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Cas Character

Jack Vincent

Played by Will Mellor


S15 E31 – S17 E40

Job Title


First Words

(His Nan drives him into work) Thanks a lot Nan, I’ll see ya later yeah?


Vivacious and friendly face, Jack Vincent, who’s swapped the fast life of Ibiza to work in A&E as the full time receptionist, joins in S15 E31, and is already the butt of a practical joke played by Barney and Anna – always one with a sense of humour he vows to get his revenge! Next episode he sends Anna on a wild goose chase around Holby, leaving her to walk back to A&E in a flying squad uniform. In S15 E35, Anna again gets her own back by telling Jack that her artist friend is collecting crisp packets and offering money for it. Throughout the shift he munches away on crisps, till she tells him it was a wind up.

In S16 E1, flirty Jack unwittingly gives a drag queen stripper, Delight, his phone number. Next episode, he chats up an air stewardess. He then has to decide between a date with her or patient, Delight. Dillon persuades him to choose Delight, and when he meets Delight at the club, realises ‘she’ is a transsexual. Jack ends up getting advice off Delight about women. In S16 E6, Jack and his friend in a wheelchair do a scam to gain extra money, by calling the clampers every time someone uses the disabled car parking space. In S16 E11, Jack’s brother, Tony, comes in with minor facial cuts after a fight in the gym. In S16 E12, Jack and Tony fight at the local boxing gym, later Jack tries to persuade Charlie to put in a good reference for Tony, for the new security guard job (which he later gets). After Spencer collapses in Reception, Jack tries to contact his ex-wife, Shirley, who then turns up to see him. In S16 E13, an embarrassed DJ comes in after getting his penis caught in his trouser zip. Jack, realising who he is, tries to give him a demo tape, which does not go down well with the DJ. In S16 E16, three woman are brought in suffering from nausea and sweating – one throws up over Jack. Lara and Chloe discover their sickness is caused by eating wild mushrooms – and drinking alcohol with it. When one of them reveals to be going on a date with Jack that evening, the others don’t tell her what caused their illness! In S16 E17, after flirting all shift and giving her roses, Jack takes Nikki out on a date – after the night’s over she says goodbye and gets in her cab – only to tease him by ringing him and tell him they are going back to his. Next episode, after their night together, Jack disappoints Nikki, who was a virgin, by telling her he’s not ready for a relationship. Tony tells him he’s making a mistake, and Jack tries to make amends with flowers. In S16 E21, Nikki tells Jack she has noticed a lump in his testicles and suggests he seeks doctor advice, he brushes it aside. She asks Comfort’s opinion, which angers Jack when he finds out Nikki has gone behind his back with personal matters. Later the staff gather at Anna’s flat to welcome Nikki as her new flat mate – Jack tries to put on a brave face, but is hiding his medical fears. In S16 E22, Nikki is still trying to urge Jack to see a doctor about the lump in his testicle. Jack talks to Dillon, who gives him the same advice. And eventually at the end of his shift he goes to see Max – who refers him and says he did the right thing, and saved his own life. Next episode, Jack goes to see a neurologist, Mr Frey, who tells him there is a strong risk of cancer and his testicle must be removed immediately. Jack refuses treatment and walks out. During the shift, after telling his friends he was given the all clear, he angrily shouts at Patrick, Duffy and girlfriend Nikki. Club owner Neil comes in with his DJ friend Curtis who has suffered a brain haemorrhage and is sent to ITU. Neil learns Jack is a DJ and asks him to cover for Curtis at his gay club. Before he goes, he pops in on his grandmother and tells him the truth about his cancer – she tries to make him see sense but he shouts back and leaves. She rings his brother Tony. At the club, a fight erupts and Neil is stabbed in the arm with a glass bottle. The club is cleared and Tony and Jack battle to save him till the ambulance arrives. Outside the club, Tony reveals to Jack that their mother died of cancer when Jack was young – not an accident as he was told, and tells him he mustn’t ignore the problem. Jack rings back Mr Frey and books the operation. In S16 E24, Jack nervously awaits his operation – Nikki arrives to see him with a toy tiger. After the operation, Nikki goes to see Jack – upset he tells her their relationship is over. Nikki begins to think he is happier without her, even when she tried her best to support him and Tony also tells him he is a fool – back in his ward at night, Jack cries clutching the toy tiger beside him. In S16 E30, Jack returns from his operation – he asks Nikki for a drink, but she refuses. In S16 E31, Nikki is starting to get her feelings back for him, but is annoyed when a girlfriend, Jo, of a patient with a head injury, chats him up and says she will go to a DJ gig of his. In S16 E34, Jack stays the night with Nikki, but is unsure if they should be getting back together. Next episode, Jack and Nikki plan a night out for drinks. He teases her and suggests they head for Max’s office! In S16 E36, Jack devises on a money making scam of shaving people’s hair in the department. Roxy later uses it to shave the heads of three young children with lice. In S16 E40, Jack phones Nikki on her mobile telling her he has a surprise in store for when she finishes work. Nikki then takes a call out to a flat, and is stabbed in the abdomen. At A&E, news quickly spreads of Nikki’s attack. Jack is taken to the staff room and Charlie tells him the news. He is completely distraught. Jack stays at an unconscious Nikki’s bedside as the team battle to save her. Jack gets a radio with a song dedication he had planned and proposes to her. She then arrests as he pleads with her to live.

