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Cas Character

Mark Grace

Played by Paterson Joseph


S12 E1 – S13 E18

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Mark : (chatting to girls, laughs and then goes to see Sam) Thanks

Sam : Cradle snatcher!

Mark : Having a party next week, said I’d give them a ring

Last Words

George : I could’ve loved you

Mark : I should’ve let you


Staff nurse, Mark Grace, is a strong, capable and very positive character. He has a good way of dealing with people and solving problems; he gets involved with the issue of safety for the doctors and nurses in A&E, but sometimes his anger at timewasters or violent people – he steps in occasionally when he shouldn’t. Intelligent and academic, Mark originally trained at medical school to be a doctor, during his fourth year his senior registrar gave him more hands on experience and was encouraged to push himself harder, however during an unsupervised appendectomy operation, mistake was inevitable and the patient died; the registrar offered to take the blame, but Mark was devastated and left medical school. He decided to start again and put his past behind him and train as a nurse. Mark, a smoker, is also very fit and energetic, and is always one to be seen with some of the younger members of staff partying and clubbing. But like others he has more than a few skeletons in his closest; another one of them being that he has a six year old daughter, Jade.

Mark joins the cast in S12 E1, and his first shift is a busy one when a bomb explosion hits a shopping centre. Mark is also seen to have feelings for SHO George, however Richard also does, and a love triangle ensues. In S12 E4, Richard stands George up after his MS makes him feel unwell; Mark happily takes his place. They spend the night together, but Richard is still interested in her and is perplexed when George rebuffs him. In S12 E5, Mark and George also treat a teenage girl with cerebral palsy, and encourage her to come to terms with her body and her budding love life. In S12 E6, Mark and Sam are forced to break up a fight involving two rivals of a hockey team. In S12 E14, Mark has concerns about the Locum Consultant not being up to his job, he also has to deal with a patient’s father and teacher who are at war with eachother. In S12 E16, Mark is interviewed for the Grade G nursing post, but after misinterpreting an innocent question as criticism of his past, he breaks down and Eve is announced to have got the job. At the Christmas party, Mark seeks comfort in alcohol, and is soon in a passionate embrace with George – with a jealous Richard looking on. In S12 E17, Mark with George and Sam are called out after a motorway pile-up. In S12 E18, George and Mark’s relationship is going well until she snaps at him; but she melts later when seeing Mark playing with her son Tom, they announce their relationship next episode, but a spanner is put in the works when Mark’s ex-girlfriend, Laura turns up with Jade – the daughter he never knew he had. Mark is in a state of shock and confusion with the news, and George is furious she let herself become to close to him, and has an awkward encounter with Laura and Jade in S12 E21. Richard tries to offer his support which backfires. In S12 E23, Mark finds out Laura has gone to live with a man who doesn’t want children, leaving Jade in his care. In S12 E25/ S12 E26 Mark attends Baz and Charlie’s wedding.

In S13 E1, Mark is called out after a fire breaks out at a school, but as they set out from the hospital, they collide with a lorry. George and Sam witness the crash and rush to the scene. Mark is unconscious, and while en route to the scanner he suffers setbacks and is sent back to Resus, where Max stabilises his condition. In S13 E3, Mark is still recovering in ITU and George is delighted when he regains consciousness. In S13 E5, Mark returns to work. Pam Wilson, a prostitute, is brought in after being injured in a fight at a club; she is attracted to Mark. She is brought in again in S13 E10, where Mark treats her for facial injuries. She buys him flowers as a thank you, and in S13 E11 she meets him from work. In S13 E16, a patient is brought in after being stabbed and is sent to Resus, Mark puts his doctor knowledge into use and is able to save him, surprising other members of staff. Drugs are going missing from the department which causes friction between Sam and Mark; as Sam thinks Pam is guilty, but it is infact agency nurse Lee, and Sam tells him to leave immediately. In S13 E17, Mark discovers a man’s mood is to do with the malaria tablets he is taking. He also tells Max of his plans to finish his training to become a doctor. George hears from Max, and is upset that he didn’t tell her. Mark confronts her to explain, she is angry but admits they could have been happy together. Mark disappears into the night, starting on his journey to become Dr Mark.

Memorable Moments

Gallery : Mark Grace

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