lovely and you learn so much but I knew if I didn’t jump after a year then I wouldn’t; I’d never be brave enough to do it again’

Viewers who last week also saw the departure of Mo and Mr T will welcome the return of nurse Donna Jackson next week in a number of recent changes to the show.


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