In S17 E1, three months after her stabbing, Nikki returns to work. She finds out from Josh about Jack’s spontaneous marriage proposal – and plays a trick on him, annoyed that she was the last to know. In S17 E2, Roxy continues to have babysitting problems, and Jack ends up doing a stint, but he calls Anna at work when Nicole needs her nappy changed. In S17 E4, a 4 year old boy, Alex, comes into reception, telling Jack his mum is ill. Jack and Ryan find his mother in the car park unconscious after suffering a diabetic attack. In S17 E5, Jack comes to visit Nikki on his day off. In the ambulance, Nikki and Comfort get a shout to a fight on an estate. A worried Jack refuses to leave the ambulance and goes on the call with them. They arrive to a group of girls fighting. Jack decides to interfere to break up the fight but makes the situation worse when one girl takes out a gun. The paramedics, Jack and patient Shonagh retreat to the ambulance and head off to A&E. The paramedics are furious with Jack’s actions and drop him off halfway. In S17 E6, Ryan offers Jack advice on trying to win back Nikki with a romantic speech – but it doesn’t work how he hoped. In S17 E7, club owner, Eddie Vincent comes in with his injured bouncer. While in Resus, Tony takes Eddie to the relatives room – Eddie doesn’t recognise him. Eddie is his estranged Dad. When Jack finds out, he wants to know all about his father but Tony tries to warn him away from him. But after shift, Jack goes for a drink with Eddie. In S17 E8, Nikki is disappointed when her photo doesn’t appear in the magazine but a jealous Jack is secretly relieved. Jack tells Tony that he isn’t seeing his Dad, when infact he is. Jack visits him and asks him why he left them when they were children. In S17 E9, Eddie gives Jack club tickets for him and Tony. Tony refuses to take anything from his father. Jack is jealous when sexy photos of Nikki eventually get put up in the staff room. In S17 E10, Jack and Nikki go to a club. Jack is jealous when Nikki spends the night talking to the photographer, Jay, who took her pictures for the paper. He gets Jay chucked out and outside, Jack punches him to the ground. He runs away as Jay is left unconscious. In S17 E11, Jack is feeling guilty about hitting Jay and watches him from a hospital ward. Later Jack is arrested. He uses his phone call to ring his Dad, Eddie. Eddie, decides to pay Jay a visit and threatens him to ensure he drops the charges. Jack is released and is met by Eddie. Tony, who takes time off work to see how he is, sees them coming out together and walks away. Nikki tries to speak to Jay outside A&E, unaware Jack beat him up. Jay fills her in and she is shocked to discover the news. In S17 E12, before Nikki goes on duty, she visits Jack and dumps him, after finding out he attacked photographer Jay. Tony and Jack also conflict when Tony hears their father bailed him out of trouble by threatening Jay. In S17 E13, Jack starts work as a bouncer for his Dad. Tony isn’t pleased and goes to see him. Whilst there he takes the chance to talk to his dad and, putting his anger aside, listens to his side of the story. While Tony still isn’t happy with him personally, maybe for the first time he sees that everything isn’t his dad’s fault. In S17 E14, at the club, Jack spots what he thinks is a dealer and heads straight to tell Eddie who’s ready to deal with it. They confront him in the toilets and, while Jack keeps watch, they empty his pockets and beat him up. They dump his lifeless body outside the club in some rubbish bags. Later, on a routine sweep outside the club Jack sees a man being run over – he realises it’s the dealer from earlier. The police arrive and take Jack in for questioning. His dad warns him to keep an eye on him and make sure he says nothing to the police. Nikki, who attends the scene, is suspicious about Jack’s involvement but Jack’s saying nothing. Jack is sticking up for his dad by threatening the drug dealer to keep quiet. But it’s obviously not a role he feels comfortable in and the dealer says he’s going to tell the police everything. His dad, ever the paternal figure, offers Jack the advice of appealing to either the dealer’s greed or fear. He says one or the other will undoubtedly work. Jack tries the fear approach but the dealer isn’t convinced by Jack as a tough guy. But it seems to have worked, he says nothing to the police about the beating, and it looks like Eddie has got away with it this time. Jack’s pleased to have his dad’s approval but feels guilty that the driver has been charged. Tony tells him this confirms his dad’s trouble and tells Jack to stay away. But when Eddie says he’s proud of him all his doubts melt away. In S17 E15, it’s the staff Christmas party, Nikki is frosty with Jack but after a few drinks they start talking. Jack gives Nikki a beautiful, and very expensive, necklace. She still isn’t won round but Jack won’t give up that easily on her. Jack