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Lauren Drummond Interview


Lauren Drummond Interview

Lauren Drummond left our screens this week as the ever loveable nurse Chantelle Lane, who will be sadly missed on HOLBY CITY.

Lauren kindly talks to on her exit and what her future plans are…

After two and half years on the show, why have you decided to leave Holby?

It’s been two and a half wonderful years, but I just felt the time was right. Chantelle had reached the next chapter in her life, so I was ready to move on too. I always get the feeling that the time is right. The same happened in Waterloo Road.

Following the recent car crash, fans were worried Chantelle wouldn’t have a happy ending, do you think this end is more fitting for her?

This is definitely a more fitting end for her. We couldn’t hurt such a gentle character! This ending gives her hope and positivity for the future – two really important things for Chantelle.

Chantelle has been such a fantastic character, are you pleased at how she has progressed over the years?

I couldn’t be more grateful for the journey Chantelle has been on and how beautifully her story was written. For me as an actress it has been a brilliant challenge to act out the roller-coaster ride that is growing up, finding yourself and learning from life experiences. It’s  been incredibly rewarding for me to play.

What have been your most memorable storylines/ scenes playing Chantelle?

Right at the beginning of my time on the show, Chantelle’s storyline with Elizabeth’s mother was very enjoyable. We saw the zany quirky side of Chantelle with Elizabeth’s much more serious personality. Along with saving the baby and against all odds (and Mr Griffin’s advice) we saw her save the baby. And of course, all of Chantelle’s brilliant storylines with Arthur. Being his partner in crime, filling in each other’s gaps, the heartache of navigating her way through their relationship and not breaking his heart.

What will you miss most about working on Holby?


Arthur and Chantelle

Chantelle! She was such a breath of fresh air to play and so rewarding. I will miss not putting her face on every day as it cheers me up whatever the weather! I’ll especially miss  the cast and crew – my London family!

Fans have really enjoyed watching Chantelle and Arthur’s  relationship develop. How does she react to his love confession and  how do you think he will cope with her exit?

I think his final confession is a huge revelation to her – she thinks they are back to normal. But, inevitably she realises that along with all the other upheavals she has to distance herself to save their friendship and Arthur’s heart. Give him a few days and he will be fighting fit, I’m sure. He’ll miss her I’m sure as they were the best of friends, but I think Arthur invests so much into his career, that it will be his saviour.

What was your last day on Set like? Did you have a leaving party/get any nice leaving gifts?

My last day at work was a funny one as it was a long time coming! I had a joint leaving do the week before with Tina. Shortly after I went down with  gastric flu so I was violently sick on the make up chair!  They sent me home and then had to come back the following week to finish off filming! I secretly liked that it was drawn out! It was lovely. I was a little teary but I made real friends there who I know I’ll see again so not too upsetting. Catherine Russell bought me all three volumes of Delia’s Cookery Course which are amazing. So, I’m learning some new cooking skills – it’s made unemployment very enjoyable!

Have there ever been any funny/ pranks or embarrassing moments on  set that you can share?

I often used to hand Jimmy a picture of myself pulling a silly face on the iPad when I was handing over scan results in a scene! He is annoyingly good at not corpsing until he is with Rob Ostlere and Guy Henry!

What are your future plans now that you’ve left Holby?

Hopefully in a dream world the future holds working at the National Theatre and some period drama! A dream role would be in an ITV/BBC 9pm drama like The Fall. I love Ann Marie Duff – her CV is incredibly inspiring. And I have recently seen lots with Benedict Cumberbatch who I think is incredibly talented.

Finally do you have a message for fans of that have  supported you through your time in Holby?

To all the wonderful Holby fans, I would love to thank you all for your support and encouragement. It helps make our show the best it can be. You have been so kind and passionate.



  1. christine reilly

    November 14, 2013 at 4:32 am

    ah sorry to see you leave, holby wont be the same
    without chantelle.

  2. Holby lover

    November 21, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Omg i cryed when she left and cryed watching this weeks episode

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