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Cas Character

Mason Reede

Played by Victor Oshin


S34 E2 – S34 E17

Job Title


First Words

(enters staff room) Robyn : Dr Hardy, this is Mason Reede, the new F1

Mason : Dr Hardy, it’s an honour

Last Words

(Mason goes to see Ruby outside the hospital to update her on Harmony’s condition) Mason : She’s obviously responding to the antibiotics, so we’re pretty sure it’s sepsis, OK

Ruby : What about withdrawal?

Mason : Her symptoms don’t fit Rubes. If Violette was using, I’m pretty sure we’d see some sign of it in Harmony by now

  • Mason’s last words were in S34 E16. His last scene was in the next episode, when Rash finds him dead and the ensuing flashbacks.


Mother, Angela and father, Johnson


Arrogant and over confident F1, Mason is the son that the whole family have pinned their hopes on – and he just can’t let them down. He has to live up to their expectations – and his own expectations too. At times you can see the caring, lovely doctor he could be but sometimes this deep vulnerability is covered up by bravado.

In his first episode, Ethan pairs Rash up to be his mentor. The pair treat a young mother and her ill daughter. Mason expresses his feelings about his shift to Rash, who vows that as F1 doctors, they must support each other. However, Mason then complains about Rash to Dylan. In another incident whilst Ethan is assisting him, Ethan is briefly called out as they treat a patient. Left alone, Mason attempts to perform a clinical task, but causes pain to the patient. Archie takes over, and Ethan insists that he should have waited.

Rash and Mason’s relationship continues to fray – when a patient displays symptoms of a hangover, Mason suggests they discharge her from the hospital, while Rash believes the patient could be displaying signs of a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Mason makes a bet with Rash over what the patient is suffering from, with Rash’s bike as the wager. The patient is revealed to have a hangover after tests and scans, and Rash is forced to give his bike to Mason.  In another episode when a patient is admitted and taken in for an X-ray, Mason unknowingly shows Rash the wrong X-ray scan. When asked what happened by Dylan, Mason lies and claims that Rash missed the fracture in the scan.  Mason continues to come under fire when he receives a number of complaints against him and when an elderly patient dies of a cardiac arrest, Rash checks over the notes, and realises Mason hadn’t done a vital blood clot test. Rash reaffirms to Mason that he needs to face the consequences of not testing for blood clots, but Mason says that he is not going to come forward. After Mason promises to not make another mistake, Rash reveals he will not tell Ethan about his prior errors.  But when the shoe is on the other foot and Ethan comes gunning for Rash, Mason refuses to get involved. Things get heated which results in Rash punching Ethan.

Rash and Mason treat a boxer with a life threatening condition, Mason suggests ordering a CT scan, but Rash says no due to being scalded by Dylan for ordering too many tests on patients. Mason looks into the condition, and heads to her fight, which Jade and Rash are watching via a livestream. When Ethan learns that Mason left while on shift, he reprimands him, but praises his actions. In another episode, Dylan encounters Rash and Mason bickering, he tells them to stop. Dylan oversees Mason performing minor surgery on a patient, and afterwards, he brags to Rash about how well he did. Dylan overhears, and reprimands Mason for having a big ego, and takes Rash into surgery instead.

The team are shocked when Mason is found dead in a store cupboard by Rash and an investigation begins into how he died. Rash meets Mason’s mother, who reveals that Mason admired all of his coworkers. Mason’s post-mortem revealed that he died due to sudden cardiac death caused by an undiagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In the place where he was found, it was revealed he kept a keepsake box with items such as a photo of his father and a motivating book to help give him a boost when he was feeling overwhelmed.

Memorable Moments

  • S34 E2 – Mason makes his debut and is paired with mentor Rash but ends up making a complaint against him
  • S34 E3 – Left alone with a patient, Mason attempts to perform a clinical task, but causes pain to the patient.
  • S34 E4 – Rash is forced to give his bike to Mason over a bet they make on a patient’s condition.
  • S34 E5 – Mason lies about giving Rash the wrong x-ray on a patient
  • S34 E6 – Mason is left disgruntled when Ethan praises Rash’s work on a case
  • S34 E7 – Mason comes under fire, after a number of complaints against him and the death of an elderly patient that Mason has failed to do the correct tests for
  • S34 E9 – Rash and Mason put their differences aside and Rash decides to cover for Mason’s past mistake
  • S34 E14 – Mason heads to a boxing ring during his shift, after a boxer him and Rash were treating has a life threatening condition
  • S34 E15 – Dylan reprimands Mason for having a big ego and chooses Rash to go into theatre instead
  • S34 E16 – Mason helps treat Ruby’s baby niece
  • S34 E17 – Rash finds Mason dead in a store cupboard

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