says he can’t get by without her because he loves her. She says she won’t be with him until he stops seeing his dad. This is too much to ask Jack but, just when it seems hopeless, Jack tries one more appeal. Finally, Nikki’s love for Jack shines through and she embraces him. But through her tears she tells Jack this is his last chance, ever. In S17 E16, Jack decides to move into his dad’s flat, worrying Tony. In S17 E17, Nikki’s eager to take a look at the swish surroundings of Jack’s dad’s flat but it’s clear she’d prefer his dad was out. Eddie is paid a visit by a couple of heavies who dole out a vicious beating. When Jack arrives home he finds the flat and his dad in a bad state. He tells Jack this is just the beginning, he’s in debt to the wrong man. Eddie tells Jack he’s going to rip off a dodgy deal to get the money to pay his debt. He says he’ll understand if he just walks away but Jack says they’re family and their problems are shared. In S17 E18, Jack’s called in sick – he’s going to help his troubled father Eddie with a robbery to pay off his debts. Jack’s clearly anxious about the heist but wants to help his dad out. At the heist, Eddie eagerly waits for the ‘drop’. Suddenly he pounces on a man and a fight breaks out. Eddie and the men jump into the car, seizing the bag of money, and Jack drives off at high speed. Suddenly, Jack takes a wrong turn and the car crashes into a stranded lorry in a lay-by. The car’s a right-off and the two men get out and run off. Eddie manages to pull himself out but Jack is unconscious with blood pouring from his head. Eddie drags him out of the wreckage and puts him down. Eddie kisses him, says ‘good luck son’, then abandons him jealously clutching his loot. Jack is left unconscious and alone, while the sound of police sirens echo around him. In S17 E19, Jack’s lying bloodied, alone and unconscious in a deserted car park – Eddie’s no-where to be seen. Finally Josh and Comfort get the call and are shocked to see it’s Jack. The police have also been called but, at the moment anyway, they seem unaware of Jack’s involvement in the heist. Nikki is shocked to see Jack being carried into rescus’. Tony is concerned but quickly begins to wonder if Jack’s as innocent as everyone seems to think. Nikki gets pulled away on a shout but Tony promises to keep an eye on him. Tony calls Eddie who claims to be on business in London, raising Tony’s suspicions even further. Jack’s condition thankfully improves – the worst of his injuries being a dislocated shoulder. The police question him and he claims to have been jogging in the area when the car came out of no-where and hit him. His story is a little hazy and Tony suspects there’s more to it. His suspicion is heightened when a cut and bruised Eddie turns up at the hospital anxious to speak to Jack. Jack is concerned about the state of Eddie’s victim, Jason, his condition is precarious, but Eddie dismisses Jack’s concerns. He tells Jack to concentrate on himself and on saying nothing to the police. Eddie tells Jack he’s the only person the police know about and, if they suspect anything, could pinit on him. In S17 E20, Jack’s still keeping up his vigil outside Jason’s hospital room. His fiancée appears and asks Jack to sit with him for a moment. Jack agrees and is relieved when he doesn’t appear to remember him from the heist. But, suddenly, Jason’s memory begins to return and he remembers Jack from outside the pub. Just as Jack begins to shout his protestations, Jason begins to fit violently. In S17 E21, a police officer arrives at Jack’s house, banging on the door before a reluctant Jack finally opens it. He tells Jack he should get a solicitor as Jason had identified his attacker’s top, as a grey one Jack had been seen wearing. He warns him that when Jason recovered they would be holding a line-up. A worried Jack burns his grey top, telling Eddie about the police’s visit. Eddie tells Jack they need to leave, and will pick him up at six. Jack is reluctant saying he couldn’t possibly leave Tony and Nikki. Jack later meets Tony and tells him he’s going to run away with Eddie and gives him a letter for Nikki. Later, Tony gives her the letter and she tries to find him in the ambulance. Nikki finds him just in time to bid a farewell. He asks her to go with him but she refuses and Eddie and Jack drive away leaving a distraught Nikki shouting after him. In S17 E27, Nikki tries to persuade Jack to return to Holby to help his brother, who has been injured in a brawl, but he refuses. However in S17 E28, Jack pays him a visit. He wants to donate his kidney to him and says he will risk arrest to do it. He then goes to see Nikki, she is overwhelmed with happiness but mostly hatred. After hitting him where the sun don’t shine Jack asks if he can stay there the night. Nikki agrees but says she will get a blanket for him to sleep on the floor with. In S17 E29, while visiting Tony, Jack is spotted by Bex, who