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Cas Character

Jim Brodie

Played by Maxwell Caulfield


S18 E2 – S19 E17

Job Title

Consultant Paediatrician

First Words


Paediatrician Jim Brodie is a bit of a live wire and romantic. Divorced, with two children – Andy and Kelly. He’s a translantic character whose roots are in England but who has been through the American system and has some impulses that do not necessarily fall in with the way in which Harry likes to run his operation. Jim also quickly lavishes his attentions on Nikki, who he provides a shoulder to cry on through her recent hard times.

Jim makes his entrance in S18 E2 in the thick of a train crash disaster, offering to help and making a big impression. Nobody is quite sure what to make of him but Nikki is impressed with his sensitivity in dealing with the vulnerable boy Paul, who has lost his parents. In S18 E3, Nikki goes to visit Paul and is warned by Jim not to get too emotionally attached. In S18 E5, a flirtatious exchange between Jim and Nikki reveals that the pair have chemistry. In S18 E6, Nikki suggests that the staff take part in a nude calendar for the train disaster fund. She and Jim decide to meet up after work to discuss the plan. In S18 E7 Keith talks a reluctant Claire into going for a drink. Optimistic that they could get back together, he gets very jealous when Jim offers to give Claire a ride home. When Jim leaves to meet Nikki for a pre-arranged date, Keith attacks him and leaves him lying in the street. In S18 E8,when a young guy, Andy, brings his best friend into the department after a reckless rooftop racing session, Nikki is flattered by his persistent advances. She is later surprised and hurt when she discovers Andy is in fact Jim’s son. He also admits to having a daughter. Angry that Jim would withhold such important information, Nikki breaks up with him. In S18 E9, after initially refusing Jim’s apology, Nikki finds it hard to say no when he offers to match the cost of the plane fare to New York with a donation to the disaster fund. In S18 E11, after seeking advice from Harry, Jim tracks Nikki down into the ladies’ toilets and, on bended knee, proposes. In S18 E12, Jim, meanwhile, is in an ecstatic mood – Nikki has accepted his proposal after a heart-to-heart with Josh. Another pleasant surprise awaits him when Harry offers him the position of paediatric specialist. In S18 E13, what starts out as an intimate 40th birthday meal for Jim turns into a surprise engagement party for Nikki. However, she is shocked when she arrives at the restaurant to be faced with his ex-wife, Elizabeth. Nikki is nervous about meeting the children, especially Andy, but clashes with Elizabeth while they wait for Jim, who has been delayed. Nikki accuses Andy of being immature when he refuses to accept her relationship with Jim and thinks she is a tart. In S18 E15, Nikki and Jim decide to ditch the staff party in favour of a cosy weekend at his remote country house. But their ideas of romantic, candlelit evenings are ruined when Andy turns up, determined to finish what he and Nikki started. In S18 E17, at Nikki’s hen night; the girls dress up as characters from the movies. Charlie instructs his “angels ” to give Nikki a memorable send-off, and everyone lets their hair down. But when the girls end up in the same place as Jim’s wild stag do, Andy declares his love for Nikki. She confides in Claire, admitting that she does feel something for him – even though she loves Jim. In S18 E18, Nikki is in turmoil on her wedding day. Andy reminds her too much of Jack and, ultimately, she cannot face marrying Jim. She flees down the aisle in tears. In S18 E19, Jim demands that anyone who gossips about the wedding puts money in the children’s ward tin, so he is clear to immerse himself in his work. When he questions Nikki as to why she turned their wedding day into a farce, she cannot give him a straight answer. She finds Andy but realises she has been a pawn in his game all along. He made her fall for him to save his dad from another failed marriage. In S18 E 20, Jim pesters Claire to tell him what has been going on with Nikki, but is stunned when he learns his own son seduced her. In S18 E21, after last episode’s revelation, Jim throws himself into his work and tries unsuccessfully to contact Nikki and Andy. In S18 E22, Jim is in charge but struggles to keep order when they are overrun with patients. He is not fooled when Andy turns up late and lays the blame at Nikki’s feet, claiming he saved Jim from “marrying a slag”. Jim is tipped over the edge and lashes out, knocking Andy to the floor and warning him never to come near him again. Still fuming, he refuses to listen to Nikki’s apology. In S18 E26, Roxy is concerned that Jim should know about Nikki’s recent pregnancy, she takes it upon herself to tell him the news. In S18 E27, Jim confronts Nikki about her pregnancy, she tells him she is going for a termination. Later in the shift, Jim leaves work early and heads for the clinic urging her to change her mind – she tells him it’s too late and goes inside. In S18 E28, Nikki, meanwhile, is furious when Jim tells her she’s just running from one problem to another. She accuses Roxy of destroying Jim’s life by telling him about the baby. In S18 E30, Jim recognises that it cannot have been easy for Nikki to deliver Roxy’s baby after her recent abortion. He is genuinely concerned and Nikki appreciates this. In S18 E32, Tess and Jim are furious at Abs when a past patient returns as a consequence of Abs’s misleading advice. In S18 E35, Jim is covering as clinical director and annoying everyone by trying to implement systems he learned in America. He discusses abolishing the three-hour rule with Holby’s chief executive, Helen Grant, but Charlie is furious with Jim’s intended changes and confronts him. In S18 E36, when a patient dies in reception, Charlie is quick to blame Jim, who has recently implemented the unpopular changes in the department. Helen, however, takes Jim’s side, and Charlie, speaking for the staff, threatens industrial action. In S18 E43, Josh is staying in a noisy B&B and finding it hard to sleep. When Jim tells Josh he can stay with him, Josh is grateful and says he will be there no more than a week. In S18 E44, a puppy that Jim has ordered for his daughter’s birthday arrives a day early. With no-one to look after it, Jim is forced to take the puppy into work and leaves it in a empty room all day. Josh and Nina later find the puppy unconscious – it has choked on some tissue. Nina helps Josh to save the dog. Abs is struggling to find transport to get Simon to the wedding. Jim tells him not to worry and promises to get him there in style. In S18 E46, Simon asks Jim to stand in as best man – and Jim reveals that he will be flying Simon to the wedding. Abs, meanwhile, rushes to the wedding to tell Lara about Simon’s infidelity. While Jim is flying Simon to the venue, a distraught Lara phones Simon to call everything off. In frustration, Simon takes out a packet of pills which he drops under Jim’s seat. As he struggles to get them, Jim loses control of the plane and they crash. Jim manages to escape but Simon is caught in the explosion.

Next series, Jim is still feeling the strain after the helicopter crash. Harry tells him not to blame himself. In S19 E16, Jim tells Harry that he has been struck off the state medical board in the States and he fears the General Medical Council in England will do the same. Harry says he will speak to the Trust and tells Jim he should take some time off. In the Special Christmas episode S19 E17, an oil tanker crashes into the Nightingale Wing of Holby hospital. Jim and midwife Rosie grow a close bond as they struggle to escape from the rampaging fire. As they cross a bridge, a section collapses and Harry desperately clings onto them both. However unable to keep hold for long, Jim falls to his death.

Memorable Moments

  • S18 E7 – Jim is beaten up by Claire’s ex.
  • S18 E18 – Nikki jilts Jim at the altar.
  • S18 E35 – Acting Clinical Director, Jim makes unpopular changes.
  • S18 E46 – Jim crashes the plane and Simon dies.
  • S19 E17 – Jim falls to his death after an oil tanker crashes into Holby hospital.

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