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Cas Actor

Morag Siller

Plays Leona

DATE OF BIRTH : 1st November 1969

DEATH : 15th April 2016

Morag died following a five year battle with breast cancer.

PLACE OF BIRTH : Edinburgh, Scotland

FAMILY : Morag and her twin brother, Colin were adopted at the age of three. She has now tracked down her birth mother, and found she also has two older sisters and a younger brother. ‘I’ve spoken to her (mother) on the phone a few times but it’s something we’ve both decided we need to take slowly. We have a lot to talk about.’

ON HER CHILDHOOD : ‘When I was young I always felt like the odd one out. I felt isolated at times. But as you grow older the bitterness and hurt fades. I realise now that I was lucky to have been adopted by such a loving family. I wouldn’t change things for the world.’

PARTNER : Long term partner, classical musician Tim Nicholson.

ON CHARACTER LEONA : ‘My character is outrageous, but popular with viewers which is why she kept getting written back in. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be asked back for the new series.’

ON HER CASTINGS : ‘I always seem to be cast as characters who are a bit quirky, but that suits me fine.’

ON LIFE : ‘I’m happier now than I’ve ever been, I know I’ve set my sights high, but I’m confident I’ll get there in the end.’

HOBBIES : Pottery, reading, swimming, cooking

TELEVISION CREDITS : The Man; An Ungentlemanly Act; Casualty; Monarch of the Glen; The Bill; Peak Practice; Night and Day; Fields of Gold; Doctors

FILM CREDITS : The House of Mirth; Candy Floss; Memphis Belle; No Buns!

AGENT : AHA Talent, 74 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5QA.

Twitter : @MoragSiller




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