maliciously reports him to the police. He is arrested as he flees the building. In S17 E30, the police let Jack go when he is not recognised in an identity parade. Elated, he visits Tony in hospital and tells him that Eddie has agreed to donate his kidney – but Tony is not interested in help from their father. In S17 E31, Jack comes in to see Tony with Eddie, whose kidney matches, but is upset when he stubbornly refuses it. Nikki reminds him that the decision could cost him his life and Eddie offers an explanation for why he left their mother. In S17 E32, Jack returns to work as a janitor, but he is understandably worried on the day of Tony’s transplant operation. Everyone is tense but as Tony and Eddie are wheeled off, Nikki comforts Jack and even lets him kiss her. In S17 E33, Jack is with his father after the kidney transplant playing card games. Eddie tells him about a locker in Holby train station which has the best part of £100,000 in it. Eddie wants Jack to take it if he dies because of what he has done to him over the years. Later Eddie’s condition deteriorates. Next episode in S17 E34, Eddie dies and Jack is distraught. In S17 E35, Jack is upset that Tony is not more grief-stricken at Eddie’s funeral. As they are leaving the graveside, an argument erupts. But when Tony has trouble breathing, Jack’s concern leads them to finally make up their differences. At the funeral, two unfamiliar faces come in late. After the funeral Jack goes to talk to them and finds out that Vinnay and the other man are ‘old mates’ of Eddie’s. In S17 E36, Bex overhears Jack telling Tony that he is going to propose to Nikki. Unable to keep the news under wraps, the gossip spreads like wild fire through the department. Fin even bets Jack that he’ll bottle out like he did last time. Jack panics, rightly thinking that Nikki might be the last to know. In a brave move, Jack calls everyone together to pop the question. But Vinnay is watching the proposal from the sidelines. In S17 E37, Jack is distracted by the presence of Vinnay. He tells Jack that Eddie owed him £300,000 and demands his money back. In S17 E38, Nikki and Jack enter a travel agents where they will plan their dream honeymoon. However, there’s a punch up happening and Jack and Nikki help to stop it and call and ambulance for the victim. Vinnay breaks into Tony’s apartment and trashes the place. When Tony gets back with some shopping he is interrogated by Vinnay and forced to say all he knows of the money, which isn’t much. They leave without any money but threaten Tony. When Jack gets back Tony tell him of what Vinnay has said and warned. Jack tells Tony not to tell Nikki as they will be out of there in a few days. Tony reluctantly agrees. In S17 E39, Nikki is in her flat and has woken up to go to work. As she goes into her room with Jack in he asks where her dress is. She says safe from him and goes off to work. When she is gone Vinnay turns up and demands his money off of Jack, threatening him with the harm of his girlfriend Nikki. Jack is panicking about Vinnay’s threat and phones Nikki. She assures him she’s alright and then she goes to a shout with Josh. On the way to the shout though a RTA happens in front of them. They stop to help and call for a fire engine and a rapid response team. Jack asks Roxy what’s happened and she tells him that Nikki’s ambulance was in a RTA and that there was a fatality. He jumps to conclusions and charged out to see if she is ok. Later in the department, Vinnay bumps into Nikki. They get talking and she lets slip that she is getting married on Sunday and that she is going on her honeymoon straight after. In S17 E40, Nikki and Jack prepare for their big day but, a plot is being hatched by the notorious Vinnay, which clouds the joyous occasion. Dillon picks Nikki up in a vintage ambulance, on the way they stop en route to tend to an injured man on the roadside. It turns out to be one of Vinnay’s henchmen, who then attacks and shoots Dillon while Nikki is bundled into the boot of their car. Jack is devastated when he thinks Nikki has got cold feet, until he receives a picture message on his mobile phone of his handcuffed bride and is given instructions on how to pay back the money he owes Vinnay. Jack follows Vinnay to a tattered boat where Nikki is being held hostage. His attempts to rescue her are scuppered and he is forced to surrender. Under duress, Tony reveals all to the police, who then set off in hot pursuit. Vinnay panics and shoots Jack in the knee and locks the couple in the cabin before torching the boat and releasing it from the quay. Vinnay and his sidekick are captured as Nikki tries to break out of the cabin with Jack who, with his wounded leg, cannot possibly swim free. He pushes Nikki overboard telling her he loves her insisting she swim towards Tony. They can only watch on in horror as the boat explodes with Jack still aboard.

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